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Consumer electronics company Netatmo first unveiled its Smart Door Lock and Keys at CES 2020 over 3 years ago, which I covered here and here. Now after a lengthy development period, Netatmo has finally released the smart lock system in select European countries. The Smart Door Lock aims to provide homeowners with enhanced security, flexibility and convenience through its innovative technology. With high-security standards and easy DIY installation, Netatmo hopes to disrupt the traditional lock industry.

Built to Withstand Physical and Hacking Attempts

The Smart Door Lock meets stringent security requirements to ensure robust protection. It is certified to the EN 15684 standard and has also received SKG* certification recommended by Dutch police to prevent burglaries. The lock cylinder is made from high-strength stainless steel, reinforced with an anti-drilling plate and 3 security pins. This aims to protect against physical break-in methods including picking, drilling, pulling, cutting and forced entry. Additionally, the Smart Door Lock is designed to withstand hacking attempts. It does not connect directly to the internet, instead using encrypted Bluetooth to communicate with smartphones. The French offensive security firm Synacktiv tested the lock early in development. They scrutinized the technical architecture and code to identify any vulnerabilities. The lock and keys use advanced cryptographic techniques to prevent hacking, similar to those used in bank cards and biometric passports. Independent German research institute AV-Test also certified the lock as secure.

Quick and Easy Installation

Netatmo Smart Lock and Keys Design

Installing the Smart Door Lock takes just a few minutes and requires replacing a single screw. It is compatible with doors that have euro cylinders up to 10cm thick. A compatibility checking tool on Netatmo’s website lets homeowners verify that their existing door lock can be upgraded.

Smart Keys Provide Flexible Access

Netatmo Smart lock keys

The Smart Keys work similarly to regular keys, so family members do not need to change their habits to use them. Their NFC technology is tamper-proof and protected cryptographically. Homeowners can add as many Smart Keys as needed and instantly deactivate lost or stolen keys via the smartphone app. This avoids the need and expense of changing locks.

It is worth noting that these are not mechanical keys, which is something many users find off putting.  

Unlock Through Smartphone App

Users can also unlock the door through the Home + Security app on their smartphone. This allows convenient access and the ability to provide temporary access to guests. For example, homeowners can provide virtual keys to guests to check on pets while away on vacation, without needing to hand over a physical key.

Impressive Battery Life and Backup Charging

The Smart Door Lock has a remarkably long battery life of over one year per set of batteries. Users receive notifications when the batteries run low. There is also a backup micro-USB port that can temporarily reactivate the lock if the batteries are fully depleted, allowing enough power to change them.

Integrates with Other Smart Home Devices

The lock is compatible with Apple HomeKit, allowing it to interact with other smart home devices. For instance, lights could automatically turn on when the lock is opened.

Launched in 5 European Countries Initially

The Smart Door Lock will be launched inFrance, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Even after three years of waiting, an official launch date has still not been provided.

It will be rolling out to additional European countries soon, including the UK.

  • Smart Door Lock: €379.99
  • 3 Smart Keys: €99.99
  • 1 Smart Key: €39.99
  • Extension Kits: €29.99

With its high security, flexible access and ease of use, Netatmo aims to revolutionise home access with its long-awaited Smart Door Lock system. Early reviews will reveal if it lives up to its 3-year hype and can compete in the growing smart lock market.

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