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Everyone loves an air fryer, and with the ridiculous cost of electricity, they are going to remain extraordinarily popular for years to come. They are essentially just a fan oven, but the small cavity size means they use much less electricity than your normal oven.

Everyone wants a Ninja air fryer, but there are many alternative options, many of these are much more affordable. I have reviewed some great air fryers in the past few years including:

I also personally own the Ninja Foodi, which I may get around to reviewing at some point.

Recently I have been sent the HYSapientia 25L Air Fryer Oven. This is different from your standard drawer-style air fryer. It is front loading with trays and therefore is convenient for cooking multiple things at once. At 25L it also has a massive capacity.

Specification / Features

  • 25L capacity
  • 3 cooking layers
  • 3 trays included:
    • Mesh for air frying
    • Wire shelf for larger items
    • Tray for baking or wet items
  • Rotisserie skewer
  • 1800W electricity usage (claimed)
  • Temperature ranges from 60 to 230


HYSapientia Air fryer Review2

The design of this is basically just a miniature fan-assisted oven. That’s technically all that air fryers are in the first place, but this actually looks like one.

With this having a 25L capacity, it is gigantic compared so many air fryers, it even dwarves the already large Ninja Foodi.

I have wanted to try this style of air fryer for a while now, the shelf design makes a lot of sense to me. It makes cooking multiple different things much easier than the draw-style air fryers or worse, my pot-style Ninja.

You have three shelves, one with bars like you get in your oven, then a mesh one for things like chips and then a tray for things like baking or anything with sauce.

You also get a rotisserie skewer, and this can also be used with an optional basket for things like roasting nuts or popcorn.

Personally, I love this design, it is much more flexible than you get from a normal air fryer.

HYSapientia Air fryer Review1

Cooking Times & Results

HYSapientia Air fryer Review

The main thing I cook in air fryers is homemade chips. Unfortunately, this is a weakness of the Ninja Foodi, it is much harder to shuffle around your food with the pot design.

With the HYSapientia, I’d say it is not quite as good at chips as the normal designed air fryers, you have excellent airflow above and below the chips, but I think the overall internal volume makes things take a bit longer to cook. It is also harder to shuffle your chips vs pulling out the drawer and giving it a shake. However, I was still happy with the results.

I’d guess that my cooking times are about 5-10% longer than normal vs my Ninja or a small draw-style air fryer. I am fairly confident that this is due to the large internal volume.

This excels at cooking multiple items. With my Ninja, I have to use that shelf insert, and with that inside, it is difficult to shuffle around your food. The overall capacity is poor too. With this, I have loads of capacity across three shelves, and each shelf is easily accessible to shuffle or flip things over.

This has a rotisserie function that you won’t get on a normal draw-style air fryer. It allows you to get a lovely even cook across a piece of meat. It is perfect for chicken. On my first attempt, I forgot to leave the legs tied up, and these ended up dropping down and catching on the lower heater bars. I also thing a large chicken is perhaps a big too big for the rotisserie in general. Small chickens work great.

Electricity Usage

This claims to use 1800W with a claimed 55% saving on energy vs a conventional 3KW over.

During my testing, when using the maximum temperature, it actually drew 2000W. Using a lower temperature of 180° brought the energy draw down to 1800W.

I found that I was cooking most of my normal things (chicken, chips) in about 30 mins or less, and it would use around 1KW of electricity.

Price and Alternative Options

The HYSapientia 25L Air Fryer Oven is listed on Amazon UK for £180, and there is a £20 off voucher available. There does not appear to be Amazon US availability.

There are not many competing options with such a large capacity.

The LLIVEKIT Air Fryer claims to be 26L and 1700W. This costs £200 with £30 off, so £10 is more expensive.

Or the smaller 21L Sensio Home Mega is £150 with £10 off. So, £20 cheaper.

The Sage Smart Oven Pro is 21L, uses 2400W and costs £250

Ninja has the DT200UK Foodi 10-in-1, which has an impressive 29L but uses 2400 W and costs £230.

If you look at popular other options:

You have the dual-zone Ninja Foodi Air Fryer [AF300UK], which will set you back £200, and this has a 7.6L capacity.

The Ninja Foodi MAX 15-in-1 has a 7.5L capacity and costs £250, though this is a multi-cooker with pressure cooking, steaming etc.


I really like the HYSapientia 25L Air Fryer Oven. It is perfect for someone like myself, I can cook multiple items at once, and there is more than enough room per shelf for my huge appetite.

It is much more versatile than a normal drawer-based air fryer.

It does seem slightly slower to cook than other air fryers, I suspect this is because the internal volume is larger and, therefore slower to cook. It also uses more electricity than advertised, but it is still significantly less than either my range cooker or combination microwave/oven.

Pricing seems to be decent, too. There are not many competing options but is generally cheaper than the alternatives.

HYSapientia 25L Air Fryer Oven Review Rating


I really like the HYSapientia 25L Air Fryer Oven. It is a massive multi-layer air fryer that’s perfect for cooking multiple items and feeding a whole family with lower running costs vs a conventional oven.

  • Overall - 85%


  • Shelves allow this to cook significantly more food and different items all in one go (just like a normal oven)
  • It uses around a third less electricity than my oven.


  • Uses more electricity than advertised

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