How to block fake website traffic in Google Analytics using Cloud Flare – Traffic spam from Czechia and Seychelles

Not my usual consumer-tech content, but I thought it was worth writing about nonetheless. I will use anything as an excuse to write some content. I make a living from my website (just about), and just like most people in my position, I have a daily ritual of checking all the various analytics and advertising … Read more

Best Outdoor TV Enclosure and Weatherproof TV Guide for the UK in 2022

With the hot weather, many people will spend a lot more time in their garden over the next couple of weeks and perhaps wonder about ways to improve outdoor entertainment. If you have already built your outdoor bar with its Perfect Draft beer machine and a nice BBQ and seating, you might want to consider … Read more

Best Soundbars for Xbox Series X & PS5 with 4K 120Hz and HDMI 2.1 eARC

If you have bought the Xbox Series X or PS5, or have a powerful gaming PC in your lounge, you will almost certainly want to play with the best possible settings. On the TV you will want 4K content with a 120Hz refresh rate giving you the best quality image and smooth gaming. Then you … Read more

PerfectDraft vs Blade vs Krups Sub vs Salter / Beer Monster Draft Beer Tap Comparison – Which is best, and what’s the price of a pint?

Following on from my PerfectDraft Pro comparison, I thought it would be a good idea to look at the various draft beer at-home solutions on the market. I am not including things like the Kegerator, as I think that is a bit overkill for most home users unless you are a passionate home brewer. I … Read more

Why is Sky Internet Slow & How to Fix Slow Wi-Fi?

Sky is the second largest ISP after BT (PlusNet, EE) with over 6 million subscribers, and like all ISPs, they suffer from downtime or slow Internet from time to time. However, more often than not, slow Internet can be a result of something wrong with your router or poor Wi-Fi, rather than something wrong with … Read more

PerfectDraft Pro vs PerfectDraft Draft Beer Machine at Home Comparison – What is different?  

The PerfectDraft draft beer machine became insanely popular during lockdowns as many of us tried to alleviate the depression and have some normality in such a terrible situation. I previously reviewed the affordable Beerwulf Krups The SUB Compact back in 2019, and I enjoyed the experience, but the larger capacity of the PerfectDraft machine seems … Read more

8 Most Secure Browsers in 2022

The internet’s not as safe as you might think that it is. Cybercriminals target internet users on a daily basis, stealing their personal and financial information. The reason that cybercriminals steal people’s information is so that they can sell it on the dark web or so that they can make fraudulent purchases in other people’s … Read more

Why is BT Broadband Internet Slow & How to Fix Slow WiFi?

BT Broadband is the largest ISP in the UK, and they also operate Plusnet, which they bought out in 2007. It is believed that BT have over 9 million customers, and they also own Openreach, which is the main provider of ADSL and Fibre broadband connection in the UK. Predicted Speeds If you have just … Read more

How to Digitize Thick Documents?

Digitization is the process of transforming information into computer-readable (digital) format. With digitization, you can convert a document, an object, sound, or image into a computer-readable format. Digitizing thick documents gives you a softcopy version of the documents, enabling you to edit and share them with anyone you like.  You can digitize documents using; Your … Read more

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