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Following on from my previous two Christmas giveaways for the Edifier MP230 and the Tronsmart T7. I am now giving away a TP-Link Kasa KP105 smart plug.

Unlike the other two, I think I actually bought this, and it is unused and still in its wrapping.

I am a big fan of smart plugs, and the TP-Link Kasa ecosystem is my preferred option. With the cost of living out of control, everyone is doing their best to cut back on electricity usage, and these little plugs can make a big difference.

Unfortunately, this model is not the energy monitoring one, it just has a remote control, scheduling and voice control. It is still an excellent plug, though, I have multiple that control my dehumidifier, Dry:Soon heated clothing rack, and I also use one to power everything up/down in my office.

These only cost about a tenner so it is not much of a competition prize, however, they are sold out at a lot of places, due to everyone obsessing about reducing their electricity usage!

TP-Link Kasa KP105 Smart Plug Giveaway

To be clear, this is a review sample, so it has been used. I still have the box, so it is as new.

To enter, please follow me on Twitter (@mighty_gadget) or Instagram (mighty.gadget) and leave a comment below stating your Twitter/Insta handle and why you would like to win the TP-Link Kasa KP105 Smart Plug. You can follow both social accounts, but you don’t have to.

I will announce the winner on the 3nd of January.

I will then aim to post it at some point in the first week of January.

This is for the UK only.

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  1. I’d connect this in the living room to the main entertainment system extension cord that has TV, bluray player, PS4 and Sky box so I can easily turn everything from in one go and not leave on stand-by at night. The main socket is behind the TV stand so a pain to get to and turn off.
    Twitter – @PunjabAlchemist

  2. Hi James
    Hope to win as I don’t have a smart plug and would like to try it out on some devices before jumping in and buying a set.
    Have a good New Year when it comes
    Alan, alan_ramsden on insta

  3. Hi James,

    I would like to connect my electric heater to turn on when I have excess solar energy and home needs so heat. It’s an experiment to put solar energy into heating rather than export excess solar back to grid for no real value.

  4. I’d use the timer so that the lights are on as I come home rather than come home to a dark house. @clairewoods32

  5. @shirleylumley1
    Oh this looks good, I think it would be great, not only to try and cut the cost , but perfect for when my Grandchildren stay
    Thanks for the chance

  6. I’d love to win this as me and my husband work from home. We also have 2 children. Our contract ends with our energy supplier in Feb so we’d love to know where we could save on our energy. @neenee1821

  7. would love to give this plug a go, sounds very useful for all sorts of things in the house, lamps, televisions, radios etc, thanks and Happy New Year!

    1. @joodeeinsta! would love to give this plug a go, sounds very useful for all sorts of things in the house, lamps, televisions, radios etc, thanks and Happy New Year!

  8. @nickywaterworth (twitter) I would use this in the kids room, as they have an inability to turn off anything electrical

  9. I’d love a smart plug so I could switch my TV etc off on a night time. The power plug is behing the TV and very hard to get to. @IBSEY

  10. @hollowayanthea (Instagram) @antheajholloway (Twitter)
    I would love to win so that I could control the lights in our house more easily.

  11. Smart plugs are so useful and I could do with another one
    purplecatlover2.5 on insta
    Purplecatlover on Twitter

  12. @thebouncyfrog

    I’d love to win cos I am severely disabled and discovered how revolutionary they were for my independence….now I can’t get enough of them! Unfortunately the one I use most has just packed up so this would be ideal timing as a replacement

  13. I’ve been looking at these for a while, would love one for my daughters lamp, if she forgets to turn it off I often disturb her sleep when I go in her room to turn it off.

    Instagram: @robyn297

  14. This would be great for controlling lights, to help save money on electricity!

    Followed on Insta – beth_captures

  15. both my grown-up sons live with me, and neither will turn lights off and are notorious for leaving their computers running all night

  16. To be able to turn off that quite inaccessible plug…I’m not getting any younger and the back and knees are going! Twitter @TheOriginalCath

  17. It would be handy to switch my lights on when coming through my stiff, old front door laden with shopping bags.


  18. This will be great for when I’m working from home to control lighting while i work
    twitter @angiejackson819

  19. Great prize! This device would give me full control over my energy outgoings! My insta handle: JohnGPick

  20. I would love this as our Alexa isn’t linked to anything and I saw what it can do at my neighbours the other day.

    Twitter – @SarahSangan875

  21. Awesome prize ???? thanks for the chance to win the prize ???? ???? ???? @_angel2020_fantasia Instagram account

  22. @remcmillan (twitter) @remcmillan1204 (Instagram)
    Would love to win to make sure appliances are turned off and save energy

  23. I’d love to try out this useful gadget, thanks for the chance to win! I’m following on twitter @nataliegillham and Instagram @twiddle.dee

  24. Twitter handle @craighindle84

    I would like to win the TP-Link Kasa KP105 Smart Plug to make turning off electronics easier.

  25. Twitter handle @chrishindle52

    would like to win the TP-Link Kasa KP105 Smart Plug as it would make managing my tv and lamps easier to turn on and off by saving bending.

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