Edifier MP230 Retro Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review 3

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In an attempt to give myself a little break from posting for the next few days, I am giving away some old review samples.

The first giveaway is for the Edifier MP230 retro design portable Bluetooth speaker.

The Edifier MP230 is probably the most attractive Bluetooth speaker I have ever reviewed, though the Marshall Emberton II is a close second.


  • Total Output Power: 10W+10W(RMS)
  • Frequency Response: 70Hz-13kHz
  • SNR: ≥80dB(A)
  • Audio Input: Bluetooth /TF card / AUX / USB-C port
  • Battery Capacity: 2500mAh / 10 hours
  • Dimensions: 162×84.5×96.5mm
  • Weight: 0.85kg

Edifier MP230 Summary

This is a small Bluetooth speaker that is designed for indoor use as it lacks an IP rating. You can, of course, take it outdoors, just don’t throw water over it.

It is an excellent speaker considering its size and price, but due to it being quite small, it is best suited to listening at moderate volumes. Don’t expect room-filling sounds in a massive room or to have a party with it.

I’d say the sound performance is on a similar level as the more expensive Marshall Emberton II. So it is good value for money, just not as durable as the Marshall.

Battery life is good enough at 10-hours, and it charges from USB-C, so you can always power it via a powerbank.

This currently sells for £99.99 on Amazon, and I think it is well worth the money. Or you can enter my competition and try and win it for free!

Edifier MP230 Giveaway

To be clear, this is a review sample, so it has been used. I still have the box, so it is as new.

To enter, please follow me on Twitter (@mighty_gadget) or Instagram (mighty.gadget) and leave a comment below stating your Twitter/Insta handle and why you would like to win the Edifier MP230. You can follow both social accounts, but you don’t have to.

I will announce the winner on New Year’s Day at some point, depending on my hangover.

I will then aim to post it at some point in the first week of January.

This is for the UK only.

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  1. This would be great to stream music from my phone to a proper speaker while cooking in the kitchen. The sound is somewhat lost from my phone with the hob extractor fan whirring away.

  2. twitter/@PaulTuc96996321 I would like to win as my phone is broke and I can’t plug in any speakers. As this works on batteries I can listen to music outside.

  3. We always have music on in the house, which is through our computer and is very tinny, this would be amazing to hear the quality again @AdrianCrook1970

  4. This would be great for feeding Frank Zappa music into whatever room I’m in
    Stewart @romileygrandad on Twitter

  5. I would love to win, the Edifier retro style would look great in the snug while I sit in my chair warming my feet next to the roaring fire listening to some chilled out tunes. @LuckyGonk

  6. Twitter – @poppybish
    Insta – @poppylishe
    I’d love this portable speaker to take on my travels in our new motorhome .. we’re touring Europe in the summer so this would be fab ????????
    Followed on both !

  7. Twitter @poppybish
    Insta @poppylishe
    I’d love this speaker to take on my travels .. we’ve just bought a motorhome & would love to enjoy music on our European summer tour ????????
    Followed on both !

  8. I’ve had a little JBL Bluetooth for years, but it’s on its way out now. I love the retro look of this one, and if it sounds as decent as a Marshall, it will be an excellent work accompaniment. I can’t write without music!

  9. I’d really like to win so that when I’m doing mini woodwork projects in the shed, I can have it with me and use the music to help with concentration.

    Insta – @25darbyjames

  10. @efraoich I love the styling of it, so much nicer than all the black and white ones you see around and would fit my style much better

  11. This would be lovely to listen to the radio in my living room in-between my jobs with a nice cup of tea. It’s a stunning speaker to have on the sideboard.
    Twitter @Bevsta1979

  12. @catzewisher This would be perfect for our kitchen, where I spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning. It would be great to have some good music to sing along to at the same time! Fingers crossed ????

  13. Music is my passion and I love to listen to it wherever I go so this would be perfect for weekend breaks, holidays, camping and for around the home too, good luck everyone

  14. I absolutely love this. I can often be found crafting and I love listening to music to keep me company while I crochet. Would be perfect for me, I wouldn’t want anything too big.

    I have followed on instagram @robynhappygolucky

  15. Would be great to be able to move the speaker from room to room eg when cooking – I only have a wired speaker right now.
    Instagram Mackem252
    Twitter Hopeinthedark99

  16. Great prize. Brother’s birthday coming up in February so this would make a brilliant gift. Much appreciated ⭐ Twitter: @derektwilson

  17. Would be great to take to work, we are using the works phone atm which only picks up or two radio stations (and sometimes none!). 🙂 Twitter – LaziestSnorlax

  18. It would be great to win this for my bedroom.. I like my music, and waking up on my first free day after doing nightshifts, abit of music perks me up.
    @dacerace (twitter)
    @davehiggins67 (Instagram)

  19. twitter @rai_louise

    Because I just miss listening to music blasting out of speakers, sitting in the middle of it. Rather than listening via my phone or headphones. I spent so many years sat in a room surrounded by music, and it’s that, that I miss most (rather than the physical record player or cd player).

  20. For the first time in 30 years (previously foster carers) we have our home to ourselves and have decided to do a large room up as a ‘retro style’ games room – where we can relax, play games and listen to music. We have just built our own ‘Space Invaders’ machine and got a ‘retro looking’ record player but we really would love this as it would be enough for us and our room and would look great! Being able to take it to other rooms in the house is a real bonus – thanks for the chance – Happy New Year
    Twitter and Instagram – tabbaz123

  21. @ChristineJWB – What an elegant looking speaker, I’d love to win this and give it pride of place in my home. A beautiful way to listen my favourite music.

  22. @rozsarg I would love to win because the speaker can move to were ever or what ever room I would like to listen to my favourite music its an amazing gadget and thank you for this amazing chance to win it Happy new year to you and may 2023 be a prosperous one

  23. I already follow you on twitter (@avenged7souls) and have followed you on Instagram too (@Charmian_Filewood)
    I really love my music as its helped me through both hard and good times so I love anything that allows me to listen throughout the house. Happy New Year ???? ????

  24. This would be nice for the kitchen, or for when I can get out in the garden.

    Twitter – @ClaireHamil1234
    Instagram – @clairehamiltonch1

  25. It’s super stylish and a great portable size which means it’s perfect for having in my office whilst I’m working, moving to the bedroom when I’m ironing, and having in the kitchen whilst I’m cooking.

  26. @Lenwells67Lenny

    Love the retro feel and vibe of some new gadgets, and this would fit in well with my retro life I’m living at the moment

  27. We could do with this at our HDU work desk, the one we have is always distorted. We work in critical care and the nurses appreciate the low music in the background, it reduces the stress levels.

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