PerfectDraft Pro vs Original PerfectDraft Draft Beer

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The PerfectDraft draft beer machine became insanely popular during lockdowns as many of us tried to alleviate the depression and have some normality in such a terrible situation.

I previously reviewed the affordable Beerwulf Krups The SUB Compact back in 2019, and I enjoyed the experience, but the larger capacity of the PerfectDraft machine seems to have made it the option that most buyers want.

Last month PerfectDraft announced the PerfectDraft Pro, and it has some significant upgrades that will appeal to any passionate beer drinkers, but it comes at a significantly higher price.

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Philips PerfectDraft Pro vs Original PerfectDraft Features

PerfectDraft ProPerfectDraft
Beer Keg Size6-litre kegs6-litre kegs
How long does the beer last?30 days beer freshness30 days beer freshness
Volume IndicatorYesYes
DimensionsH: 44.5cm, W: 29.4cm, D: 40.1cmH: 37.6cm, W: 26cm, D: 34.6cm
Cooling TemperaturesTemperature control (0°C - 12°C)Serves at 3 degrees
Cooling Time10-hour cooling12-hour cooling
Temperature StablityStable performance in temperatures up to 38°CStable performance in temperatures up to 31°C
PouringSmart Pour technologyStandard
ConnectivityConnected app experienceNo

App Compatible with variable temperatures from 0°C to 12°C

As a tech reviewer, I am used to the trend of things getting WiFi and app compatibility. It can sometimes feel like these features are implemented just for the sake of it, and this is what I first thought when I saw you could connect your new PerfectDraft Pro to your phone.

However, the app is required for one of the key upgrades that the PerfectDraft Pro has, variable temperatures.

The old machine cooled to 3°C, but the new machine has ranges from 0°C to 12°C. While 3°C is classed as the ideal temperature for most beer, I typically like a lot of beer quite cold, especially lager. Being able to set the temperature to 2°C would be perfect for me. The app also informs you of the ideal temperature for the specific beer you are drinking.

This also opens up the possibility of more traditional ales being served. At the moment, it is mostly lager Belgium beers and the popular American style IPAs and Pale Ales.

The app will also let you know the number of days left for your beer and the volume left.

Improved Cooling Times & Stays Cool in Hot Weather

One big problem with all the beer machines is how long it takes to cool a keg. It is not so bad if it is just one or two people having a couple of pints, but as soon as you have a group of people, the 6L kegs get finished quickly.

The solution to this is pre-chill kegs, and many people put them in the freezer, but the official line from these companies is not to use a freezer.

The new machine can cool down a room temperature keg 2 hours faster, which 16.6% quicker. It might not make a huge difference if you have a large group of people drinking, but every little helps.

Perhaps, more importantly, is the ability to stay cool at higher temperatures. It will now stay cool in heat up to 38°C vs 31°C. I have been to a few BBQs where we have the machines set up outside; while it is rare for the temperature to go as high as 38°C in the UK, it does surpass 31°C occasionally (once or twice a year up North).

Smart Pour Technology

perfectdraft smart pour

I don’t personally own the original PerfectDraft, so I am ashamed to say whenever I use my friends, I inevitably end up with a massive head because I am impatient and don’t get the angle correct.

The new PerfectDraft Pro has a Smart Pour technology which claims to give you the perfect pour every single time. I have to admit I am not entirely sure what the difference is or how that works. The design appears to have a shorter stem and possible a different angle. I’d need to try it to see if these claims are true!

PerfectDraft Pro vs Original PerfectDraft Price

Use PD70 to get £70 off bundles, including 2 glasses and a keg

Now for the bad news, there is inevitably a big difference in price.

The original Philips PerfectDraft has an RRP of £249. The new PerfectDraft Pro is £385, so an extra £136 or 54% more.

The original PerfectDraft also has some good bundle offers. At the time of writing, most of the bundles are a bit over £280 and there is a £70 off code using PD70.

This means you can get the original PerfectDraft with a keg of Goose Island and two glasses for just £214.90.

I am sure the PerfectDraft Pro will get some good bundle offers eventually, but I doubt this will be at the start.

Cost of Beer

Both PerfectDraft machines use the same kegs, so the cost of beer is the same. However, the cost of beer from all these beer machines is something that causes much debate online. It costs a lot more than bottles or cans from the shop, but it’s cheaper than the pub.

The argument for these machines is that the experience is better than a bottle or can and just like getting a good quality draught pint from the pub.

For some beers (such as Stella) the beer is brewed in the original country, not using some licenced brewer in the UK. Everyone I know says the Stella from the PD machine tastes amazing, whereas cans and pub Stella is poor.

Factoring in the £5 beer tokens, you get when you return a keg, example prices per pint include:

  • Stella Artois: £2.70
  • Stella Artois Unfiltered: £3.05
  • Vacation Life and Death: £3.69
  • Tiny Rebel Cali Pale: £3.39

Out of laziness, I have calculated it as 10 pints per keg, it is technically 10.56, but I assume wastage. I didn’t bother with supermarket comparisons because the sizing is either 330ml, 440ml, 500ml or 660ml, depending on what bottle/can you buy.

Use PD70 to get £70 off bundles, including 2 glasses and a keg

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  1. Once you get your PerfectDraft Pro and free keg, good luck finding additional kegs in the US. Will the prior PerfectDraft Machine kegs work on the PerfectDraft Pro? Can’t use app to order, website ordering doesn’t work, no customer service line to call….Any suggestions? Really want this to work out after dropping $400+ US on the Pro.

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