Cheapest Google Pixel 6 Pro Deals – Contract and Sim Free

Yesterday, Google announced the new Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. This is likely the most significant phone launch from Google in years. They have had a huge bump in specification from the previous generations, it is the first time they have changed the camera hardware in years. It also features the new Google … Read more

Why is Virgin Fibre Internet Slow & How to Fix Slow WiFi?

Virgin Media is one of the best options on the market for ultra-fast internet. Most fibre internet running over phones lines caps out at 76Mbps, but Virgin offers up to 500Mbps in most areas and gigabit for some lucky few. However, from time to time, those speeds are nothing like what you see in real … Read more

Honor Laptops & Smartwatches get discounted to cheaper than Amazon via the Honor Store

Today, Honor start two weeks worth of deals until 25th October slashing its prices on some of its most popular products. As usual for a lot of these sales, the discounts quoted are a little misleading as the products are available across many ecommerce sites for much cheaper than RRP. However, looking through the deals, … Read more

Curve Metal vs Monzo Premium vs Revolut Metal Compared – Does Curve Metal compete with other fintech packaged bank accounts?

Following on from my Curve vs Nationwide post, I have been looking at how the Curve Metal service compares with the Mono Premium and Revolut Metal bank accounts. Of course, Curve isn’t a bank account but a service that aggregates multiple payment cards into one debit card. However, the Curve Metal subscription functions the same … Read more

Geekmem vs Grid Studio Frames – Which has the best disassembled iPhone frame?

I recently reviewed the Grid Studio framed Samsung Galaxy S1; shortly after a different brand called Geekmem asked if I would like to check out their framed iPhone 4S. If you look online, there are lots of copycats, I am not even sure who originally started this framed disassembled consumer tech art, but I assume … Read more

EZ Shopper launches low priced standing desk range from £199.99

EZ Shopper, an online retailer focused on providing high quality, value consumer goods direct from factory to consumer, today announced the official launch of their latest feature packed single leg standing desk, priced at £199.99. The EZ Shopper desk range comprises 3 models, and plans are in place to expand this range through the remainder … Read more

Grid Studio Framed Samsung Galaxy S1 Review – An affordable framed piece of iconic consumer technology ideal for a birthday or Christmas gift

If you follow any tech influencers/YouTubers/journalists on social media, you will no doubt have seen one of them posting a Grid Studio framed piece of technology. It is a simple and clever product idea. Grid Studio has sourced old iconic pieces of consumer technology, then carefully dismantled them, placing them neatly into a frame labelling … Read more

How much does it cost to run a portable air conditioner, and how quickly does it cool a room?

With the temperatures continuing to soar and the Met Office issuing an extreme heat warning, many of us have been looking to buy a portable air conditioning unit. If, like me, you are vaguely aware of these, you will know they cost a lot to run, they are loud, they are big and awkward to … Read more

Another Amazon electric toothbrush brand was blocked, and users quickly replaced it with Oclean

Since May, the Amazon platform has made frequent moves, all of which have removed nearly ten Amazon top brand stores. Amazon’s big move this time is mainly to protect the interests of consumers, eliminate the behaviour of inducing users to consume in abnormal ways, and establish a good market order with fair competition. Brand products … Read more

What is the best portable air conditioning unit in the UK? Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide 2021

[Updated 17-July-2021] This is an updated post from 2020. With the weather hotting up it has once again become unpleasant to sleep so I have been looking for the best aircon available to buy right now. – With warm weather comes warm nights and uncomfortable sleeping, and there is nothing worse than a bad nights … Read more

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