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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Suunto 7 vs Apple Watch 5 vs Huawei Watch GT2e – Which is the best smartwatch?

This week Samsung had a bumper Unpacked launch event announcing the Note 20 series, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Buds Live and the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. The Samsung Galaxy Watch series has always been one of the best options for a smartwatch if you are an Android user. You typically get excellent battery life, but sacrifice a bit of functionality opting for a Tizen OS-based watch vs WearOS. So if you are looking for a smartwatch, which is the best option to go for right now? Preview Product Rating Price Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Stainless...

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The Best Pedestal Fans on Amazon – Low noise Cooling fans ideal for sleeping & working at home

With us all at home, likely for another couple more months at least, and the weather hotting up, demand for fans will likely be hotting up (sorry). If you just want a fan to cool you down during the day either in a hot office or while working from home, you can choose almost any large pedestal, floor or tower fan. Normally, the bigger, the better. However, when it comes to sleeping things are different, most people don’t appreciate the drone of a fan all night, and the sound profile of a fan can make a big difference too....

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Devola Low Noise DC 12” Air Circulator Pedestal Fan Review – Almost silent

Temperatures are hotting up again, and I am still on the quest to find the perfect fan for both office use and sleeping. As much as I would love an air conditioner, they are too big and expensive for me to justify the one or two weeks worth of warm weather we get up north each year. They are also very noisy with the quietest ones running at 38-48db on their quietest setting. A fan, on the other hand, can operate and much lower noise levels. They will never come as close to the cooling performance you get from...

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Garmin outage: Garmin likely paid ransom for decryptor of WastedLocker ransomware attack even though this would be against US sanctions

With Garmin back up online many people probably don’t care how Garmin resolved WastedLocker ransomware attack that was carried out on their systems last week. However, BleepingComputer has received some key information about how Garmin got back online, and it could place Garmin in an awkward situation. BleepingComputer was the first company to confirm Garmin was not doing maintenance on their systems but in fact, had suffered a major security breach having many systems encrypted by the WastedLocker ransomware disabling all access to the systems it affected. They acquired this information from employees who shared photos of encrypted workstations,...

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Garmin starts syncing data again – sort of – Garmin Connect & Activity Uploads working.

It looks like Garmin is slowly getting back up and running. This morning I got a notification that an activity had synced. I excitedly opened up the Garmin Connect app, but disappointingly I was greeted with the usual sorry we are doing for maintenance message. However, more data was there than usual. Heart rate data is available, my last 7-days, calories, respiration, steps and floors climbed. Some of this was available previously, but not all. My Fenix 6 Pro is now spamming me with activity upload notifications. Challenges and badges I was now also able to view things like...

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How to upload Garmin activities to Strava while Garmin Connect Sync is down & will steps, sleep data, and challenges still count for badges?

Like millions of others, I am affected by the disastrous situation Garmin is currently in. It is a PR nightmare for the company, and Garmin has no been dealing with the situation well. It is almost certainly a ransomware attack with multiple third parties confirming a $10m demand. Garmin has refused to state anything other than technical issues. However, there is no need to skip a run just because you cant connect to Garmin, you can manually pull off the files and upload them to services like Strava. This will work for Garmin watches and the Garmin Edge cycling...

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Garmin updates watches with Solar charging for an extra £100+ with Instinct Solar, Fenix 6 Solar & Tactix Delta Solar announcement

Today Garmin has updated several of their most popular multi-sports watches, the Fenix 6 series, Instinct series and Tactix Delta. All the main features remain identical, but surf, mountain biking and climbing activities have now been added. The main difference is the new Power Glass lens material which offers a small increase in battery life, but with a relatively large price hike. Full list of solar watches available here. Prices and battery life improvements Prices taken from Garmin, you will likely find the current none Solar models for cheaper. Fenix 6S Pro Solar Sale 960 Reviews Garmin fēnix 6S...

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Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress Review – Is this the best memory foam mattress and worth the upgrade over the standard Simba?

Simba is the most successful mattress in a box company within Europe, unlike other brands, they are not just a memory foam mattress but offer a hybrid technology with micro springs which offer increased comfortability. I reviewed the original Simba Hybrid at the end of 2018 and found it to be superb, it is still one of my main recommendations out of the mattress in a box options. Since my review, they have doubled the trial length to 200 days, only Nectar Sleep offers a trial longer than this at 365, and with this trial length, you get a...

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Gadgets You Need When Your Life Depends On Outdoors A Lot

Different people have different lifestyles. For some of us, the weather conditions, climate, or a time of the year have no influence on the way we live. For example, many jobs can be done remotely today, and the quality of work doesn’t change if one day a snowstorm blocks all roads or the heavy rain doesn’t stop pouring. But there are people whose lives merely depend on the outdoors. Those whose jobs and hobbies require staying outside for a long time know how important it is to be always prepared for the unexpected before it happens. There are a...

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Polar Unite vs Ignite vs Vantage M – Polar introduces an affordable fitness watch without built-in GPS

With Garmin dominating the upper end of the market, competing brands are looking at trying something different that not necessarily tries to compete like for like. We saw Suunto make a dramatic change with the introduction of a WearOS watch, sacrificing battery life in favour of all the functionality a true smartwatch OS brings. Now Polar seems to be doing a different strategy, targeting the more affordable end of the market.  They have some superb multi-sport watches, the Grit X being the most recent launch with its rugged design focussing or demanding sports than road cycling and running. But...

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 vs 3100 vs 2100 WearOS chipsets compared – Has Qualcomm finally put some effort into the WearOS platform?

Notice how Google has still not made a smartwatch of their own? That’s because Smartwatches based on the WearOS platform have been a bit of a disaster, battery life has always been terrible, and this is largely thanks to the inefficient out of date chipsets made by Qualcomm. I can appreciate that Qualcomm is in a bit of a chicken and egg scenario, without demand from manufacturers, they have not had the incentive to put much time or effort into the platform. This has led to glacially slow development, both in terms of the release cycle and the improvements...

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Realme Watch Review – A bargain at £50 but the app lacks the depth of data compared to Huawei & Honor

Realme have been expanding their affordable options away from just smartphones, like the superb Realme 6, and introduced their wearables to the UK market for the first time. At just £50, the Realme Watch is the most affordable smartwatch on the market from a major brand offering a similar feature set to many fitness bands but with the benefit of a higher resolution display. Table of Contents Design & FeaturesSet-UpSmartWatch FunctionsNotificationsMusic PlaybackFitness TrackingOutdoor running – Assisted GPS accuracyHeart Rate AccuracyFitness Data InsightsData Export – Strava & Google Fit compatibilitySleep TrackingSpO2 Testing – A possible early COVID-19 diagnostic criteriaBattery LifePrice...

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