Which Razer Gaming Mouse is Best for Me? Razer Gaming Mouse Buying Guide

Razer has grown to become one of the most recognisable brands in the gaming industry, known for its high-quality products; gaming orientated aesthetics and gear made to maximise your performance. They have a wide range of peripherals, including mice and keyboards from affordable to high end. If you are looking to buy a gaming mouse … Read more

HyperX QuadCast S USB microphone launched with dynamic RGB lighting effects ideal for gaming streamers

Today, HyperX has announced their new QuadCast S USB microphone which has built-in RGB that can be controlled via the HyperX NGENUITY software. If you go all-in with HyperX that means you could control the RGB of your microphone, keyboard, RAM, Mouse and even your mousepad! Microphone Features It is not just about looking good … Read more

GameSir T4 Pro Multi-platform Game Controller Review with support for Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and PC.

I have previously reviewed the GameSir VX2 AimSwitch and the F4 Falcon, being impressed with both devices from this up and coming brand. Recently, GameSir sent me their T4 Pro to review, which is a multi-platform Bluetooth gamepad that is supported across almost all platforms. The main selling point is the Android compatibility allowing you … Read more

The Best Tech for Gaming lovers

Before the pandemic, the enthusiasm of these activities may have created a problem with your friends and family. You like games, and also, these days, they are a good escape from real life where there is not very much to do. The most useful accessories and gadgets for gaming online are created to keep you … Read more

What Is Ark: Survival Evolved: And Should You Play – Best Ark Server Hosting Providers

Ark: Survival Evolved became popular following the large YouTube frenzy with some very popular gamers. And like most games, Ark’s multiplayer server hosting community has become extremely popular. Forums and Steam communities have become raided with ‘What’s The best Ark server hosting Provider’ – And we’re here to answer that. The popular game boosts 160,000 … Read more

Buy video games with Huge discounts

Playing games is a fun hobby, but it comes with a price. First, you need to pay for a console, and whether it’s a decent PC, Xbox 1, PS 4, Nintendo Switch, or even something else, you’re still going to pay for every game in order to play it. But, as you can already guess, … Read more

The Best Value Games on Mobile

There are tonnes of exciting mobile games out there to enjoy, with most of them now being classed as the big-names of mobile gaming, such as Pokémon Go, Minecraft, and Hearthstone. In this article, however, we’re looking into some of the lesser-known gaming apps which focus on offering a lot of fun gaming in one … Read more

8 Essential Things Every PC Gamer Should Have

Do you know what the main difference between console gamers and PC gamers is? The number of accessories they have. When you play on console, all you need is a TV, sofa and fully-charged controller. But playing on PC is something completely different, especially if you’re a pro. A kick-ass computer is not enough. You … Read more

GameSir F4 Falcon Mobile Gaming Controller Review – Physical shoulder buttons for your phone with universally compatibility & no app or pairing.

GameSir are a popular gaming peripheral brand that offers a product range a little more varied than your usual keyboard and mouse options. In my most recent review, the AimSwitch VX2 turned out to be a surprisingly good solution for console gaming, offering you the ability to use keyboard and mouse for the Nintendo Switch … Read more

GameSir VX2 AimSwitch Review – Mechanical Gaming keyboard & mouse for your PS4, Nintendo Switch & Xbox One

The keyboard and mouse have long been regarded as a superior method of gaming compared to a controller. Even if you prefer a controller for gaming, the keyboard-mouse combo consistently outperforms gamers in FPS gaming, which is often one of the reasons PC gamers can’t join console gamers. However, most consoles do support the keyboard … Read more

5 Tips for Beginners in Escape from Tarkov

Are you looking for ways to become a better player in Escape from Tarkov? Many people and guides you may have read online might have told you that the only way you can become better in battle royale games is by playing and playing again. That is not the case with Escape from Tarkov. Playing … Read more

Best Video Games to Play during the Holidays

Game developers have provided us with a way to reminisce the holidays even if the season is over. But what are the best games that we can play once the holidays are here? Here, we will be taking a look at some of the best video games to play during the holidays. We have roughly … Read more

Obligatory Sony PS5 Post. How much will it cost, and what are the exclusives?

2020 has been awful so far, but at least we can look forward to the launch of the Sony PS5. Not that many of us will be able to afford it by the time it is released. Sony PlayStation 5 Design Sony revealed the new design for the console, may people have mocked it for looking … Read more

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X Specifications – Which console is best?

Sony and Microsoft have now revealed the specifications of their next-generation consoles, and they look impressive, to say the least. The two consoles represent tremendous upgrades from the previous generation, though that is perhaps no surprise, the PS4 launch November 2013. While PC gamers have regularly mocked consoles for their inadequacies things will look more … Read more

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