Zhiyun Molus G60 COB LED Video Light Review vs X100

My first experience with Zhiyun LED photography lighting was with the excellent Fiveray M40. More recently, I reviewed the pro-orientated Molus X100, which I love. It is ultra-bright, small considering the power, and the battery pack makes it incredibly convenient to use.

The Zhiyun Molus G60 is a more affordable alternative to the Molus X100 with a lower 60W power output and no optional battery pack. It is undeniably a great light, but the Molus X100 outshines it, so to speak.

Like my other reviews, I should warn I am not a professional photographer, I am not even a good amateur photographer, but I do have to take product photos, and I appreciate the importance of good lighting.

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  • Output Power: 60W
  • Cooling Method: Active Cooling
  • Power Adapter Operation Voltage: AC100V~240V(50/60HZ)
  • Operation Voltage: DC 24V,PD ≥9V
  • PD Input Power: ≥18W
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K~6500K
  • Brightness Adjustment Range: 0~100%
  • CRI (RA): ≥96
  • TLCI: ≥97
  • Illuminance In 6500K/100% Brightness (1 meter):
    • 2376 Lux
    • 25℃ temperature, indoor illuminance lower than 0.1lux,1m test distance
  • APP Control Method: Bluetooth
  • Power Supply Method: PD adapter, power adapter
  • Operation Temperature: -10℃~40℃
  • Product Size: 90.6X67X66.95mm(W*D*H)
  • Net Weight: 300g
  • Extension: 1/4 General Threaded Hole

Molus G60 vs Molus X100 Vs Fiveray M40

Zhiyun Molus G60 vs Molus X100

Most of my content is geared towards normal consumers rather than the professional market, and being a tight-fisted northerner, I can be quite picky about the cost-to-performance ratio. When it comes to professional photography and business users in general, the cost becomes a less important factor vs performance. However, I am still going to highlight the cost differences:

  • Fiveray M40: £99
  • Molus G60 Standard: £219
  • Molus G60 Combo: £269
  • Molus X100 Standard: £269
  • Molus X100 Combo: £369
  • Molus X100 Combo: £419

The Fiveray M40 is largely irrelevant for comparison as it is quite a different product that does have the accessories the Molus lights have, but it is a superb light for the price.

The main thing I wanted to highlight was that the Molus G60 standard and Molus X100 standard are priced quite closely. The standard pack for the G60 is a bit better as you get two accessories with the mini reflector and the diffusion dome that attaches to it.

However, for £50 extra, the X100 is significantly brighter and has the option to be upgraded with a battery pack. Zhiyun doesn’t appear to sell the battery separately yet, but it is logical to assume that they will do.

Fan Noise

One other consideration that will be important for some buyers is that both lights have a built-in cooling fan.

The G60 has a smaller fan which would normally be louder, but it appears to have two large heatsinks, and the fan doesn’t kick in quite as quickly as the X100.

The fan on both lights is very quiet. I am not sure if I ever noticed hearing the fan on the G60 while I was using it, but while writing this, I dialled the brightness up to 100% and left it running for a while. The fan is audible, but only at a close distance. The most noticeable part of the noise is that the fan fluctuates the fan speed, so I can hear it whirr up and then go back down.

Zhiyun Molus G60 Review: Design

Zhiyun Molus G60 COB LED Video Light Review Dome Diffuser feature 1

The Molus G60 adopts a cube shape design but has the same vented design as the other two lights to improve airflow and reduce heat.  

At first, I thought it was DC powered only but then relieved to see the USB-C port on the side. I am not really sure why there is a need for the DC port when USB-C is much more convenient.

Even though this is a 60W light, the USB-C port is 100W. It will work with lower-powered power delivery plugs, but you will likely have to run it at a lower brightness. I tested this with the YOJOCK J7-C USB-C Tester, and the power draw is around 67W. It will jump up to about 75W as you change the colour temperature but goes back down.

Zhiyun Molus G60 COB LED Video Light Review Power Bank Power Usage

The controls on the back allow you to digitally control the brightness and the colour temperature range, which goes from 2700K to 6500K. As it’s digital, you get the exact setting shown on the LCD display, something the Fiveray M40 lacked.

Zhiyun Molus G60 COB LED Video Light Review by MIghty Gadget

The cooling system inside this is Zhiyun’s DynaVort system DynaVort uses a gyroscope-modelled heat sink and a FOC fan to prevent overheating. While there is a bit of fan noise, this allows you to get consistent lighting without flickering or cool-down periods.

For mounting, this has a connected arm at the base with a wide range of movement, allowing the light to face vertically upwards, going to a slight decline angle. The arm hen has a 1/4-inch screw hole.

Zhiyun Molus G60 Review: Accessories

I was sent the combo pack, which includes:

  • Mini Reflector (ZY Mount)
  • Bowens Mount Adaptor A (ZY Mount)
  • ZHIYUN Dome Diffusion
  • Mini Softbox (ZY Mount)
  • Tripod
  • DC Power Adaptor & Cable
  • Storage Bag

Zhiyun Molus G60 Review: Performance

Zhiyun Molus G60 COB LED Video Light Review front shot

The lighting performance is outstanding. Similar to the Molus X100 and Fiveray M40, it is astonishing how bright these lights can go for such compact devices.

As the spec states, this has a large 60W of power that’s capable of 2,376 lux (11,194 lux with reflector) when set at 6500K and from 1 metre.

I typically only do product photos for reviews, and I found that the included reflector was a bit too directional and was counterproductive for my needs. The dome diffusion that’s also included helps eliminate the shadows created by the directional nature of the reflector.

The adjustment dials on the back are easy to use, and the digital display allows you to match up the settings when using multiple lights.

When I reviewed the X100, for some reason, I didn’t test the app. With this, you have the option to add your lights into one group and control them all in unison, and there are some handy pre-set colour temperatures. It is also possible to upgrade the firmware, but when I tried, it said it was not currently available.

Zhiyun Molus G60 COB LED Video Light Review Power Bank 2

I recently reviewed the Anker 737 Power Bank, and this has up to 140W power delivery, so I was easily able to drive the light without needing to be near a power outlet. This power bank would probably have enough power to drive two lights at once, based on the tests I did with my power meter.

Because the Molus G60 is so small and light, there are flexible ways to use and mount it. I have mainly used the small tripod mount and sometimes used it as a handheld light (though the X100 is better for that).

Zhiyun Molus G60 Price and Alternative Options

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There are two options for the Molus G60:

  • Molus G60 Standard: £219
  • Molus G60 Combo: £269

I personally prefer the X100, but if you select one of the options with a battery pack, it does start to get quite expensive:

  • Molus X100 Standard: £269
  • Molus X100 Combo: £369
  • Molus X100 Combo: £419

There is also the Fiveray F100 light stick, it is obviously not quite the same product, but it is priced at just £249 and has 100W of brightness, RGB, better lighting effects and is battery-powered with 31 minutes of use. It is compatible with accessories, but due to the design of the light, these are more limited than the above ZY mount-based lights.


The Zhiyun Molus G60 is a superb ultra-portable and bright light that is perfect for anyone that creates content on the move. All my photography is done at home, but I love the fact that it is small enough to be easily stored away.

It would have been good if this had a battery mounting point similar to the X100. I suspect this is intentional, as many buyers will be tempted to buy the X100 over this for that very feature. That feature is also why I prefer the X100 to the G60.

Similar to the X100 review, there isn’t really any competing products from other brands, which I think shows how good the lighting range is from Zhiyun.

Zhiyun Molus G60 COB LED Video Light Review
  • Overall - 90%


The Zhiyun Molus G60 is a superb ultra-portable and bright light that is perfect for anyone that creates content on the move.


  • Incredible brightness for the size
  • Good accessories and mounting system


  • No battery pack option

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