Amazon Fire TV Stick Comparison 2020 – Differences between 3rd Gen Fire TV Stick vs Lite vs 4K and Fire TV Cube – Specifications Compared

Amazon Fire TV devices have been some of my favourite tech products in recent years. Even though I have shifted to the Nvidia Shield, these offer the best performance for the price of any streaming product I can think of. With the launch of the Fire TV Stick Lite, you now have options starting at £30, going up to £50 for the 4K model, or if you want to go all out the Cube is £110. Preview Product Rating Price All-new Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls) | Dolby Atmos audio | 2020... No ratings...

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Reolink RLC-510A & RLC-810A Review – Smart human & car detection surveillance cameras with 5MP/4K

Reolink has finally joined the growing list of companies that offer an advanced smart motion detection technology enabling the camera to distinguish between people and cars. I have been a massive fan of human/car motion detection since I first experienced it with the Netatmo Floodlight Camera. Since then, other brands have adopted the technology including the latest EufyCam 2 and Eufy 2C, Ring Doorbell cameras, Hikvision, Arlo as part of their subscription service, and then Blue Iris with its Sentry AI alerts (and many other competing NVR systems). The two new cameras are the Reolink RLC-510A & RLC-810A. They...

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Amazon Echo goes spherical – New, improved speakers vs 2019 models and auto-tracking Echo Show 10

Amazon has had one of the more exciting launch events this year, temporarily distracting me from all the doom and gloom in the news. We have seen Rng shake up the home surveillance market with the launch of the Always Home Drone Cam, and now the Amazon Echo devices have had their biggest shakeup in a long time. Amazon has completely redesigned the range, adopting a new spherical design for all the new Echo models. Preview Product Rating Price All-new Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) | HD smart display with motion and Alexa, Glacier White Fabric No ratings yet...

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Ring Always Home Cam – One up’s every home surveillance brand with a new automated indoor drone & is the new archenemy of your cat

Throwing a complete curveball in the world of home surveillance, Ring has launched the Always Home Cam. They seem to be coy about calling it a drone, but it is one. While it was inevitable drones would enter the consumer home surveillance market, I wasn’t expecting it so soon. Ring was at the forefront of the smart doorbell camera market, while they still dominate it, many new brands are now competing aggressively. Then their smart alarm and indoor-outdoor cameras all compete in a highly competitive market again brands such as Arlo, Eufy, and even Bling, which is also owned...

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Hottest 2020 Trends In Home Office

As more of us find ourself working from home as the coronavirus pandemic proves to be frustratingly stubborn the working from home transformation is revolutionising our approach to how we think about the home office. As working in bed in our pyjamas grows quickly old the quest is on to find a flexible place to work. Kitchen benches, coffee tables even outdoor furniture became desks. Six months on since our lives were changed by lockdown, nearly half of us are expecting to continue working from home at least a few days a week. Here are some simple home office...

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New Blink Indoor & Outdoor vs Old indoor & Blink XT2 – Try to spot the difference

Today Amazon has announced Blink Outdoor and Indoor – Blink's all-new flagship wireless smart home security cameras that run on two AA lithium batteries for up to two years, making them easy to use and maintain. Normally, I would go into a long post about the differences between these new models and the existing Blink XT2 and Blink Indoor, but I am struggling to find much different. From the press release: The cameras boast a sleek new hardware design and offer 1080p HD video, IR night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio. Indoor has been improved, but the Bling...

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DOOGEE S88 Pro Review – A thick rugged smartphone with 10000mAh battery for less than £220

I was impressed with the Doogee S95 Super back in June; it offered plenty of performance to be used as a daily phone while offering the benefit of an IP69K rated rugged phone. The S88 Pro, sits a little lower down the ladder with a less powerful chipset but one of the biggest batteries on the market today. So what is a phone that weighs over 370g like? Specification Overview Sale Rugged Smartphone, DOOGEE S88 Pro Rugged Mobile Phone 4G, 10000mAh, 6GB + 128GB, 6.3 Inch FHD+ Screen, 21MP + 16MP Cameras, LED/NFC/GPS, Android 10, IP68/IP69K Mobile Phone SIM...

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The history and exponential growth of eCommerce & Amazon

With Jeff Bezos worth over $200 billion while paying as little tax as physically possible, and Covid crippling the high streets, online shopping has never been bigger. It is amazing to think that most of us were born before the Internet as we know it even existed, yet it has become the most important technological advances in modern times. So where did it begin and how quickly did it grow? Pre-web browsers Ecommerce existed before the internet as we know it. Back in 1969, CompuServe was founded who introduced some of the earliest forms of email and internet connectivity...

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Future Outlook: Soon-to-Be Cyber Security Solutions

Digital crimes are no longer a fantasy. We’re currently on the crossroads when scam, theft, and fraud on the web pose a more severe threat than offline ones. Why? We’ve been honing our protection methods from the crooks of all kinds for millennia. At the same time, online fraud is something that has existed for less than a half-a-century, making us vulnerable to virtual shenanigans. Especially disadvantaged here are digital tech platforms and businesses that are dealing with money exclusively online. And while technology companies are using online banking systems just for payments, there are also industries where the...

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Garmin Venu SQ vs Venu vs Forerunner 45 Compared – A new affordable square Venu, similar to the Fitbit Versa 3

Today, Garmin launched its latest watch, the Venu SQ. Unlike the Forerunner 745, this is a more affordable mainstream consumer-focussed watch. Functionality-wise it is just a cut down Venu, so there is not that much to compare really. Garmin Venu SQ Overview A new square 1.3” 240 x 240 pixel LCD displayCorning Gorilla Glass touchscreen display6 days battery with smartwatch mode and 14 hours with GPSOptical HR sensor with PulseOx (SpO2 tracking)GPS with GLONASS & GalileoDownloadable structured workout support / Garmin CoachMusic storage and streaming with Spotify/Deezer (music edition only) with 3.4GB of usable storageContactless Payments with Garmin PayRespiration...

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Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro Review – A stylish but incremental upgrade from the GT2

With both Huawei and Honor sharing the same watch platform, they have recently launched two watches which are almost the same, but completely different. The Honor Watch GS Pro leans into the fitness features adopting an outdoorsy aesthetic for fans of watches like the Casio G-Shock. The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro refreshes the design of the original GT 2 with a traditional look and premium materials. I have been using the GT 2 Pro for the past week to see if it has changed much since the original GT2 launch. Specification Display: 1.39 inch AMOLED 454 x 454...

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G vs Snapdragon 765G & 730G & 690 Compared – It’s a higher clocker SD690 with Cortex A77 cores and mmWave

I feel like there have been a lot more chipset launches than normal this year. If it is not Qualcomm it is MediaTek. Yesterday, Qualcomm took the wraps off their latest mid-range 5G contender, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G As the name suggests this sits between the SD765G and SD730G but with its adoption of the new Arm Cortex A77 cores it will quite like offer superior performance than the SD765G in CPU intensive tasks. The TLDR of this post is that the chipset is effectively the same as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 but with higher frequency cores, faster memory...

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