Nacon Revolution X Pro Review – A customisable pro Xbox controller that’s a lot cheaper vs the Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma

I have reviewed a few Nacon peripherals in the past year, with the Nacon MG-X being my most recent review and previously the Nacon Pro Compact. They are now back with a new Xbox controller, this one takes most of the excellent features of the Nacon Pro Compact and ramps things up to the next … Read more

Avoid upgrading to Windows 11 if you have an AMD Ryzen CPU

Windows 11 has finally been launched and you can upgrade your PC or laptop now, but you probably shouldn’t. During the Beta phase, I noticed surprisingly few complaints about the new OS and things were looking promising, until now. AMD has reported some significant performance issues with AMD Ryzen CPUs and Windows 11 and this … Read more

Wired2fire Predator Gaming PC Review – A prebuilt gaming PC with AMD Ryzen 5 5600X & RTX 3060 Ti for £1560

When it comes to PC gaming, most PC users would advise to self-build as it is often cheaper and also a more rewarding experience compared to prebuilds from big brand names such as Dell or Acer. However, smaller local/national companies have often produced high-quality prebuilt gaming PCs with a minimal markup compared to the price … Read more

Nacon MG-X Review – Xbox Cloud Gaming Controller for Android Phones [Xbox Game Pass on Mobile]

Portable gaming is booming, the Nintendo Switch shows no sign of slowing sales, Steam is launching the Steam Deck, and mobile gaming has been massive for years. Cloud gaming has also gained significant traction, and thanks to our massive phones, 5G data and fibre Internet, it seems like a perfect time to convert your mobile … Read more

DDR4 RAM Guide – What memory capacity is right for your PC?

This content was provided by Iwona Zalewska who is the DRAM Business Manager at Kingston Technology – Any internal, external or affiliate links were added by James the editor Deciding how much system memory (RAM, or random-access memory) to purchase is an age-old problem faced by anyone buying a computer. Whether it was the 16-bit … Read more

EPOS H3 Hybrid announced for £149 featuring USB, 3.5 mm & Bluetooth connectivity with Bluetooth chat functionality via your phone

EPOS has announced their latest gaming headset, the EPOS H3 Hybrid, which combines USB, 3.5 mm & Bluetooth connectivity for universal compatibility with all consoles and other devices. The new H3 Hybrid headset can then combined a Bluetooth connection with your phone and a wired connection with your console/PC enabling players to chat with friends … Read more

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Review – Excellent low latency wireless gaming on the PS5 & PC

The HyperX Cloud II Wireless was launched last year, but the UK launch was announced until CES in January this year. These new headphones are essentially the same as the existing highly regarded wired HyperX Cloud II. But now they are wireless. These use a 2.4Ghz dongle for wireless connectivity, so no Bluetooth. The benefit … Read more

Best 5.1 Speakers for PC Gaming in 2021 – Slim pickings means a home theatre soundbar or receiver may be better

Page 2 has alternative options including soundbars Following my recent review of the Creative Sound Blaster X4 external soundcard, which has 5.1 output, I thought I would look into the best surround sound speaker options for PC gaming. In recent years, the trend has shifted away from 5.1 surround for PC gaming. Creative is the … Read more

2021 Nintendo Switch (OLED model) vs 2017 Nintendo Switch – What’s different other than the larger 7-inch OLED display?

The Nintendo Switch has been a huge hit, launched back in 2017 it is still selling like hotcakes. As of March 2021, the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite have sold more than 84 million units worldwide. There have been lots of rumours in the past few months about a new and improved Nintendo Switch … Read more

8 of the best PC & Console Ports for Android

Modern mobile gaming is massively popular, but the free to play model has become wearisome, with most game developers realising they can earn more money from microtransactions than a one-off fee. However, mobiles are a perfect way to enjoy some of the classic games you may have played from your younger years. One option is … Read more

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