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I recently reviewed the massive 25L HYSapientia Air Fryer, and it was the first time I have used one of these front-loading tray-style air fryers. They are basically just miniature fan-assisted overs. It is a design that I am fond of as it makes it easier to cook larger amounts of food and multiple items at once without mixing everything together in a drawer.

The Proscenic T31 Air Fryer Oven uses the same basic design. The two big differences with this are that it is WiFi enabled and can be controlled via an app. It is also much smaller at 15L, while I prefer a larger air fryer, a smaller model is normally cheaper to buy upfront and cheaper to run due to the smaller internal volume.

I have previously reviewed the Proscenic T21, which is a draw-style air fryer which I thought was excellent for the price.


  • Front-load tray design
  • 15L capacity
  • 1700W power rating
  • 12-in-1 – 12 pre-set programs with adjustable timer and temp
  • App Control – you can easily control the air fryer. Any cooking, including preheating and heat insulation in up to 3 steps
  • 2 x slated shelves
  • 1 x tray
  • 1 x rotisserie basket
  • 1 x rotisserie fork
  • Set of skewer
  • Dimensions: 47.60×42.20×43.00cm


Proscenic T31 Air Fryer Oven Review 2

As you’d expect, this is significantly smaller than the HYSapientia, and if you have a smaller kitchen, you will likely appreciate the smaller footprint.

I find the controls easier to use on this. The cooking options are all touch button, you then select the temperature with one press of the knob and use the dial to change, then another press to alter the time. Like most air fryers, the time is limited to 60 minutes, but you can adjust the time mid-cook.

On the touch buttons, there is a little icon that enables the rotisserie function.

This comes with 2 slotted trays and one normal one. I would have liked a mesh tray like the one on the HYSapientia, as it makes air frying performance better.

However, this also comes with a rotisserie basket which can be used for things like chips and will perform better than the mesh tray for most things.

You also get a skewer set that can be rotated with the rotisserie.

This claims to feed 4-5, which sounds generous. I guess I eat too much. I’d say it is fine for a couple.


As I work from home, I don’t have much need for smart functions anymore, but I always used to want a smart oven, so I start it remotely as I leave the office and have food ready for me when I get home. With this, you can start the air fryer remotely, and you can also set up a schedule for it to have a delayed start of up to 4 hours.

While I haven’t had much need for the smart functionality yet, I do love the flexibility this allows. I don’t have to worry about being in the house at the exact right time to start something cooking.

You will also get notified when a cook is complete, which is handy for forgetful types.

You can optionally set it up with either Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Cooking Performance

Proscenic T31 Air Fryer Oven Review

The best thing about this air fryer that you can’t do with a normal draw-based air fryer is the rotisserie functions. You can do a chicken or joint of meat, use the rotisseries basked for things like chips or use the skewers for kebabs.

Proscenic T31 Air Fryer Oven Review 1

I have not used the kebab function yet, but chips in the basket are significantly better than when I do them in HYSapientia mesh tray or in my Ninja Foodie. There is no messing around with shuffling up the chips, and you get a nice coloured chip without them being too dry or crispy.

Similarly, a rotisserie chicken was excellent. I thought the small internal volume would be too small to do a decent-sized chicken, but it managed a medium size one without issues. I learned from my failure with the HYSapientia and bought some twine to tie the chicken legs. The end result was a perfectly cooked chicken with crispy skin all around, and no intervention was required during the cook.

With the two rotisserie functions I have tried, you can’t really cook anything else in the oven at the same time.  

The air fryer can only be set to 205° vs 230° of the HYSapientia and 210° of my Ninja Foodi. I can’t say I have noticed much difference in cook times. There is always some variance between air fryers, and it will take a little experimentation to find your own best cook times.

All the other air fryer features work as expected. As I said, I would have liked a mesh shelf or basket but the slotted shelves are adequate.

Electricity Usage

Similar to the HYSapientia, at max temperature, this uses more electricity than advertised. I saw it pulling around 1800W. The HYSapientia would draw 2000W at the maximum temperature.

Price and Alternative Options

The Proscenic T31 Air Fryer Oven has an RRP of £199 and is currently discounted to £179. During the launch period, it was as low as £149.

The 25L HYSapientia air fryer is £170 and has a £10 off voucher. I like the increased internal capacity, but it uses more electricity, has fewer accessories and lacks smart functionality.

Looking at similarly sized models, you have the Acekool FT1 18L air fryer that’s £160, but it lacks the smart features and rotisserie basket.

If you are more interested in the smart function than this specific design of air fryer, it is worth considering the Proscenic T21. It is a draw-style air fryer with a smaller capacity, but it is significantly cheaper at £89.


I think the Proscenic T31 is excellent, I prefer this design in general in comparison to the drawer of the Proscenic T21. It is much more versatile, can handle more food, and I love the rotisserie function.

You get a good range of accessories. The rotisserie basket and skewers are a big bonus when comparing it to the HYSapientia.

Even though I haven’t used it too much yet, I like the freedom you get with the app control. Being able to schedule a start or start my dinner cooking when I am heading home is can be incredibly useful for anyone short on time.

Proscenic T31 Air Fryer Oven Review Rating


I think the Proscenic T31 is excellent, I prefer this design in general in comparison to the drawer of the Proscenic T21. It is much more versatile, can handle more food, and I love the rotisserie function.

  • Overall - 85%


  • Rotisserie skewer and basket make perfect roast chicken or chips
  • Smart control gives you additional freedom to start the air fryer when you want


  • Quite expensive compared to the traditional draw style air fryers

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