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Reolink RLC-510A & RLC-810A Review – Smart human & car detection surveillance cameras with 5MP/4K

Reolink has finally joined the growing list of companies that offer an advanced smart motion detection technology enabling the camera to distinguish between people and cars. I have been a massive fan of human/car motion detection since I first experienced it with the Netatmo Floodlight Camera. Since then, other brands have adopted the technology including the latest EufyCam 2 and Eufy 2C, Ring Doorbell cameras, Hikvision, Arlo as part of their subscription service, and then Blue Iris with its Sentry AI alerts (and many other competing NVR systems). The two new cameras are the Reolink RLC-510A & RLC-810A. They...

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Ring Always Home Cam – One up’s every home surveillance brand with a new automated indoor drone & is the new archenemy of your cat

Throwing a complete curveball in the world of home surveillance, Ring has launched the Always Home Cam. They seem to be coy about calling it a drone, but it is one. While it was inevitable drones would enter the consumer home surveillance market, I wasn’t expecting it so soon. Ring was at the forefront of the smart doorbell camera market, while they still dominate it, many new brands are now competing aggressively. Then their smart alarm and indoor-outdoor cameras all compete in a highly competitive market again brands such as Arlo, Eufy, and even Bling, which is also owned...

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New Blink Indoor & Outdoor vs Old indoor & Blink XT2 – Try to spot the difference

Today Amazon has announced Blink Outdoor and Indoor – Blink's all-new flagship wireless smart home security cameras that run on two AA lithium batteries for up to two years, making them easy to use and maintain. Normally, I would go into a long post about the differences between these new models and the existing Blink XT2 and Blink Indoor, but I am struggling to find much different. From the press release: The cameras boast a sleek new hardware design and offer 1080p HD video, IR night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio. Indoor has been improved, but the Bling...

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Reolink RLC-511W Review – 4X Optical Zoom Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera with Blue Iris / ONVIF support

Following on from my Reolink RLC-522 review is the RLC-511W. It is a similar camera in many regards, offering the same image quality and software features. However this camera ups the optical zoom to 4x (from 3x) and ditches POE in favour of a Wi-Fi connection (you still need to supply power). Features Reolink 5MP Plug-in WiFi Camera, 4X Optical Zoom, Dual-Band 2.4/5GHz WiFi Security Camera Outdoor, IP66 Waterproof IR Night Vision Motion Detection, Built-in Microphone, Remote Viewing, RLC-511W 5MP Super HD, 100ft Night Vision: 5MP WiFi camera with Varifocal Lens 4X optical zoom, long-distance night vision range up...

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Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera vs Eufy 2C vs Ring Spotlight Cam – Arlo introduces a new affordable hubless spotlight camera for just £129.99

Arlo may be the biggest name in the wireless security camera business, but its rivals have quickly gained grounds. Brands like Eufy offer extremely appealing alternative systems. However, Arlo has been good at introducing new cameras and features to keep up with the times. Recently they finally made the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera available, the first battery-powered floodlight, in the growing floodlight camera market. They also have local recording which is available on almost all of their cameras. Before now the only Arlo with any form of spotlight was the expensive  Arlo Ultra, but now they have introduced...

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Reolink RLC-522 POE security camera review – An affordable optical zoom camera compatible with Blue Iris & ONVIF

The Reolink RLC-522 is the latest POE security camera for the brand and is quite unique in that it offers 3x optical zoom, but not PTZ. It is significantly cheaper than its PTZ optical zoom counterparts, and the advantage here is that you have a bit more flexibility about where you locate the camera. Sale 270 Reviews Reolink 5MP Super HD PoE CCTV Security Camera, 3X Optical Zoom Outdoor Indoor IP Camera IP66 Waterproof with Built-in Micro SD Card Slot 100ft IR Night Vision Support Audio Remote Access, RLC-522 £67.67 Buy on Amazon Specification 2560×1920 (5.0 Megapixels) at 30...

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EufyCam 2 Review – The incredible battery life justifies the cost vs EufyCam 2C

I have previously reviewed the EufyCam E and the EufyCam 2C, with the 2C being my favourite wireless surveillance camera to date. The EufyCam 2 is the more expensive model, but the true successor to the EufyCam E I reviewed last year, with an incredible 365-day battery life. eufy Security eufyCam 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System,365-Day Battery Life, HD 1080p, IP67 Weatherproof, Night Vision, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, 2-Cam Kit,No Monthly Fee £349.99 Buy on Amazon Sale eufy Security, eufyCam 2C Wireless Home Security Camera System, 180-Day Battery Life, HD 1080p, IP67 Weatherproof, Night Vision, Compatible with Amazon...

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Hikvision DS-2CD2386G2-I 8MP Acusense turret IP camera Review – Colour Night Vision CCTV with AI detection

Most of the CCTV / home surveillance reviews I have done have been for affordable consumer products. However, after being impressed with the night time performance of the H.View HV-500G2V5 5MP colour night vision camera and installing BlueIris, I have become a little obsessed with wanting to upgrade my cameras. The Hikvision DS-2CD2386G2-I is one of the latest cameras for the world biggest name in the industry. The G2 at the end of the product number gives away the generation. I will preface this review by saying if you are running BlueIris, then you probably don't need the generation...

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Ezviz C3A HD 1080P Wire-Free Security Camera Review

I have reviewed a lot of Ezviz products in the past year, or so, they have one of the most comprehensive ranges of home surveillance on the market. One thing they did not have was a battery-powered wireless camera, which is a little odd considering how popular this market is. Now that has changed with the launch of the Wire-Free C3A Camera. It is a slightly strange concept, the cameras themselves work individually similar to how Reolink works, but then you can pair the camera with a base station to improve performance (similar to Arlo and Eufy) Ezviz C3A...

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Arlo Video Doorbell finally comes to the UK for £179.99 undercutting Ring & Google Nest Hello

I love smart video doorbells, they are probably one of my favourite bits of new technology in recent years as I used to miss the doorbell all the time which is very inconvenient due to the nature of my work. While the home surveillance market has become completely saturation, good options for video doorbells are far less common and they are even rarer in the UK. Ring has dominated the industry for years, but they have had a poor time with their brand image recently with concerns over their privacy. They seem to have addressed these problems now, but...

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Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera (Presence) gets upgraded with Siren – Pre-order now for £319.99

I reviewed the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera (formerly Netatmo Presence) just over a year ago, and it has been one of the best surveillance cameras I have reviewed, and I still use it today. Netatmo was one of, if not the first companies to offer AI object detection with their camera, the indoor one is smart enough to recognise peoples faces, while the outdoor one will recognise people in general, animals, cars and normal motion. This allows the camera to send far more accurate alerts to you while still recording general motion. It was also one of the first...

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Ring Doorbell 3 Plus Review – Privacy concerns aside, Ring still dominate the battery-powered smart doorbell market

[Update 12/05/2020] Ring reached out to me to confirm some of the privacy aspects of their system. I have copied the full statement at the bottom of the review Smart home surveillance and smart doorbells have boomed in the past few years with dozens of options available on Amazon. However, if you are looking for a battery-powered doorbell, there are surprisingly few options from big brand names. There are not even that many options, including wired doorbells, which I find odd because I find a smart doorbell one of the simplest home security and smart home upgrades. I have...

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