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I have previously reviewed the excellent Nacon MG-X mobile game controller, which is specifically designed to work best playing games on your phone with Xbox Game Pass

Nacon has now launched a Pro version of the controller.

Fundamentally, not much has changed. All the specification is identical, the battery life is the same, it still uses Bluetooth 4.2 for connectivity, and it is still designed for phones up to 6.7″.

The main, or only difference, is a different controller shape with a more ergonomic design that closely resembles a console controller.

While that may not seem like enough of a change to justify the Pro moniker, Nacon has kept the price sensible and only asked for €/£10 more than the standard model, which seems worth it for more comfortable gaming.


Full Press Release

NACON today celebrates the European release of the MG-X Pro, a new model of mobile controller officially designed for Xbox. Ideal for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners, the MG-X Pro offers ergonomics and comfort close to traditional controllers to play without compromise on Android smartphones. It is now available at the recommended retail price of £89.99.

Like the MG-X, which has been critically acclaimed since its release last September, the MG-X Pro allows you to enjoy all the classic controls of an Xbox controller during your mobile gaming sessions. It is compatible with a wide range of Android smartphones thanks to its adjustable support and its wireless Bluetooth 4.2 connection.

With just a few gestures, the MG-X Pro holds your smartphone and lets you take full control of all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate contents with the feel of a real controller thanks to its ergonomic handles. Asymmetrical joysticks, bumpers, triggers, action buttons and Xbox controls: gamers will find everything they need to perform at home or on-the-go thanks to its 20-hour battery life.


The NACON MG-X Pro is now available at a recommended retail price of £89.99.

NACON MG-X Pro features*:

• The Xbox experience wherever you are: Designed for Xbox mobile holder, ideal to enjoy the Game Pass Ultimate offer or play any other compatible mobile game.

• Ergonomic handles: Fitting all hand sizes and ensuring optimal comfort thanks to its textured coating.

Fully secured: Adjustable opening securely holds the smartphone for maximum stability.

Wireless connection: Easy pairing of the smartphone to the MG-X Pro with Bluetooth 4.2.

20hours life-time: Built-in rechargeable battery with USB-C input, (charging cable included), offering long hours of gaming when travelling. Check on the battery status with the LED indicator.

Universal compatibility: Works with all Android smartphones equipped with Android 6 and later systems, up to 6.7 inches (152.4 mm) screens.

*Battery-life may vary depending on the games. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate not included.

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