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As I have already reviewed the Nacon MG-X, this Nacon MG-X Pro Review will be relatively short as they are almost identical products.

The new Nacon MG-X Pro has launched for £89.99, costing just £10 more than the original Nacon MG-X and the only difference is the shape of the controller.

Specification / Features

  • Phone Size – Fits phones up to 6.7″
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 low energy
  • Battery: 20 hours with USB-C charging
  • Joystick Position: Asymmetric
  • Button Layout – Matches Xbox & has Xbox Nexus button
  • Other Compatibility – Android games that support controllers and other cloud streaming services such as Nvidia

Nacon MG-X Pro vs Nacon MG-X Design

Nacon MG X Pro Review1

The new Nacon MG-X Pro has a larger footprint than the MG-X, being both wider, deeper and taller. It is, therefore, less bag friendly, but the overall ergonomics are far better than the MG-X.

Set Up – Phone size compatibility

Unfortunately, I don’t have a massive phone to test this on, but I used the 6.67-inch Redmagic 6R, and it mounts with ease and plenty of room to spare. While the spec states up to 6.7 inches, I think you could easily get something larger in there.

Beyond that, set up is easy, this is a Bluetooth device, so you power it up and pair it.

In Use

This is designed primarily to be used with Xbox Game Pass, but you can use it with any game that supports Bluetooth controllers.

With the controller paired, it works flawlessly with Xbox Game Pass. The onscreen control icons are removed as the app knows that you are using a controller. All the buttons are laid out just like an Xbox; everything works as it should.

Unlike some other controllers, there is no companion app, so you can’t map the controller to work with games that don’t fully support controllers.

Price and Alternative Options

The Nacon MG-X Pro is priced at £89.99 / €99.90, which is the same launch price as the original MG-X. The MG-X is now €89.90 though you can pick it up from Amazon for £55.

The GameSir X2 has a similar form factor to the MG-X and plugs into the USB-C port of your phone, and comes with a companion app for greater compatibility. This is £69.99 and a great choice for general Android gaming and Emulators. However, the buttons are not in the correct order for the Xbox.

The Razer Kishi is £59.99, or their Xbox cloud variant is £79.99. Both of these are shaped more like the original MG-X.


I thought that the original Nacon MG-X was excellent, and I prefer the design of the new Pro model with a more ergonomic shape. Therefore I also think this is excellent and I don’t think the £10 price difference is too bad.

I’d say the Pro is a better choice if you play at home a lot, but the MG-X is a bit more compact so handy for travelling.

Nacon MG-X Pro Review Rating


The Nacon MG-X Pro has a more ergonomic design than the MG-X for a small price premium. It lacks a companion app to create profiles for specific Android games, but for Xbox Games Pass, it works perfectly.

  • Overall - 85%

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