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GameSir has been on a roll with recent controller launches. Back in July, I reviewed the GameSir G7 SE, and in May, I reviewed the GameSir T4 Kaleid.

The GameSir T4 Cyclone and Pro models are the latest multi-platform controller. The controller has many of the features used on the GameSir T4 Kaleid, but you have the benefit of multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth and 2.4ghz.

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Key Features

The GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro brings a plethora of features to the table:

  • Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Switch, and Steam Deck for versatile use
  • Hall effect joysticks provide no dead zone and prevent joystick drift
  • Analog hall effect triggers allow switching between regular and fast trigger modes for FPS and RPG games
  • 2 programmable macro buttons on the back to assign complex commands or combos
  • Dual rumble motors in grips and triggers for immersive vibration feedback
  • Multi-function M button controls trigger mode, stick mode, vibration intensity, and more
  • Motion controls support tilt, shake, and rotate actions just like the Switch
  • Connect via Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless receiver, or wired USB-C
  • Dual vibrations and haptic feedback respond to in-game actions for added realism
  • Fully customisable buttons, sticks, triggers via the GameSir app to optimise controls
  • Ergonomic textured grips keep hands comfortable during long gaming sessions
  • LED indicators display battery life, connectivity status, and more
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Supports pass-through charging so you can play and charge simultaneously
  • Includes convenient phone clip and carrying case for portability

Gamsir T4 Cyclone vs T4 Cyclone Pro Differences

Gamsir T4 Cyclone vs T4 Cyclone Pro Differences

While the GameSir T4 Cyclone and T4 Cyclone Pro share several features, there are key differences. The Pro version follows the Xbox layout for face buttons, while the standard T4 Cyclone adheres to the Nintendo Switch layout.

Additionally, the Pro variant includes a wireless dongle in the box, offering low-latency connectivity.

The Pro model also uses micro switch ABXY face buttons, whereas the standard model uses membrane switches.

Finally, the Pro model has tigger vibrations.

Design & Build Quality

GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro Review4

The GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro has an ergonomic design reminiscent of the Xbox controller layout. The handles are textured for grip, and the controller feels sturdy and durable thanks to its matte plastic construction.

GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro Review5

The controller has a bit of heft to it, which adds to the premium feel. The asymmetrical stick layout will be immediately familiar to Xbox or PlayStation gamers. While the build quality doesn’t quite match top-end controllers from Microsoft or Sony, it punches well above other controllers in this price range.

GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro Review7

The controller also includes two remappable macro back buttons, adding to its versatility.

Unlike the GameSir G7 SE, the faceplate is not removable, and there are no physical modifications you can do.

GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro Review8


The face buttons on the GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro use micro switches, whereas the non-Pro uses membrane switches.

I am a mechanical keyboard convent and could never go back to membrane keyboards (full-time, at least). For controllers, I can’t say I am as convinced. I think this is likely because I only game a few hours a week, and I am not competitive. I might appreciate them more if I was spending hours per day gaming.

Regardless, the ABXY buttons are very tactile, offering a satisfying press-and-click feel. It just doesn’t feel significantly more different than the membrane buttons.

The directional pad is practical and effective, while the trigger and shoulder buttons provide a smooth gaming experience.

The trigger vibrations on the Pro version are not adaptive like the PS5.

The programmable back buttons are a handy addition, allowing you to customise your controls to suit your gaming style.

Hall Effect Sticks & Analogue Triggers

GameSir has been integrating Hall Effect sticks on many of their recent controller launches.

Hall effect utilises magnets and sensors to detect stick movement rather than physical potentiometers that are prone to wear and drift over time. This means the sticks should maintain their precision and be drift-free even after extensive use.

The linear analogue triggers also use the Hall Effect to enable pressure-sensitive input. This allows for more nuanced control in racing games and shooters compared to simple on/off digital triggers.

It is worth noting that there is no trigger lock, nor is there a lock for the back buttons (like the GameSir G7 SE).

Connectivity & Multi-Platform Compatibility

Both the GameSir T4 Cyclone and Pro can connect over Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz wireless, or wired USB-C.

The non-Pro model is not shipped with a 2.4Ghz wireless even though it works with it.

The wireless connectivity worked flawlessly during testing with low latency thanks to the included 2.4Ghz USB dongle.

It’s compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Nintendo Switch. Connecting to mobile devices requires an adapter to mount the phone on top of the controller. Pairing is quick and simple across all supported platforms.

Gamsir App

Annoyingly, the GameSir app is not compatible with the Pixel Tablet, and I wasn’t able to sideload it using the GitHub version.

The app works fine on my Honor Magic5 Pro.

This controller doesn’t have a compatible Windows app, so you have to use the mobile app.

For some reason, to use the GameSir app, you need to pair the controller as the GameSir controller, but then, in games, you pair it separately as an Xbox controller.

GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro Pairing Android

The app then allows you to update firmware, customise stick sensitivity, re-map buttons, and more. While the app is a bit basic looking, it provides deeper customisation options compared to most controllers.

I can’t say I am keen on the mobile Gamsir app. It gets the job done, but the overall experience is poor compared to the Gamesir Nexus Windows app used on the GameSir G7 SE.

In Use

GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro Game Pass Pixel Tablet

For Windows, as I have been using the Geekom Mini IT13 as my main PC recently, I chose to use cloud gaming with Game Pass.

For gaming on Android, the game needs to support a controller, but it works well on things like Game Pass. The Android app can load up key mapping for games, but when a game doesn’t support a controller, it will notify you it is not supported.

With Game Pass, the overall experience is about the same with both controllers.

The wireless dongle works well, and the GameSir button is mapped to the Xbox Game Bar, allowing you to quickly select a game. As I predominantly played cloud games, I don’t think I could appreciate the low latency of the wireless dongle, but I experienced no issues with the overall performance.

Both controllers support wired connectivity with passthrough charging. One minor gripe is that the included USB cable is not very long.

The GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro uses quad motors inside which makes it great for feedback, rumbling away when a game supports it.

Price and Alternatives

The GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro is available from Gamesir for £55, and the standard model is £45. At the time of writing, only the Pro model was available to buy.

Amazon lists them as £55.99 and £49.99, respectively, but the Pro is out of stock, whereas the standard model is available via Prime.

For Amazon, you can get 15% discount using the code: GST4CP01

For the official website, you can get 10% discount using the code: CYCLONE

Official global pricing is:

  • T4 Cyclone: US$39.99/£49.99/€59.99/JP¥6599
  • T4 Cyclone Pro: US$49.99/£55.99/€65.99/JP¥7999

The older GameSir T4 Pro is just £28.79 at the time of writing, but the normal price is £35.99

If you are OK with wired connectivity, then the GameSir T4 Kaleid is just £33.59, normally price £41.99.

For an alternative brand, there is the Flydigi Vader 3 Pro, which is not on Amazon, but you can get it from Banggood for £47.18. This is also multi-platform, wireless, with hall effect sticks and triggers, plus mechanical keys.  

On Amazon, there is the GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro Wireless Controller with hall effect sticks. It is well-reviewed but quite expensive at £67.60.

GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro Review


As usual for GameSir, the T4 Cyclone Pro is a feature-rich controller at a reasonable price.

The multiple connection options are a big selling point for me, allowing me to switch easily between PC gaming and mobile.

Considering the price difference, I think the GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro is the more appealing of the two controllers. For £10 more, you get the wireless dongle, trigger vibrations and microswitch buttons.

  • Overall - 75%


  • A versatile controller with excellent connectivity options
  • The controller can be customised via the app
  • Superior build quality with hall effect triggers and sticks


  • Not keen on the Android app
  • Android app is not compatible with all Android devices (Pixel Tablet)

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