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Countries with High Cryptocurrency Adoption Rate

As the term implies, cryptocurrency adoption is the stage at which crypto assets are part of the norm—being used in everyday transactions and money transfers. For many enthusiasts, cryptocurrency adoption has been the goal, ever since people started to buy bitcoin for investment purposes. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts dream of adoption in the hopes that the rest of the world will finally see the benefits of cryptocurrencies over traditional fiat currencies. Barriers to cryptocurrency adoption Unfortunately, there have been many barriers that have blocked cryptos from achieving that goal, mainly:  Volatility Cryptocurrencies are notorious for being volatile, meaning that their prices...

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What to do and how to find a Solicitor if your Computer is Hacked?

Few things seem more violent than finding out that someone has hacked into your phone or computer. When this happens, the first reaction may be to call the authorities and report the violation. However, many are surprised to discover that the police are not always terribly interested in hearing about the event. So, what can you do if someone hacks your computer or phone and how to find a lawyer? Is Hacking illegal? This is the first thing that comes to mind, and the answer is not always. At least not yet. The problem is that, although computer technology...

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The Biggest Data Leaks of the Decade and the Financial Devastation They Caused

It’s 2020 and most businesses depend on the internet to market and sell their products and services. And not just businesses, consumers also end up providing a lot of personal information online. While this is a good thing, business owners and consumers alike need to be cautious of the fact that cybersecurity systems are vulnerable to data breaches. We’ve all witnessed the devastating effects of data breaches in the last decade. Sensitive files, including account details, have found their way into the wrong hands. And this trend is not likely to change as more and more businesses are turning...

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Google Alternatives Guide: Replacement Google apps & services for Huawei phones or anyone interested in privacy

The Huawei P40 Pro is the first major launch in the UK from Huawei with a phone without Google. When I reviewed the phone, there is definitely a learning curve if you want to adapt to a life without Google, you could, of course, still, install Google Mobile Services. The reason Huawei can’t use Google is President Trump is paranoid that China is spying on us all. However, the US has been believed to be doing just the same via the numerous backdoors that keep appearing in Cisco gear. If you are worried about the Chinese reading your emails,...

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How to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

There are several methods to do it, like everything, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Cryptocurrency market (exchange) This method is very similar to trading on the stock exchange. When you trade with shares in the stock market you do it through “Brokers”, with cryptocurrencies you do it through “Exchanges” (same but different concept “matter” of trade). It consists of buying cryptocurrencies and waiting for them to rise in price in order to sell them. To make a profit under this model, we must have extensive control of our emotions, and be alert to currency fluctuations; buy low and sell high. It is not...

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What is a VPN? and what are some benefits of using a VPN?

A VPN is an amazing tool that keeps you safe while using the internet. It will provide you protection from malware, hackers, and other scams while you are online. You can protect your identity and browsing history from advertisers, hackers, and also from government surveillance. With these tools, you can enjoy your favorite websites free from any restrictions. It may seem complicated, but it is extremely user-friendly. You do not need any skills to use it.  I often use the internet for using social media and for other work purposes, and I am very conscious of my online security...

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Impacts of technology on Internet privacy

Living in an era where technological innovations are emerging, we are faced with intensive use of internet technology. This has naturally led to questions about the privacy of users. Online privacy has in the past decade been a major issue with the rise of social media. Although most websites and services online offer a privacy policy, this has not deterred the rise in negative problems such as data theft and tracking of browsing activities online. In this piece, we will discuss the impacts of technology on your privacy when using the internet. Rise in Identity Theft  and tracking on...

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PureVPN Proved Itself to Be the Best Customer-Centric VPN

Companies, especially SaaS, although talk about customer-centricity but rarely do they ever take it seriously. But, one leading VPN provider proved the world why customer-centricity is important and how it has eventually led to the company’s success. PureVPN ranks amongst the top services in the virtual private network industry. Each year, the CEO of the company sends an email to the users, asking about their honest and constructive feedback. The continuous tradition of the back and forth feedback with the customers has allowed the company to not only bring excellence to its services but also win hearts. Users’ Reaction...

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Is Your Business Email Secure? 3 Email Security Threats that are After Your Business

Online predators are waiting behind their screens for you to become their prey, finding loopholes to hit your privacy hard. Data breaches, online frauds, and identity theft are some of the growing concerns of this age, and no one is safe from them. We have all been there when the news broke about Yahoo’s system hacking and loss of its over 3 billion records. It shows that issues related to identity theft and data breaches are real, and even big brands and corporations have also seen doomed days due to it. So, it is essential to ask yourself: Is...

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Tired Of Ads? Try The Best Adblock Software Today

The Internet has probably been the most important modern technology, influencing every aspect of our lives, changing how we work, learn, shop and interact with other people. When Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, I doubt he thought it would lead to us spending all day looking at cat memes while being bombarded with adverts for singles in our area. Internet advertising has become problematic over the years, with everyone trying to make a living online, many websites are plagued with extensive advertising reducing load times and usability, making browsing some websites almost impossible Even if you have...

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5 Very Simple Ways To Secure Your Phone

The number of people that own a smartphone these days is incredibly high, much higher than everyone anticipated. This is due to how accessible the technology is. The problem is that the built-in security features of such gadgets are rarely utilized. You need to secure your phone or it is very easy for a dishonest person to gain access to the data on it in the event that the device is stolen. Even wireless hacking is possible. Due to this, you need to always follow the simple security tips that are presented below. Use A Very Strong Passcode The...

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How to Stop Spam Originating from Your VPS

Virtual Private Servers are useful for anyone that runs a website. They offer capable isolated systems with appropriate RAM, storage, and bandwidth. The outstanding performance capabilities and ensured continuous accessibility are a bonus as it doesn’t limit page growth. When one uses VPS, they usually have a server for email purposes. While this is useful for businesses, a drawback is that they can be exploited by malicious users through outdated plugins or base installs. Failure to regularly update the software leads to unwanted spam, which is a problem as it can lead to your IP being blacklisted. Thankfully, there’s...

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