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Last week Samsung kindly sent out their latest washing machine for us to review for our blog. While this is not normally the kind of device we would feature on our site it, we do occasionally blog about home appliances and the Samsung WW9000 is quite a bit different than your usual washing machine. This is without a doubt the most technologically advanced washing machine currently available on the market with stand out features such as:

  • 5″ one-touch colour touch screen – allowing you to select and customise your wash as much as you like and with ease.
  • Smart control – The WW9000 is the first machine on the market allowing you to control your wash via your Smartphone.
  • Auto Optimal Wash – 4 sensing technologies detect information about the laundry you’re doing then selects the program with the right water temperature, washing time and spin speeds.
  • Auto dispenser – if you use liquid detergent the washing machine will select the correct amount for each wash for you.

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The first thing we should point out about this machine is the very high price tag of £1,700 which makes it pretty much the most expensive machine on the market apart from a couple of Miele washers. However this is a flagship model, just like top of the range TVs, you pay a premium for the best.

So if the price tag hasn’t scared you off then is this washing machine worth it? From our initial impressions we think it is. We are currently still doing a full test of the machine which we hope to have live next week but so far it has been a fantastic washing machine, the auto detect and auto dispense feature makes doing your wash in the morning far easier, you literally just throw your clothes in and switch it on. The auto dispense feature means you don’t add too much detergent in, whereas in the past we would just add the maximum amount regardless of wash size.

The WW9000 is also extraordinarily quiet, during the washing cycle we can barely tell it is on, and it is only noticeably vibrates on the higher spin cycles. So far all our clothes have come out as clean as you would expect, and they seem surprisingly soft, and most noticeably they all come out nearly dry so they all take very little time to dry on the line.

During our initial usage of the washing machine we have not had chance to play with the Smart Control too much, however we have set up the app which was relatively easy and we find it really useful to have so the washing machine can tell us when a cycle is complete. Time will tell if the actual smart control of the machine will be worth it or not though.

We hope to have a full review of the machine up by the end of next week but if you are interested in buy it now then it is available via Samsung for £1700 and there is currently an offer for a free Galaxy Tab 3 7.0


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