Proscenic T21 Smart Air Fryer Review

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Ever since reviewing the Samsung smart washing machine, I have been a little obsessed with the idea of a smart kitchen. I have a busy schedule and find myself spending more time than I would like in the kitchen. All my food is cooked fresh, and I have always found that having to be at home to start the oven for a specific time an extremely annoying. Even leaving my office to boil the kettle feels like a huge waste of time, but a smart kettle fixed that.

For cooking, a smart oven is the dream. These haven’t really gained traction quickly, Bosch were the first brand I was aware that did it in the UK, but these have always been painfully expensive.

However, a smart air fryer is perhaps the perfect compromise, giving me something affordable while having the smart functions needed for remote control.

Air fryers have quickly taken over slow cookers as the trendy kitchen appliance to own. They are a bit of an oddity when you think about it, they are just small convection ovens, yet they produce better results than a fan assisted oven.

The Proscenic T21 is one of the only options on the market offering app control, but is it worth it?


  • Capacity: 5.5L
  • Power: 1700W
  • Temperature range: 77 ° C-205 ° C
  • Voltage: 120V(US) 220-240V(EU&UK)”
  • Dimensions: 31.4 * 31.6 * 32.6 cm
  • Weight: 5.9kg
  • Noise in Decibels (dB): ≤65dB
  • Primary functions: Fry, bake, grill or roast
  • App & Alexa Control
  • App controlled

Build Quality

The overall build quality is on par with other air fryers I have used. I haven’t used any of the premium brands, such as Ninja, and I’d expect them to be a bit better.

The overall build quality is OK, it is all plastic and feels a bit cheap. Like other air fryers, this has a square metal frying basic that can be detached from the main insulating unit allowing you to clean out the build-up of fat from cooking.

App & Smart Control

The main reason why you would buy this is the app and its smart control ability. Thankfully it works well. Setting it up was easy, to the point where I can’t quite remember what I did. The air fryer needs to connect to a 2.4Ghz network, and I think the app auto-detected the fryer, and you just provide the WiFi password

The app interface is quite basic, and the menu options use slightly odd names and almost certainly as a result of poor translation from Chinese.

You have full control over the air fryer, and you can also control it remotely over mobile rather than just on your local network via WiFi. This is particularly important to me as the whole point of me having smart controlled kitchen appliances is so I can start something cooking before I get home.

This includes:

  • Manually setting the time and temperature
  • Using one of the basic resets
  • The insulation button means keep warm, which sets the temp to 77-degrees
  • Warm-up
  • You then have a menu button that provides a list of recipes and gives you the correct temperature and cook times
  • You also have a timer function allowing you to make it start after a predetermined time.

I tested this over both WiFi and mobile data and never experienced any issues.

Cooking Performance

90% of my air fryer cooking is either chips, baked potatoes or roast potatoes. I probably need two air fryers so I can be more adventurous.

However, cooking homemade chips or baked potatoes is always a good benchmark for air fryers, and this performs well. It seems to cook faster and better than my previous dumb air fryer. Chips come out golden on the outside and soft in the middle. Similarly, baked potatoes also have a nice crispy skin without getting too dry in the middle.

Being healthy(ish), we tend to do fakeaways, and this does a good job of making crispy beef strips for Chinese as well as fake KFC.

Price and Alternative Options

The Proscenic T21 is priced at £109 and is available from Amazon.

The only other app-controlled air fryer I am aware of is the COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer has an RRP of £119.99 but is currently £98.99.


The Proscenic T21 is a superb air fryer, it doesn’t come with a significant price premium compared to non-smart air fryers, you are looking at around £20 more than other well-reviewed brands.

There are some caveats with the smart control on air fryers. A lot of the foods I cook in it (chips) are not really good if they are left out in the air for hours. So you will have to factor in this. It is great for a baked potato, though, I hate how long they take to cook, so I love being able to get home, and it is already done for me.

Admittedly I don’t use the app functionality a lot but having that convenience there is well worth it, especially on days when I am out all day and want to be able to have my dinner ready as soon as possible when I get home.

Proscenic T21 Smart Air Fryer Review Rating


The Proscenic T21 is an excellent smart air fryer which offers good cooking performance and the convenience of being able to start and stop it remotely and away from home.

  • Overall - 80%


  • Small price premium vs dumb air fryers
  • Remote management & timer functions
  • Decent quality cook


  • Plasticy build quality

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