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The PerfectDraft beer machine was hugely successful during lockdowns, with everyone desperately trying to have a little normalcy in their lives with a pub-like pint during an incredibly difficult time.

They have remained a popular gadget, but interest in them has waned. I know most of my friends have stopped using them on the regular and only get them out for special occasions.

To try and reinvigorate some interest in buying the beer kegs, Philips/BeerHawk have refreshed the beer machine with a new Pro model.

The new PerfectDraft Pro is a sensible upgrade, adding in a lot of the features you likely wished for if you had used the original machine. First and foremost is the ability to control the temperature, including taking it all the way down to 0°C.

PerfectDraft has always been the best beer machine for home users, but now with this variable temperature, they have pulled away from the competition further.

Sadly, increasing beer prices mean that many existing users are still losing interest in the system.

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Philips / BeerHawk PerfectDraft Pro vs Original PerfectDraft

PerfectDraft Pro Review 4
PerfectDraft ProPerfectDraft
Beer Keg Size6-litre kegs6-litre kegs
How long does the beer last?30 days beer freshness30 days beer freshness
Volume IndicatorYesYes
DimensionsH: 44.5cm, W: 29.4cm, D: 40.1cmH: 37.6cm, W: 26cm, D: 34.6cm
Cooling TemperaturesTemperature control (0°C - 12°C)Serves at 3 degrees
Cooling Time10-hour cooling12-hour cooling
Temperature StablityStable performance in temperatures up to 38°CStable performance in temperatures up to 31°C
PouringSmart Pour technologyStandard
ConnectivityConnected app experienceNo

PerfectDraft Pro vs Blade vs Sub

PerfectDraft ProPerfectDraftBladeSub
Capacity6L6L 8L2L
0-12 degrees.
3°C2°C2 °C
Cooling Speed10 hours12 hours from room tempFaster than PerfectDraft*10 to 16 hours
Beer kept fresh for30 days30 days30 days15 days
CO2 canistersNot requiredNot requiredNot requiredNot required
DimensionsH: 44.5cm, W: 29.4cm, D: 40.1cmH: 37.6cm, W: 26cm, D: 34.6cm590H x 290W x 471D mm452.5 x 190 x 383.3 mm
Weight 17.6 kg4.45 kg
Ease of useVery Easy
With superior pouring
Very EasyVery EasyVery Easy
Range of Beer75 listed
32 in stock
75 listed
32 in stock
Cheapest Keg
Beer/Larger that’s not low alcohol
£26 (with keg return)
Price per 500ml£2.83
£2.17 when using beer tokens
Price of machine£385
£300 with 1 keg & 2 glasses
£250 RRP
£280 starter bundle with 1 keg & 2 glasses
£179 with discount (no beer included)
£475 with 2x8L kegs£125
Energy consumption70 Watt?
Max draw is 117W
Energy efficient modes
70 Watt70 WattA+

Increasing Price of Beer

One of the big issues that have arisen with Beer Hawk and PerfectDraft is the rising cost of beer. The beer was always expensive, but Beer Hawk has been increasing the price at regular intervals and reducing the offers available. The most recent price rise added around £2 to most kegs.

Reddit users seem displeased, and I have seen a lot of negative comments on HotUKDeals as well.

Beers like Stella have been popular because the PerfectDraft kegs used the Belgium-brewed beer, rather than the UK-brewed variants. I certainly wouldn’t drink Stella out of a can, but it is nice on the PerfectDraft. However, you have a wider variety from the supermarket, the beer is cheaper, and you do have the cost of buying a machine or running it.

A quick look at Tesco shows I can get Krombacher Pils or Paulaner Munich Hell at £2.20 a bottle or 3 for £5. That’s £1.67 per 500ml vs £2.40 for Becks, the cheapest full-strength beer for the PerfectDraft (and that’s factoring in the refund from a keg).

App Control

The PerfectDraft Pro now has WiFi and can be controlled via an app. However, on the front of the machine is two buttons for temperature control. Once I realised this, I found that I rarely use the app.

There are a few benefits to it, though. If you want to make the most of the variable temperature, the app can give you advice on the best temperature each one of the beers should be set to. I have Spaten at the moment, and this is supposed to be 3°C. If I switch it to Leffe, it recommends 7°C.

If you use this machine on the regular, you can switch it from standard mode to either power saving or cooling schedule. This will allow the machine to use much less electricity when not in use. It is not something I have used much, I have mainly used it on the run-up to Christmas and am not too fussed about a little extra spending on electricity during the Christmas period (I am still on a fixed contract from last year, so I can be frivolous like this).

Alternatively, if you are more of a casual drinker and take your time drinking a keg, you can set the date you put the keg in, and it will keep you updated on how long the beer will last before it is no longer fresh.

Glitchy Behaviour – No volume, incorrect temperature etc

Dissapointly I have found the machine can be quite glitchy. The first keg I installed refused to show the volume level of the beer. It also seemed to be quite confused by the temperature. I had to switch the machine off multiple times before it would settle on a temperature.

After it was switched off for a while, when I installed a new keg and switched it on, it struggled to connect to WiFi. Again, requiring me to switch it off and on again.

None of these are major problems, but it isn’t the experience I expected for a premium device.

Power Usage

It is just as well they have the new power-saving modes within the app because this uses quite a lot of electricity. With my beer machine set to 1°C it was pulling 117W consistently when I watched it, but during a 5-hour period, it pulled 0.3kW. This uses more electricity than my refrigerator does. This is likely a combination of the Peltier cooling being less efficient than a compressor and the insulation being inferior to a normal fridge.

Switching to power saving mode, it immediately dropped down to 4.7W, and I assume it will remain at this temperature until the warmer target temperature hits.

Extra Cold Beer

PerfectDraft Pro Review 2

Call me a heathen, but I like my beer cold, regardless of what it is. I find that 1°C or 2°C is significantly better than the standard 3°C, and this is the main selling point of the PerfectDraft Pro.

Even though you get warned that the head may be reduced at below 3°C, I haven’t had too much of an issue with it and have enjoyed all the beer that has come out of it so far.

Of course, it also works the other way too, you should drink things like IPA a bit warmer than the standard 3°C and you now have an option to adjust this.

The beer tap has also been redesigned with something called Smart Pour. I am not sure how much of a difference this makes, I do normally get a frothy head on the first pour, but everything is good after that. As I have my beer colder, it naturally has a smaller head. It does seem marginally better than the original, though, I only had limited experience with it, but I’d often pour a beer with a big head when using my friends.


I have mixed feelings towards the PerfectDraft Pro, personally.

My original opinion that the beer is overpriced has not changed, and it is certainly too expensive for me to justify using it regularly. The rising cost of beer has made it less appealing over time, and I have noticed a lot of users ditching PerfectDraft because of this.

I have also found that the beer machine is a bit glitchy. While this hasn’t been a huge problem for me, it is not what I expect from a premium piece of equipment.

However, for parties and special occasions, I have enjoyed using it. The new lower temperatures make this much more appealing to me than the original. It is also by far the best beer machine out there. The Blade is a tempting alternative as the beer is cheaper, but the machine costs a lot more, which makes it hard to recommend for home buyers (unless you drink a lot). Overall, if you are going to get a beer machine, then this is the only option I’d choose.

Philips / BeerHawk PerfectDraft Pro Review Rating


The PerfectDraft Pro is the best option on the market for any home user wanting a beer machine. But the rising cost of beer makes it less appealing than it once was.

  • Overall - 75%


  • Best beer machine on the market
  • Only beer machine with variable temperatures
  • Wide range of beers vs competing brands


  • Cost of beer / Regular price rises
  • Running cost of the machine
  • Minor glitches with the machine

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