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With the holiday season now well and truly here, shopping for the greatest deals has, well, let’s just say, experienced a bit of a change.

Even though online channels have seen massive growth over the years, nothing compares to the flurry we predict to experience this year due to inevitable closures on our high streets.

Rather than searching for the best deals on the high street, more of us are turning our focus online, and even taking days off of work to find that perfect Black Friday Deal to save some money.

Here we explore some of the most amazing electric scooters, that are both well known and established brands, but also sometimes fly under the radar unnoticed, yet still pack an incredible punch.

So this holiday, if you’re looking for the best Electric Scooters online, look no further… We have you covered.

Scroll down to see the best Black Friday electric scooter deals we have compiled for you, and save big this holiday!

1. Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

Buy Now – Black Friday Deal: Was £499 Now £400; flowecorides.com

Hiboy S2 Pro

First on the list, the Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter. Enhanced components and features make this the big brother, and second iteration of the well known and loved Hiboy S2 electric scooter.

With an increased battery capacity, the Hiboy S2 Pro boasts a massive 25-30 mile max range and is packed full of amazing comfort and hassle free features, to ensure you can focus on enjoying your ride.

Not only incredibly stylish in its appearance, the Hiboy S2 Pro is equipped with both puncture-free honeycomb wheels and an impressive rear suspension, ensuring that the Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter not only provides you with hassle free riding experience but allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride at the same time.

And with a Black Friday discount of £99, the Hiboy S2 Pro is truly incredible value for its money.

Key SpecificationsKey Features & Benefits
Weight: 13.4kg+ Impressive max range
Speed: 15.5mph / 25km h+ Puncture-free wheels
Range: 25-30 miles+ Regenerative braking system

2. The Urban #BRLN V2 Electric Scooter

Buy Now – Black Friday Deal: Was £799 Now £665; flowecorides.com

The Urban BRLN V2

The Urban #BRLN V2 is built to the highest standards of German precision engineering. Designed and manufactured by Walberg Urban Electrics in Hamburg, Germany, the #BRLN V2 is packed full of features with the urban rider in mind.

From its double front and rear suspension, to its lightweight 14kg total weight, the #BRLN V2 gives you a comfortable ride, while being extremely compact and lightweight to help transport and stow your electric scooter away easily.

Every consideration has been made in the build of this electric scooter to ensure it provides a quality, comfortable, and a headache free riding experience. From its tried and tested adjustable stem, and intuitive quick folding system, to its slip proof deck tape and its double drum brakes, the #BRLN V2 has been designed and built with the riders experience at its heart. 

Save £134 on this incredible piece of engineering this Black Friday.

Key SpecificationsKey Features & Benefits
Weight: 14kg+ Compact and Lightweight
Speed: 15.5mph / 25km h+ High quality components
Range: 12.5 miles+ Double front and rear suspension

3. Segway Ninebot Max G30 Electric Scooter

Buy Now – Black Friday Deal: Was £699 Now £679; flowecorides.com

Max G30

Classed as the elite, premium option in the Segway electric scooter range, the Max G30 is a true masterpiece. From its high quality components, to its robust frame, the Max G30  is truly one of the most impressive electric scooters on the market today.

Boasting a massive 40 mile max range, and comfortable big 10” air filled wheels, the Max G30 gives you the range you need, with the comfort you seek. Perfect for those who are looking to use their electric scooter frequently, go longer distances and not have to bother with charging it as often.

The quality engineering is clear to see throughout the build of the Max G30. Its IPX5 rating means that it is not only water jet proof, but dust proof too, ensuring your Max G30 is extremely durable and low maintenance

Save £20 on the Segway Ninebot Max G30 electric scooter.

Key SpecificationsKey Features & Benefits
Weight: 18kg+ Robust and durable
Speed: 15.5mph / 25km h+ Comfortable 10” air filled tyres
Range: 40 miles+ IPX5 rated: water jet and dust proof

4. Populo S8 Electric Scooter

Buy Now – Black Friday Deal: Was £399 Now £349; flowecorides.com

Populo S8

The Populo S8 electric scooter, part of the well known Aventon family, is a sleek, incredibly well built electric scooter, packed with all the features you need out of an electric scooter to give you the most enjoyable riding experience.

With its 8.5” air filled treaded tyres, its robust frame and front and rear light integration, the Populo S8 gives you the comfort you desire, with the safety and build features you need for a ride filled with peace of mind.

A 3 second lock mechanism makes it incredibly easy to stow away, or fold down to transport as and when you need to. And coupled with its 11.8kg total weight, makes the Populo S8 extremely compact, lightweight and extremely reliable.

Save £50 on the Populo S8 electric scooter.

Key SpecificationsKey Features & Benefits
Weight: 11.8kg+ Compact & lightweight
Speed: 15mph / 24km h+ Comfortable 8.5” air filled treaded tyres
Range: 15.5 miles+ Packed with reliable safety features

5. Trottix TXS Signature Carbon Electric Scooter

Buy Now – Black Friday Deal: Was £2,399 Now £1,950; flowecorides.com

Trottix TXS

Widely covered in the press for its high quality components and build, the Trottix TXS Signature Carbon has typically been used in the enforcement and commercial sectors across Europe – and now, it is finally available to consumers.

Incredibly sleek, bold and very distinctive in its design, the TXS Signature Carbon is packed full of the highest spec features and components, and hand finished to the highest standard – making this the true Rolls Royce of the Electric Scooter world.

From its mechanical calliper brakes, to its carbon fibre finish, no expense has been spared in the build of the TXS Signature Carbon, to ensure it is one of the highest quality, premium Electric Scooters available today.

Key SpecificationsKey Features & Benefits
Weight: 14.3kg+ Premium components and build
Speed: 15.5mph / 25km h+ Short charge time
Range: 15.5 miles+ High tech braking systems

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