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How is COVID-19 impacting internet traffic and user’s behaviour on network usage?

Coronavirus disease, a novel virus abbreviated as COVID-19 boomed this year and changed the way people used to live and work. Since then, people are relying on the Internet to connect with their loved ones, watch high-definition (HD) videos, play games online amid lockdown. Businesses too are adapting to remote working without bringing their critical business processes/functions into a standstill mode. The rise in the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly led to the disruption in the telecom industry as the demand for Internet and online services has skyrocketed in this crisis. As per Cloudfare, a US-based networking services company, the...

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The best indoor spin bikes and exercise bikes on Amazon that are in-stock

[Original Post 23-03-2020] [Updated 18-05-20] Added new models and updated the current in-stock options on amazon With gyms closed and social distancing in place, many of us are trying to find alternatives to work out at home. Exercise bikes are a popular option, being cheaper and smaller than treadmills. Spin lessons have become extremely popular in recent years, while I am sure we would all love to own a Peloton, they cost a fortune. The options that are currently available on Amazon are a mixed bag, it would seem high demand means a lot of stock is not available...

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PhiGolf World Golf Tour (WGT) Edition 2019 Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator Review

[Update for April 2020] Updated pricing. Stock is available on Amazon via the official distributor of Phigolf, Second Chance. I originally did this review prior to Christmas and found the Phigolf to be an excellent present back then. Times have changed dramatically since then and I have noticed an increased demand for the simulator. With many of us looking to find ways to entertain ourselves, maintain mental health and have a little normality in life, I think the Phigolf is perfect for any golf fan. It is not a perfect swing trainer, but it should stave off the cabin...

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Affordable Fitness Equipment on Amazon for Working Out at Home & Which Items Have Increased in Price

With the social distancing measures for Covid-19 likely to last for over 12-weeks and possibly up to 6 months many people have been looking to replace their gym routines with working out from home. And for those that don't do much fitness, you probably should be considering it, it will fend off mental health issues and help you fight off infection if you do get Covid-19. I am fortunate enough to have a house big enough and, due to no kids, enough money to afford a treadmill and a turbo trainer for my bike, but many people don't have...

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Remote Management Software for Working at Home & TeamViewer Alternatives

With most of us working from home, we are quickly having to adapt to our new work environment. One problem with social distancing is when you need to access a computer that is not at your home, this may be the office server or when you are providing support to other users. It doesn't have to be for business reasons either, being able to remotely access computers of friends and family is far less stressful than having them try to explain a problem and to then talk them through the solution. TeamViewer has been a popular solution for many...

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Technology to monitor your health and fitness during social isolation lockdown

Thankfully we are still allowed outside during our lockdown; the same can't be said over in India with 1.3 Billion people not allowed to leave their house in complete lockdown. I have been trying to make the most of the time we are allowed outside, walking, cycling and running by myself keeping a wide berth from anyone I pass. It would seem most people are doing the same, I have never seen so many cyclists and dogs being walked. While I did not experience large groups, I did see several people quite close together that I doubt live together....

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The best routers for mobile data using LTE/4G or 5G for working at home without broadband – ADSL / VDSL alternatives

With most of us either working from home or furloughed until further notice due to Covid-19, we nowhave a massively increased demand for fast broadband. If the government hadn’t dragged its feet for years over fibre rollouts, we could all be working from home as seamlessly as possible right now. Sadly that is not the case in many scenarios; people will have broadband but be limited to ADSL with pathetic speeds. Then many people just don’t have broadband. So if you are now working from home with barely usable Internet, the quickest solution will be to use mobile data....

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Working from Home Guide: Networking and Routers

With many people having to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential to get a decent working environment set up. Working from your laptop on the couch may be okay for a few hours occasionally, but with the prospect of weeks at home, a more productive permanent solution is needed. I am lucky, I already work from home, however, my partner works for a small insurance company and it is not as easy as just firing up the laptop and getting work done. She needs to bring the desktop home, which is set up specifically for...

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