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After coming away pleasantly surprised with the Thermaltake View 22 TG case, Thermaltake was kind enough to send me the View 32 TG RGB Edition.

As the name would suggest this is a notch up in terms of specification and this model is full RGB too.

This model is £127.99 on Amazon putting it somewhere in the middle ground of pricing for mid-towered cases and Thermaltake has done their best to tick all the boxes for current PC gamer trends. This has tempered glass panels on both sides, so your cabling skills will need to be top notch, there is also tempered glass on the top and front of the case. It has 3 RGB fans pre-installed which can be controlled via the built-in fan hub.

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The tempered glass is reassuringly thick at 4mm for all sides which goes some way to adding to the 8.2KG weight of the case. It is not the heaviest case I have used in the past, but it does have a decent amount of heft to it.

It is not all about the looks though, you get a good level of cooling options for both air or liquid builds. The CPU can support coolers up to 160mm in height, 3x120mm intake fans up front, with 2x120mm at the top, and one at the rear.

Radiator support is 360mm in the front, 240mm in the top and 120mm at the rear. It would have been nice to see some 140mm fan support to help with noise, but there are plenty of options in the 120mm category.

Inside the case, there is a built-in RGB Switch Board, which is exclusively designed for Thermaltake Riing 12 LED RGB Fan Series and supports up to 8 fans.

On the top of the case there are plenty of I/O ports with two USB 3.0 and two standard USB 2.0 you can also control the fans from this with one option to cycle through RGB then 4 static colour options of red/blue/white/green, and then the option to have them off.

This won’t work great as a media server, but there are plenty of drive mounting options for your typical gamer, with tool-free fully modular 3.5”/2.5” compatible drive brackets which minimize the hassles of installation /removal. Users are able to freely interchange the hard-drives to suit their particular needs. The dual drive bay concept of “3+2” offers a good ratio for accessories and storage devices.

The one omission I noticed immediately was that there is no PSU shroud, it is not something I would have not normally picked up on, but the View 22 has one so it is odd that the more expensive model does not, especially when there is tempered glass on both sides, a shroud would give you somewhere to hid a mess of cables.

There is plenty of room for large GPUs and PSUs with 220mm compatibility for the PSU and a dual expansion slot VGA of up to 400mm in length without HDD rack.

The overall build quality feels excellent, in particular, the tempered glass panels are nice and thick with plenty of weight to them. They slot on to some hinges providing you easy access to the internals of your PC without having to completely remove them. I praised the View 22 for offering premium features at an affordable price, in contrast here you can see where that extra money goes, everything is thicker and heavier. There are no components that feel cheap and everything looks well thought out and premium.

The View 22 had a handy little channel to sort your cables, whereas this doesn’t but there is still plenty of room in the rear to handle as many cables as you will likely use. The built-in cables are neatly pre-arranged and I delicately removed which ones I needed to reduce my cable tidying later on. You have 6 rubber covered cable routing holes running up the height of the case, with a large square one on the bottom for all the PSU and SATA cables. You also get a very large CPU cut out making swapping out your cooler much easier.

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Build and Performance

Overall, building my PC into the case was a breeze and I don’t recall any fiddly bits during the process. With the fan controller, you just need to plug a power cable into it and this will handle everything for you. The pre-installed fans are PWM and use hydraulic bearings for low noise operation – in use they were not as quiet as I would like myself, but I tend to build my PCs for silence rather than looks. With 3 fans installed, you do get a decent level of cooling though, much better than the View 22. The RGB feature works well, I am not a huge RGB fan but I can see the appeal, and it is certainly a popular feature. With the RGB option on, the fans will slowly pulsate through the range of RGB colours.


This is a great case, you can really see where your money goes in comparison to affordable options such as the View 22. There were no areas on the case that felt cheap, the whole things feels premium and should last you years to come. The 4mm glass should be tough enough for the odd knock too.

With 4 sides of glass and no PSU shroud to hide messy cables your cabling skills will really need to be on point, which mine are not. If RGB is your thing then this is obviously a great option, not only do you get 3 pre-installed RGB lights and a special controller to cycle through colours, but the tempered glass sides give you plenty of options to illuminate the inside of the case as much as you want.

Overall the is a superb case for any gamer that loves to show off their PC components.

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Thermaltake View 32 TG Tempered Glass RGB Edition

Product Name: Thermaltake View 32 TG Tempered Glass RGB Edition

Offer price: 127.99

Currency: GBP

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  • Overall - 88%

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