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I have always loved the idea of smart kitchen tech. Being able to schedule or remote start cooking, so my food is ready for when I get home is very appealing to me.

I have previously reviewed the Proscenic T21 smart air fryer, and I was impressed and still use it today.

Recently Ultenic sent me their K10 Air Fryer to review. I wasn’t aware of the Ultenic brand before this, but their product range looks suspiciously similar to Proscenic.

The Ultenic K10 appears to have an identical design to the new Proscenic T22 smart air fryer. Both units seem to have the same spec, they have the same capacity, power output and similar apps.

I’d be good money that Ultenic T10 Self-Empty Robot Vacuum is the same as the Proscenic M8 PRO.

This is not a bad thing. Many affordable Chinese brands use white label goods and then use the Tuya/Smart Life app to control the devices (even if the app is rebranded).


  • Capacity: 5L
  • Dimensions: 361x271x306mm
  • Power: 1500W
  • Temperature Range: 75-205°C (165-400°F)
  • Noise: 48dB
  • Presets: 11 presets on the device. 100+ recipes to make your favourite dishes via the app.


Ultenic has their own branded app, but this seems to be based on the Tuya/Smart Living app. The app has some poor reviews, but I have not had a problem with it.

Just like most smart home products will need to be connected to a 2.4Ghz WiFi network. Most homes have a single SSID with both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, but you may need to create a unique WiFi name with just 2.4Ghz.

You will need to sign up for an account. One issue I had with this is the poor password control, limiting the characters to 8-12.

You will then need to select your device. Unlike Tuya, the range of options is massively slimmed down, and you have the model names for the Ultenic brand.

The air fryer needs to be switched on, then you hold down the power button for five seconds to put it into pairing mode and follow the instructions.

I had everything up and running within a few minutes.

In Use / Performance

With the air fryer set up, you can control everything via the app. You can manually start the air fryer by selecting the temperate and time. Using the timing button within the app you can set delay the air fryer starting by up to 4 hours.

Under the more recipes option, you have a wide range of recipes that then have heat and times linked to it, allowing you to set the air fryer automatically.

The Ultenic K10 cooking compartment looks like it is quite a bit smaller than the Proscenic T21. The official specification states 5L, while the T21 is 5.5L, so it shouldn’t make that much difference. The T22 is the same size as the Ultenic K10.

The Ultenic K10 appears to be considerably less noisy than my Proscenic T21. I struggled to hear the K10 over the T21, I even had to put my hand on the side of the unit to check if it was running.

The results were excellent, like most air fryers. I am not very exciting when it comes to my mid-week cooking, and it tends to be homemade chips, chicken and veg.

Chips turned out golden and evenly cooked (with a couple of mid-cook shakes). I didn’t have any overdone or underdone chips.

Coated chicken thighs were nice and crispy on the outside while being tender and juicy on the inside.

I also cooked a roast chicken inside the air fryer, again, the chicken skin was nice and crispy, and the meat was nice and moist.

Making healthy Chinese fakeaway, coat beef strips in cornflower and bake them for crispy beef, and this also turned out excellent.

Price and Alternative Options

The Ultenic K10 is currently £119.99 on Amazon, and it is dispatched by Amazon Prime. The Ultenic has only been on Amazon for a couple of months and hasn’t had any significant discounts during this time.

The Proscenic T22 has a higher RRP of £129, but at the time of writing, Prosenic has a Spring sale on, and the T22 Air Fryer has a £40 discount available, taking it down to £89. Looking at Keepa, it has dropped down to around £80 quite frequently.

The older Proscenic T21 is currently £98 but with a £20 voucher available taking it down to £78.


The Ultenic K10 is a superb smart air fryer. I found it easy to use, both via the manual controls and the app. I love the ability to remotely start it or set it to auto-start based on a timer.

It runs surprisingly quiet, too, and the cooking results were excellent.

However, I’d advise checking the current pricing of the Proscenic models. At the time of writing, the Ultenic K10 has a lower RRP but no discount. Both the Proscenic T22 and T21 are heavily discounted.

Ultenic K10 Smart Air Fryer Review Rating


The Ultenic K10 is a superb smart air fryer. I found it easy to use, both via the manual controls and the app. I love the ability to remotely start it or set it to auto-start based on a timer.

  • Features - 90%
  • Performance - 85%
  • Price - 70%


  • Easy to use smart features allowing you to control the air fryer while away from the kitchen
  • Quiet operation
  • Good cooking results


  • Current pricing higher than the identical Proscenic T22

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