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Three years ago, I reviewed the Nectar memory foam mattress. It is a superb mattress, and one of the main selling points for me was the 365-day trial and a lifetime warranty. Mattresses are an expensive investment, and their comfort is highly subjective, having a 365-day trial ensures you have a mattress that suits your needs.

Since then, Nectar has launched the Hybrid, which introduced micro springs similar to the popular Simba Hybrid. More recently, they have launched a new Premier model, which likely takes aim at the Simba Hybrid Pro.

Nectar Premier vs Nectar Hybrid Mattress

Nectar Premier Mattress Review Layers
Nectar PremierNectar Hybrid
Layer 1Quilted Cooling CoverQuilted Cooling Cover
Layer 2Dynamic Support Layer
with breathable foam
Dynamic Support Layer
with breathable foam
Layer 3Pressure Relieving Memory FoamMicro-Springs Layer
1600 springs
Layer 4Honeycomb micro-zone transition layerPressure Relieving Memory Foam
Layer 5Honeycomb micro-zone support base2-Zone Supportice Base
Layer 6Positioning Base MaterialPositioning Base Material
Memory Foam Depth4cm4cm
Mattress Depth28cm25cm
Trial Period365 Nights365 Nights

You will no doubt want to know why you should buy the Nectar Premier mattress over the regular Hybrid.

These both have the same number of layers, and they both have the class-leading lifetime warranty with a year-long trial.

The Premier is 3cm thicker overall, giving a much more luxurious level of comfort. The Premier also omits the micro springs in favour of honeycomb micro-zoned layers. It lacks springs completely, so this is an all-foam mattress, but it is designed with airflow throughout.

Layers 1 and 2

The first two layers are actually the same, but things are a bit different on the 3rd layer.

These two layers consist of:

  • Quilted Cooling Cover – Custom designed to draw heat away from your body and circulate fresh air with every move you make.
  • Dynamic Support layer – This breathable foam layer enhances air flow, regulating your body temperature and provides excellent support with added bounce.

Layer 3

The Nectar Hybrid has a micro spring layer which consists of 1600 individually encapsulated springs which they claim to provide micro-adjustments for additional comfort and improved breathability.

The Premier uses pressure relieving memory foam here, which they claim to be innovative memory foam that provides comfort and support where your body needs it most.

Layer 4

Layer 4 is where the Hybrid uses its pressure-relieving memory foam.

For the Premier, this has what they call a honeycomb micro-zone transition layer, which claims to offer the micro-adjustments that the micro spring layer did on the Hybrid.

Layer 5

The Hybrid has a 7-zone supportive base. The Premier also has a supportive base, but this is another honeycomb micro-zone layer which should provide superior comfort and breathability.

Layer 6

Finally, both mattresses have the same positioning base material, which your mattress in the correct place, so it doesn’t move on your bed frame.

Nectar Premier Mattress vs Simba Hybrid Pro

Simba Hybrid Pro
Nectar PremierSimba Pro
Layer 1Quilted Cooling Cover500g Hypoallergenic knitted cover
Layer 2Dynamic Support Layer
with breathable foam
Heat regulating
moisture wicking British wool
Layer 3Pressure Relieving Memory FoamOpen-cell foam layer
Layer 4Honeycomb micro-zone transition layerUp to 5,000 25mm conical pocket miQro springs.
Enclosed in a 100% polyester pocket
Layer 5Honeycomb micro-zone support baseHigh definition foam
Layer 6Positioning Base MaterialZoned support base and cover
Memory Foam Depth4cmSimbatex Foam, depth not stated
Mattress Depth28cm28cm
Trial Period365 Nights365 Nights

The Nectar Premier is cheaper than the Simba Hybrid Pro, both for the RRP and sale price. It sits somewhere between the 25cm Hybrid and the 28cm Hybrid Pro for its price.

The Simba Hybrid Pro has 7 layers vs 6 of the Nectar Premier, but they are the same overall depth, so I doubt it makes much difference.

On paper, the Simba Hybrid Pro appears to offer superior cooling, the second layer is British wool, and natural materials offer the best heat regulation. It then has an open foam layer, and the third layer has the pocket springs.

The Nectar has its breathable foam as the second layer, then pressure relieving memory foam for the third base.

The lower layers of the Nectar are all honeycomb, so these should provide superior airflow throughout the whole mattress.

I have both of these mattresses in my house, and if I am honest, I am struggling to decide which I prefer. They are both excellent mattresses.

Delivery & Set Up

As I have reviewed a few mattresses now, I decided it would be more practical for me to ask for a single mattress. My office acts as a spare third bedroom if my family come over, and I only need a single in here.

Delivery went well, it was sent by normal courier, I think it was DPD.

Set up is identical to all these types of mattresses. It is a bed in a box, and the mattress is contained in a vacuum-sealed bag. You need to slice the bag open with the special tool that is included, remove the packaging and wait for the mattress to expand to its normal size.

I experienced no problems with off-gassing / funny smells.

Comfort and Firmness

Nectar Premier Review

I have had the Nectar Premier since the end of July, I have not slept on it every day, but several days per week. I have also had family members use it when they stay over.

So far, I have found it very comfortable, it is relatively firm, but the benefit of memory foam is that it will mould to your body and support your spine and reduce pressure.

I am 6ft 1”(185cm) and 12st 7lbs (79.4kg, 175lbs), and firmness is both subjective and objectively different based on size and weight. Larger people will find this less firm, but it also makes the mattress better suited to a wide range of body types.

My partner has tried it; she is 5ft 5”, and I am too polite to disclose her weight, but she has a medium built and healthy BMI. She has also found the comfort levels good, with a level of firmness a touch above medium.

My younger brother also used the bed one night. He is a similar shape to me and had the same experience as myself and my partner.

With this being a single, I have not slept side to side with my partner, but I have never experienced any issues with memory foam mattresses and sleeping with another person. Motion transfer is always negligible.

Heat Regulation: Is the Nectar Premier hot to sleep in?

With me receiving this in summer, I think it is a little difficult for me to judge how hot this mattress is.

It has been warm the past couple of months, I normally go to bed, and the room temperature is 20°C or over. I am a hot sleeper that is prone to overheating, in this scenario, I sleep either with nothing on top of me or just an empty duvet cover.   

I have not had any problems with the heat of this mattress in comparison to the Nectar Premier I also use. I find that in a warm room, I have fewer heat problems because I don’t sleep with a quilt on, no heat builds up. It is winter when things get annoying; it is normally too cold to sleep without a quilt, I might fall asleep with the quilt on, but then I will overheat, wake up and take it off. I will then fall asleep again with the quilt off, but as my body temperature drops as I sleep, I wake up with chills, and the cycle repeats. 

I will come back to this review during the winter period and update it if I have any problems. But so far, so good; it is at least as good as the Simba Hybrid Pro during the summer months.

Price and Competition

As always with mattress companies, there is always some kind of sale on. At the time of writing, the pricing for the Nectar Premier mattress is:

  • Single:
    • RRP: £999
    • Current Price: £549.45
  • Double
    • RRP: £1249
    • Current Price: £686.95
  • King
    • RRP: £1349
    • Current Price: £741.95
  • Super King
    • RRP: £1459
    • Current Price: £802.45

The normal Nectar Hybrid costs roughly £100 less for each size or 17% more when comparing the king sized mattress.

Simba has the Hybrid Pro, which is also discounted currently is:

  • Single: £689.40
  • Double: £899.40
  • King: £989.40

That makes the Hybrid Pro about 25% to 33% more expensive than the

They then have the Hybrid Luxe, which is even more expensive at:

  • Single: £899.40
  • Double: £1,289.40
  • King: £1,379.40

This takes things up a notch with 10 layers and 31cm thickness and improves the quality of each layer. However, the premium price puts a king size at 85% more than the Nectar and 40% more than the Simba Hybrid Pro.


The Nectar Premier mattress has been excellent during the time I have used it. Comfort levels are good but a touch firmer than the other mattresses I have. This should work with all body types, and the memory foam will mould to your shape as it heats up, so even light people should find it comfortable.

So far, I have had no problems at all with heat regulation and overheating, but I will revisit this review after I have used the mattress during the colder months.

I prefer this mattress to the older Nectar memory foam mattress I had, which is to be expected. In comparison to the Simba Hybrid Pro, I would say it is a little harder to decide. They offer similar comfort levels, but I think I need more time with the Nectar to see how hot it runs with me during the winter. Either way, the Nectar Premier is both cheaper and has a longer warranty, so it is definitely more appealing from a value-for-money perspective.

Nectar Premier Mattress Review Rating


The Nectar Premier mattress has been excellent during the time I have used it. Comfort levels are good but a touch firmer than the other mattresses I have. This should work with all body types, and the memory foam will mould to your shape as it heats up, so even light people should find it comfortable.

  • Overall - 90%

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