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The internet’s not as safe as you might think that it is. Cybercriminals target internet users on a daily basis, stealing their personal and financial information. The reason that cybercriminals steal people’s information is so that they can sell it on the dark web or so that they can make fraudulent purchases in other people’s names. The best way to counter internet fraud is to use a browser that’s secure.

There are lots of different browsers that claim to be the most secure browser on the internet. This post will explore eight of them:

VPN Usage

If you are concerned about your privacy, then it’s a good idea to use a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network. The use of VPNs in addition to secure browsers can help to safeguard your personal information and mask your location and IP address. In addition to protecting you from fraud, the use of a VPN can also make it possible for you to access region-restricted content and bypass age restrictions. If you intend on using a VPN, then find one that offers a variety of international servers and fast running speeds. Make sure that you also read a VPN’s reviews before committing to using it.

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1.    Epic

Epic is a very popular browser, that is extremely secure when compared to other browsers. Epic blocks cookies, data-tracking analytic systems, and ads. The browser can also be configured so that you can adjust its security settings to your liking. Epic doesn’t force spell-check or auto-fill features on its users, which means that it doesn’t save its user’s data. With that said, it is possible to turn both of these things on, should you think that it’s necessary to do so. The Epic browser is one that’s worth considering if you take your security very seriously and don’t want to fall victim to cybercriminals. Epic is by far the best browser for 2022. 

2.    Firefox

Firefox is one of the internet’s oldest and most trusted browsers, because not only is it easy to use, but it is also very secure. When compared to IE or Edge, Firefox is extremely safe. You can make using Firefox a lot safer by using a VPN in conjunction with it. If you are planning on using Firefox, then make sure that you exercise common sense when you are browsing the web. Despite Firefox’s robust security, it is still possible to pick up viruses if you browse dangerous websites. Firefox is inarguably one of the internet’s most secured browsers. 

3.    Brave

Brave is an extremely secure browser that you might not have heard of before. A lot of people haven’t. Brave browser comes pre-configured, offering robust security features. The browser can also be customized, which you can do by adding Chrome security add-ons. Brave also gives its users the option to select private browsing, which opens up a separate browser window, where all of your internet activity will be immediately erased as soon as you close the tab. The ability to erase all of your internet activity is great if you don’t want people monitoring or tracking you.

4.    Tor

Tor is a very famous browser, mainly because it first became popular because of the ‘dark web.’ Users of illegal dark web websites used Tor to access them. The reason for this was because Tor was a very secure browser, that protected its user’s identity. However, simply by virtue of offering protection for criminal activity, it’s clear to see that Tor can also confer protection onto people that are just using the internet normally and aren’t committing criminal acts. If Tor can prevent law enforcement organizations from tracking people, it can prevent hackers and cybercriminals from being able to monitor you.

5.    Waterfox

Waterfox is an alternative to Firefox. It was made using Firefox’s open-source code. Waterfox was originally designed to take advantage of Windows’ 64-bit computers. At the time that it was created, Firefox was only available at 32-bit. Firefox is very secure, but many would argue that Waterfox is even more so. The reason for this is that Waterfox offers tracking protection and removes Firefox features that reduce internet privacy, such as data collection. It is also possible to completely erase one’s online data on Waterfox, without having to use add-ons.

6.    Freenet

Freenet is another popular and very secure platform. The browser is used by a lot of people to bypass government restrictions and censorship, because it is based on a decentralized network, and everything one does on the browser is encrypted. If you are interested in Freenet, then you will be pleased to know that in addition to the browser’s inherent security, you can also download software for it, which further enhances confidentiality. There is also content that’s only accessible to Freenet users, as is also the case with the Tor browser. You can use Freenet for everything, from anonymous web browsing to file sharing.

7.    Safari

Safari is Apple’s native browser. A lot of people find it hard to use, but in terms of actual security, it is very robust. Apple computers are considered to be very difficult to hack. Apple devices themselves are seldom hijacked. If you have an Apple device, then you can use Safari. It’s still possible to use Safari when you don’t have an Apple device, although it can be very complex and involves a lot of fine-tuning and software downloading. Safari is a good browser nonetheless, and if you have a device that supports it, then it’s worth considering.

8.    Edge

Microsoft browsers have a bad reputation with internet users. This is because Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s first browser, was notoriously susceptible to viruses and very easy to crack. Microsoft has significantly improved Edge, making it a lot safer. While it’s nowhere near as safe as any of the other browsers that have been put forward in this post, if it is already downloaded on your device when you buy it, then it can’t hurt to use it. If you are going to use Edge, then make sure that you download and use a VPN.

If you are a regular internet user, then you need to make sure that you are using a browser that’s secure and resistant to viruses. Your browser is your first barrier of defense against cybercriminals. In addition to using a secure browser and a VPN, consider investing in anti-malware software and a firewall.

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