Amazon launch Fire TV Blaster – Fire TV Cube functionality for older devices

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The stand out feature of the Fire TV Cube is the ability to control you AV equipment using voice commands.

With the new Fire TV Blaster, you can combine and existing Fire TV Stick plus Echo and gain full voice control over your gear.

The Fire TV Blaster is a small IR blaster that works in unison with your existing hardware and costs just £34.99.

When you pair an Echo with a Fire TV device, you can say things like “Alexa, play Stranger Things” or “Alexa, fast forward 20 minutes”. By adding Fire TV Blaster to their set up, customers can extend voice control to their compatible TV, soundbar, and A/V receiver. Now you can power on or off your TV, change the volume, or switch input, just by asking: 

  • “Alexa, turn off the TV”
  • “Alexa, turn up the soundbar volume”
  • “Alexa, switch to HDMI 2”

Furthermore, if you don't need the extra processing power the Fire TV Cube offers then you can buy an of Fire TV Stick 4K, Echo Dot (3rd Gen) and Fire TV Blaster for just £86.98 instead of £134.97– a saving of £47.99 against the recommended retail price and being over £20 cheaper than the Fire TV Cube.

The Fire TV Blaster will start shipping on 11th December.

Fire TV Blaster | Add Alexa voice controls for power and...
  • Requires Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote,...
  • ‘Alexa, turn on the TV.’ — Fire TV Blaster...
  • ‘Alexa, turn up volume on soundbar.’ — Turn...
  • Alexa, switch to HDMI1.' — Get to your content...

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