SwitchBot Lock vs Yale Linus vs Nuki Smart Door Lock – SwitchBot comes to the UK but can only use a thumb turn deadbolt locks

I have covered and reviewed quite a few smart door locks now. I personally use the Yale Linus on my front door, the Ultion Smart Lock on my back door, and the We.lock Smart Lock on my garage/gym door. I have also previously reviewed the Bold Smart Lock (replaced by the We.lock) and the Nuki … Read more

New WiZ Smart Lighting Products Launched Including Ceiling Lights, Light Bars and WiZ Portable Button

WiZ is a smart lighting brand I haven’t paid much attention to in the past. They are owned by Signify, who also owns the Philips Hue brand, and WiZ appears to be positioned as a more affordable alternative to Philips Hue. A good example of this is a pair of warm white GU10 spotlights from … Read more

Reolink Trackmix Review – A Dual Lens Auto Tracking Security Camera

Over the past couple of years, we have seen Reolink become increasingly adventurous with its new security camera products. While they still have the bread and butter cameras that provide general home security, they have started to launch various quirky options that provide niche and inventive solutions for diverse surveillance needs that no other brand … Read more

Arlo Go 2 4G Security Camera Review – A well-needed upgrade to compete with Reolink Go Plus & Eufy 4G LTE Starlight

I reviewed the original Arlo Go back in 2018 when they were still under the helm of Netgear. This was originally sold as an exclusive to Vodafone under the branding V-Camera. In the meantime, Reolink has come about and launched its original Reolink Go, then the Reolink Go Plus, Go PT, Go PT Plus and … Read more

Princess Smart Air Purifier Review – An affordable mid-sized air purifier with a CADR of 280 m³/h

Founded in the Netherlands, Princess has been around for over 20 years and specialises in a wide range of household appliances. Like many companies, they have recently started to embrace smart home technology. Most of the recent climate-related product launches have Wi-Fi and can be controlled via their HomeWizard Climate App. I am a big … Read more

Philips Hue Tap Dial Switch provides greater control with four buttons, multi-room control and dial-based dimming

Today, Philips Hue has announced several new products, including the new Perifo track lighting and a Hue Go portable table lamp that can be used outdoors. However, what caught my eye was the Philips Hue Tap dial switch which provides superior lighting control over the existing basic Hue switches. Philips Hue Tap dial switch The … Read more

What is the best portable air conditioning unit in the UK? Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide 2022

[Updated 22-May-2022] This is an updated post from 2021. With several random hot days so far this year and the chance of a hot Jubilee Bank Holiday, many people will be considering how to cool themselves. In previous years, a portable air conditioning unit was a luxury investment that would often yield a significant improvement … Read more

How much does it cost to run a portable air conditioner, and how quickly does it cool a room? [Updated with 2022 prices]

UPDATE: This was originally written back in 2021 and somehow since then, back then all we had to worry about was a pandemic. That’s still a problem but we now also have war and a cost of living crisis. What a time to be alive. I have therefore updated this post with more accurate pricing, … Read more

Insteon Guide: Windows 11/10 Home Hyper V installation for Home Assistant Windows Portable (HassWP)

Following on from my previous Insteon posts about setting up Home Assistant Windows Portable (HassWP) and cheap PCs to run as a server for Docker/Insteon. This post is a guide for anyone wanting to get Home Assistant Windows Portable working on a PC running Windows Home. In my HassWP original post, I installed Home Assistant … Read more

Set up Home Assistant for Insteon – Cheap Hardware for a Linux Docker Server

This is my second Home Assistant for Insteon post, and I will be writing a couple more to help anyone that is trying to get their Insteon smart home back up and running. Earlier this month, Insteon unexpectedly ceased trading and disabled all its cloud server functionality, effectively making the Insteon hub useless. Not all … Read more

What Features are Most Common in Smart Speakers?

The term “smart” is the right term to use when describing the latest advancement in the development of smart speakers. Smart speakers play your favorite music, automatically control the electronic components of your home, and give answers to questions asked verbally by anyone inside of a house. According to the audio experts at Selby, smart … Read more

How to use Insteon devices without a cloud connection – Set up Home Assistant on Windows

Yesterday, I reported that Insteon has gone out of business and shut down all their cloud services with no notice. The Insteon app uses the Insteon servers to process the requests from the app, effectively making it useless. Things like schedules are stored on the hub, so these will continue to be processed. However, not … Read more

Insteon smart home automation servers are down & the company is believed to have gone bust

Update: I have written a basic guide on how to get Insteon working with Home Assistant on Windows. Update 2: Confirming what we already knew, Insteon has formally ceased trading and has posted a notification on the website. Users are also being contacted with a Important Notice to Creditors. It is currently being reported that … Read more

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