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Creative Technology has just released an exciting new webcam called the Creative Live! Meet 4K, designed to provide stunningly clear video for virtual meetings, classes, and creative projects.

With its 4K UHD resolution, wide-angle field of view, and intelligent auto-framing, the Creative Live! Meet 4K aims to transform online communication into vivid, face-to-face-like experiences.

At the heart of the webcam is a high-end Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor that enables crisp, detailed 4K UHD video at 30fps. The 4K visuals reveal fine details and textures, making it easier to view content like documents, prototypes, or artwork in meetings. Complementing the 4K resolution is an extra-wide 115° field of view, which is able to comfortably fit multiple people or capture a full whiteboard without panning the camera.

Creative Life Meet

To zoom in on specific details, the webcam provides 7x digital zoom that can hone in on objects while retaining image quality. This makes it easy to examine products, text, or diagrams during video calls. The webcam also utilizes automatic light correction to optimize the picture in different lighting conditions.

On the audio side, the Creative Live! Meet 4K contains four pairs of omnidirectional microphones that pick up sound evenly from all directions. This allows everyone in a meeting room to be heard clearly, even at a distance. The mics also automatically adjust their gain to ensure consistent volume as people speak. Dual noise-cancelling features filter out ambient sounds for clearer conversations.

Making it easier to stay in frame during calls, the webcam has AI auto-framing that detects faces and shifts the frame to keep everyone in view. Hand gestures can also be used to trigger certain actions like taking a photo or recording a video. The webcam comes with a handy remote control for adjusting settings like zoom, brightness, and volume on the fly.

Setup looks simple with USB plug-and-play connectivity, compatibility with Windows and Mac, and no driver installation required. Creative’s SmartComms Kit software adds more options like voice detection, virtual background effects, and more.

The Creative Live! Meet 4K seems ideal for business use cases like boardroom meetings, video conferencing, live streams, and more. But it could also appeal to content creators, educators, healthcare providers, or anyone who wants a more immersive online communication experience.

Price and Availablity

Priced at $299.99 / £329.99, the Creative Live! Meet 4K is available now on and at select retailers.

I have previously reviewed the Maxhub UC M40 360 video conferencing camera, which costs £715, which was great, but perhaps a bit expensive for smaller businesses.

Logitech has the MeetUp at £500 or the 1080p ConferenceCam at £300.

Therefore Creative Live! Meet 4K looks like an excellent conference camera that’s affordable for smaller businesses while still offering high-quality 4K footage.

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