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Another day and another Thermaltake case review, I have been working my way up their product range, starting off with the View 22 TG which was a great budget option. Then the View 32 TG which will likely have the most mass appeal with its premium design while maintaining an affordable price tag. The Core P5 was more suited to high-end niche builds wanting to show off all the components.

Now I have the Level 20 GT RGB Plus which sits close to the top of the Thermaltake product range. The Level 20 range commemorates 20 years of dedication to the PC industry and consists of 4 cases. The mATX VT, the Level 20 XT, this Level 20 GT, and the Level 20 which will cost a massive £999 and uses a 3-chamber design.

At the time of writing the Level 20 GT RGB Plus has only just been released and Amazon is currently listing it as £306.90 this option comes with two 200mm Riing Plus 20 RGB fans and one 140mm Riing Plus 14 RGB fan are included. Alternatively, there is the none RGB model with one 140mm Riing 14 LED Blue fan and costs £199.

The Level 20 GT features E-ATX motherboard support, four tempered glass panels with a lockable hinged door design, the latest I/O port options (USB Type-C & USB 3.0), an all-new rotating PCI-E slot system, and removable power supply shroud.

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It comes preinstalled with two Riing Plus 20 RGB in the front & one Riing Plus 14 RGB fans in the rear. These RGB Plus fans are custom-designed to work with AI Voice Control software, as well as with Amazon Alexa. The lighting effects can also be synchronized with Razer’s RGB products via Razer Chroma software.

Design and Features

This case weighs a weighty 20.1KG and is massive sitting at over half a metre high and deep. Everything about it is ultra-premium, the four tempered glass panels are 5mm thick with the side panels on a hinge that are shut with both magnets as well as lock and key.

Thermaltake adopts an excellent design philosophy of allowing you to dismantle as much of the case as possible. All the panels can be removed, as well as any of the additional racks or brackets. This allows modders to customise their case with ease and strip all none essentials out.

The three included fans are all PWM and use USB headers and a hub similar to that of the Floe Riing RGB AIO Cooler. The hub has ports for five fans, and you can run an additional four hubs on the system giving 25 fans in total.

The fans themselves have 12 LEDs that are fully RGB giving the option for 16.8 million colours. Each LED can be controlled individually as well as brightness and different modes. Using the Windows software, you can enable voice control, and this can be synced up with Alexa.

A case of this size and price needs to be able to be able to accommodate some elaborate cooling solutions, and the options in this case are extensive.

For a start, there is an option for vertical radiator placement where the hard drive cages would typically be. This then allows you to show off any RGB fans you have, with the cages removed the side panel provides plenty of airflow for your radiator and can support up to 420mm radiators.

You can then compliment this with up to 420mm on the front panel, 360mmon the top panel, 140mm on the rear, and 240mm on the bottom.

Fan support is equally extensive, the top and front panels can take 2x200mm, 3x140mm or 3x120m. 200mm support is rare and, in general, the bigger the fan, the more air it can move at lower noise levels, so it is a feature approve of.

The rear vent also has a larger than average support of 140mm, and you can then add an additional two fans on the bottom.

With so much room in the case it is quite possible to run radiators in push/pull config, so in theory, I could have 6x120mm fans on the 360mm Floe Riing RGB Premium Edition.

Everything else is catered for; you have a PSU shroud, a bracket for vertical GPU placement, a 4x 3.5” HDD rack and up to 6×2.5” drives hidden either being the motherboard or on the base of the case. All of these brackets and features are removable.

The I/O on the top panel include USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1, Type-C x 1.

Overall, the build quality and features of this case are superlative; it ticks every box you could want from a case and more.


At £300 this case is designed for ultra-high-end builds, so my meagre components are a little wasted on it. However, the build process was a pleasure; the modular design means you can remove anything in your way during the build process then re-add it later on.

Cable routing is fantastic, and you get a huge CPU cut out allowing to install any cooler with ease after you have installed the motherboard.

The removable top panel allowed me to fit the Floe Riing with ease, and the mount this sits on is also removable allowing you attach the radiator to the mount then install the mount after.

I built my working PC into this, so I have an excessive 3×3.5” drives with 2xSSDs. I should consolidate into larger drives, but I like the separation of my work data from games and personal data. Therefore having four drive cages was a big plus for me, they are becoming increasingly rare nowadays.

Due to the size of the case and the relatively short hoses on the Floe Riing I was restricted to placing the radiator in the top rather than front. Though the side mount would have also worked if I had no drives there.

I also particularly like the 2.5 drive mounts each tray can handle two drives, and you have three placement options on the rear.

The vertical GPU mount is also a great feature, and not only looks good but reduces GPU sag, as a riser cable was not included I didn’t use it for my build, but it is something I may invest in.

As highlighted in my Floe Riing AIO review, I did have some issues with getting six fans to work together, this required two hubs, and I had some problems getting the second hub working correctly. It is likely user error, but eventually, it seemed to work itself out.

The hinged side panels make closing up the case far easier than usual. With slide on panels I always have some cable in the way stopping it sliding on flush, it would help if my build skills were a little neater though.

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I don’t particularly test cooling performance of cases; I don’t review enough of them to justify it. I covered the exceptional cooling performance of the Thermaltake 360mm Floe Riing RGB Premium Edition in my previous review.

The front panel has channels down it which allow them massive fans to pull air through, so I don’t think there should be an airflow issue. Due to their size, they should provide both excellent and quiet cooling.

The system isn’t entirely silent, when I start work very early in the morning when no traffic is about I can hear a slight hum of fans and the pump. It is only noticeable in totally silent situations. More importantly during the day the fans barely spin up, and when you factor in other ambient noise, I can’t hear any sound from the PC. My GPU spinning up during gaming will be the first thing I ever here during day to day use.


I have been reviewing 2 cases from Thermaltake at the same time, and both of them are comfortably the best cases I have had the pleasure to use.

With this, you get a traditional full tower design that offers every feature you could possibly want and more. Build quality is exceptional, and if you love tempered glass and RGB then this really is a dream case.

I can’t think of anything that annoyed me during the build process, at first, I thought the PSU shroud was going to be awkward, but I just removed it temporarily.

For £300 there is not a lot of room for error, and thankfully Thermaltake has delivered an exceptional case for gamers with deep pockets.

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Thermaltake Level 20 GT RGB Plus Full Tower PC Case Review

Product Name: Thermaltake Level 20 GT RGB Plus Full Tower PC Case

Offer price: 306.90

Currency: GBP

Availability: InStock

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  • Overall - 90%

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