Proscenic Sping Deals: M8 PRO Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner for £375, P11 Cordless Vacuum for £127

Many sellers on Amazon are having 12 day Spring sales, including affordable applicant brand Proscenic. Proscenic M8 PRO Robot Vacuum & Self Empty Station I am a big fan of robot vacuums with laser navigation. They have been one of my favourite pieces of tech in the past couple of years. The Proscenic M8 PRO … Read more

We.lock Smart Lock Review [SOHO-EU] – Pin code & RFID smart lock makes this more convenient to use than Bold

We.Lock, or Welock, depending on which site you go on, is an affordable Chinese brand specialising in smart locks. They offer a wide range of locks catering for different markets. This includes locks to cater to US deadlocks and a different set of products for the EU market, which typically having a more secure multi-point … Read more

Reolink Duo 4G Review – Dual 4MP cameras for 150° surveillance using mobile data

I have previously reviewed the innovative and quirky POE powered Reolink Duo. More recently, I reviewed the Reolink Go Plus, which is the 4G camera that competes with the Arlo Go 2. The Reolink Duo 4G is a sort of love child of those cameras. It has good potential for remote surveillance as you have … Read more

Airthings View Plus Review – An impressive 7 sensors including radon and particulate matter

Since taking an interest in Indoor Air Quality and using and reviewing air purifiers I have found my hay fever and breathing has improved quite a bit. With so many people suffering from allergies and breathing issues I think air quality is an area of health that is becoming increasingly important to people. I have … Read more

How to Reduce Electricity Bills: Identifying power-hungry devices & limiting usage

I am lucky that I signed up for a new fixed tariff just before everything got too crazy with gas and electricity. However, I did see our monthly bill rise about 40% and now pay £220 a month, which is a lot for a two-person household. Like everyone else, I have been exploring ways to … Read more

Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuum Review – Camera-based VSLAM mapping and home security

UPDATE – New Discount Offer: Available on Amazon here Before price: £299.99 After price: £219.99 (£50code+10%off code) Discount code: mightygadget Start Date: 07/03/2022 8:00 GMT End Date: 20/03/2022 23:59 GMT    There are a huge number of robot vacuums on the market nowadays, and many of them all seem to offer the same features, with few offering anything worthwhile that differentiates themselves. I have recently covered quite a few robot vacuums … Read more

Boundary Smart Alarm Review – DIY monitored smart home security to rival SimpliSafe

Boundary is a new UK based company specialising in DIY Z-Wave powered smart home security systems. This system aims to be an alternative to big names such as SimpliSafe, providing a similar set of features, including 24/7 monitoring with police response if you select the top monthly plan. Both of these brands aim to disrupt … Read more

Aqara G2h Pro Review – Homekit compatible Zigbee hub and camera

I have previously reviewed several of the Aqara Zigbee hubs, including the Aqara G2h. Aqara currently lists six different hubs on their product page, this would make the 7th. It seems very excessive, but I guess it gives buyers as many options to fit their budget and needs as possible. Therefore the review of the … Read more

Aqara A100 Zigbee Smart Door Lock Launched with Apple Home Key Support

At MWC 2022, Aqara has officially announced the A100 Zigbee smart door lock. On paper, it looks amazing with multiple methods of unlocking, including: Fingerprint Homekit / Siri / Google Assistnat Aqara Home User passwords and one time passwords NFC cards Then you also have a mechanical key backup, and the lock has an 18-month … Read more

Best POE Security Camera with AI Person / Vehicle Detection

I have covered a lot of home surveillance technology over the years. One of the best advancements in this technology has been the introduction of object detection. Cameras are able to identify the difference between a randomly moving object, people, vehicles and sometimes even faces, pets and packages. For an outdoor camera, I find this … Read more

AEEZO Frameo WiFi Digital Picture Frame Review – An affordable alternative to Aura Frames

I have reviewed a couple of the Aura digital photo frames now, they are probably the best quality options on the market, but they can be quite expensive, with the Aura Mason Luxe costing £230. If you are looking for something more affordable, Amazon has dozens of options. Many of these appear to be white … Read more

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro Review vs Philips Series 3000i

I have previously reviewed the Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan and attributed its air purifying feature as a significant component in the improvement of chronic nose congestion I have suffered. I also personally own the well-reviewed Philips Series 3000i and have reviewed some cheaper air purifiers. The problem is that the Phillips and Dyson air … Read more

eufy RoboVac G20 launched with 25% more suction vs G10 & G30, 90% more than RoboVac 11s

Today, Anker Eufy has announced the new eufy RoboVac G20, a new robotic vacuum at an affordable price – with smart navigation and strong suction power. This is being classed as an upgraded version of the RoboVac 11s which is currently available on Amazon for just £140. However, there is already the eufy RoboVac G10 … Read more

Upgrading your house to a smart home

We have all heard about these fancy new houses that do everything for you, and maybe that sounds right up your alley! Or maybe you have not and are just looking for a way to save a few extra quid while also helping the environment. Well, that is what this blog is for! To walk … Read more

Bold Smart Lock Review – A different style of smart lock vs Yale Linus & Nuki

I have reviewed several smart locks now, and I still use the Yale Linus smart lock on my front door and the Ultion smart lock on my backdoor. The Bold smart lock is a relatively new option on the market that has an attractive design and works a bit differently than competing options Specification 100% … Read more

Arlo Pro 4 Review – Is the premium price worth it vs the EufyCam 2C Pro?

The Arlo Pro 4 is the top of the range Arlo camera that works without the need of a base station and is one of the most advanced options on the market with 2K resolution, a spotlight for colour night recordings and AI object detection. Specification Image Sensor: 4 megapixels @ 2560×1440 resolution Sensor Size: … Read more

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