As a relatively new driver, I am a big fan of dashcams, with the cost of insurance and the issues with fraudulent claims, having video evidence of an accident is essential in my opinion. When you are spending £500+ a year on insurance, it seems daft not to buy a dashcam for a fraction of that price.

I have previously reviewed the superb NextBase 412GW, 512GW and the Philips ADR810 as well as the more affordable Aukey dashcam.

The past couple of weeks I have been testing out the new Thinkware F100 which is currently available on Amazon for £119.99, and this appears to site in the lower middle end of the Thinkware range with the F50 being the only model below it.

The full specification of the dashcam includes:

CameraSony CMOS 2.12M
Resolution1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080)
CapacityMicro SD Card 8GB(class 10), 16GB/32GB/64GB(UHS-I)
Recording ModesContinuous Recording, Incident Recording, Manual Recording, Parking Recording
SensorTriaxial acceleration sensor (3D, ±3G)
GPSExternal GPS receiver (Optional)
PowerInput Power: DC 12 / 24V Supported
ETCOperation Status LED

Design and Features

Unlike all the other dashcams I have reviewed the Thinkware F100 does not include an LCD display with all the models in the F range following this design. For an LCD based camera, you need to look at the X range.

Due to the lack of an LCD, the dashcam is extremely small which allow you to install it without any obstruction and it should fit comfortably in front of most rear-view mirrors. You can extend the functionality of the camera using a rear camera option which allows drivers to have a clear view of incidents at the rear, recording HD 720p video at 30 frames per second. For taxi drivers, there is an IR camera (internal) option. It films inside the vehicle making taxi journeys safer for the driver and rider. The external camera option is weatherproof and captures any incidents at the rear, particularly useful for drivers of commercial vehicles. It also features Safety Camera Alerts when connected to the external GPS antenna, providing drivers’ regularly updated information on verified speed/red light camera locations and known mobile speed traps.