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I reviewed the JamesDonkey RS4 back in June of this year, I was impressed with it, and it can easily compete with the popular range of Keychron keyboards. I later reviewed the JamesDonkey RS2, and it is the keyboard I have used daily since then, so they are a brand that I personally like.

James Donkey RS4 Summary

James Donkey RS4 Review

This is an 87-key tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that has a multimedia knob on the left edge of the keyboard.

The keys are RGB backlit, and they use the Gateron Pro Yellow 2.0 switches. These are super smooth linear switches that come factory lubed for soft acoustics. I traditionally preferred clicky keys, but I switched to the RS2 because I found that linear keys are faster and easier to type with, which improved my productivity.

In my review, I accidentally listed it as a hot-swappable design, but it appears I was wrong (the RS2 is).

There are three methods of connection, Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, USB Type-C wired connections. When used with a wireless connection, there is a 4000mAh battery, but they don’t list the battery life.

You can buy it from Mech Keys, and it will cost you $86.99, including shipping, which is quite a bit cheaper than when I reviewed it. Alternatively, you can try and win it for free below!

James Donkey RS4 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Giveaway

To be clear, this is a review sample, so it has been used. I still have the box, so it is as new.

To enter, please follow me on Twitter (@mighty_gadget) or Instagram (mighty.gadget) and leave a comment below stating your Twitter/Insta handle and why you would like to win the James Donkey RS4. You can follow both social accounts, but you don’t have to.

I will announce the winner on the 5th of January.

I will then aim to post it out within a week of the winner providing me with the contact details.

This is for the UK only.

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  1. I would gift this to my partner who spent at least 2 days this Christmas break searching online for a ‘perfect’ mechanical keyboard. @jo_alex

  2. @kristynHarris
    I would love to win the James Donkey RS4! It looks cool and I’ve love to replace my old, worn-out keyboard!

  3. @barbarajane22. Insta
    @barbarajaneuk Twitter

    My foster son is into gaming and has a pc plus other devices. He would love this

  4. Hey James, would love to win this keyboard, I’m currently an unproductive uni student who has never had a mechanical keyboard before, maybe if I were to have one it would solve all my problems and improve my productivity? 🙂 Enjoyed reading some of your other reviews of gadgets, keep up the good work. My insta handle is @roshxnp03

  5. I often work in the living room connecting my laptop up to the main TV via HDMI but am limited by it’s length. This keyboard would allow me to sit on the sofa with just the wireless keyboard in my lap typing away.
    T: @PunjabAlchemist

  6. @BartekSoltys on Twitter

    I have a pretty old wired keyboard and would love to finally get it replaced and this keyboard looks absolutely amazing 🙂

  7. I’d love to win this for my boyfriend as he loves gaming and works hard so I’d like to give him something to cheer him up @leyansidne

  8. My twitter account is @sparkles07 I would love to win as my daughter has started gaming on my old computer so I’m going to try and build it into a gaming PC over the next year.

  9. @eileen666. I would give this to my son who is a gaming fanatic and I’m sure this ‘Great Keyboard’ would help him enormously in his gaming.
    Thank you for the chance.

  10. I’d love to win as it’s a pain in the bum having the wire on the keyboard for my PC constantly pulling and catching on things! @magentawillow on Twitter

  11. I’ve just moved house and work from home, so a new keyboard would be great for my new setup. Followed you on Twitter and Instagram – mattfletcher07 ????

  12. My daughter would love to win a James Donkey RS4 keyboard because some keys on her keyboard are broken. It would mean the world to her to get an upgrade, and would make streaming so much easier!
    Followed you on Insta & Twitter
    @artlover.ab, thanks for the chance, fab giveaway ????❤️

  13. I’ve got problems with my laptop keyboard at the moment – I’d need to use it with wireless keyboard for comfortable use

  14. @_angel2020_fantasia Instagram awesome keyboard ????.. I need a new one as mine is broken… ???? ???? ????

  15. Would love to gift to my husband as he’s always complaining about too many wires in his man cave! Twitter handle @AShonfeld

  16. My son needs a new keyboard, after breaking his last one!!! @stuartdunlop1 on Twitter – dunlopstuart on instagram

  17. I would absolutely love to win this keyboard. It would be a welcome replacement for my old crumb filled one!
    @e4b4x on Twitter
    @e4b4 on Twitter

  18. I would love to win this fabulous keyboard, to replace my old one, which is not working at its best. @Quackerjill on Twitter

  19. twitter: @kirstycharlesto Id love to win for my partner who really needs a new keyboard and loves mechanical

  20. would love this to go with a pc we’ve bought our foster son as he’s really into his gaming as it helps him relax

  21. I would like to win the James Donkey RS4 so I can use it with my Samsung tv and not have light as high to type on web Browser and when searching apps

  22. I would like to win the James Donkey RS4 because, I could use it with my Samsung tablet to make typing easier being elder.

  23. Following on Twitter as @jodihill01
    My son would love this keyboard for his new gaming set up!
    Looks awesome:)

  24. I would love to win for my son who is a gamer. He is currently using an old keyboard and would love this so much. Being at University he often can’t replace his gaming kit. Many thanks … @Michieptak on Twitter.

  25. @rozsarg @rozsarg I would like to win to give to my gaming son who asked for one for christmas but I could not afford one this is perfect to gift to my son thank you for the chance and Happy new year

  26. I’m Butterflytails on twitter. My 40 year old son now works from his home, he’s a gamer too so his office is full of ‘stuff’ including 4 screens and 3 keyboards. It’s confusing. A proper spaghetti of cables. A wireless keyboard would be a great help to him.

  27. @louisedanniixx twitter and insta
    I would love to win this for my nephew. He would be over the moon with this

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