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With the world becoming increasingly more dependent on digital systems, you need to ensure that you protect your systems from cyberattacks. Failure to do so can result in reputation and legal damage that will cost your business dear. Reputation as we all know is hard to get back when it is lost, So what are the first steps in protecting your business from hackers and other nefarious types?

Web Security Audits

The first place to start is to undergo a web security audit as once complete you’ll be able to identify gaps and weak spots, and show you where you need to shore up to protect your business. There are other advantages too which we will explore in more depth.

Protect Data

Data loss is hard to recover from especially when client personal details are involved. The more sensitive your business is the more damaging data loss of this kind is. Imagine your credit card details were hacked from an online retailer, you’ll not be too pleased about it and look for compensation. Once your security audit is in place you have a good starting point to identify threats and start taking steps to keep the data safe.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations are already in place that put an emphasis on you the business owner or managing director, to keep in line with compliance to avoid legal and other issues. Web security audits can be part of this process and proof that you are proactive in data protection and cybersecurity and not reactive.

Further, once your IT security is up to speed you are ahead of the regulations and won’t lose time chasing your tail when new ones come into play.

Gives You an Outside View

Many businesses bring in outside specialist help to get their web security audit and cybersecurity up and running. This is a good policy as a neutral pair of eyes tends to see everything, while in house teams may be blinkered to where the gaps are.

Also, specialist help is experienced help and this is where the true value lies. They will view your system as a hacker would and be up on the latest techniques hackers deploy to break security and get access to a system.

Identify Vulnerabilities and Threats

A good web security audit will show you where your system is vulnerable and what the threats are that can breach your IT defences. This is invaluable as a good audit will identify business logic vulnerabilities that can’t be identified using tools.

Good security teams will take this to the nth degree and go through other types of attacks such as phishing attacks and show you the precautions you and your teams can take.

Final Thoughts

The digital world is faster, more productive and more efficient than the analogue world that no longer exists. As such, although profits have increased exponentially thanks to the digital world it also has become vulnerable to an attack that was unheard of in the 1970s. As such, you must take precautions to protect your business data and the IT system that underpins your operation.

This process begins with a web security audit and should be the first thing you do in your journey to becoming IT secure

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