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It wasn’t that many years ago when most devices seemed to have their own proprietary charging ports. This was a plague in the phone industry before microUSB then USB-C became widely adopted (even though Apple have ignored this trend).

With USB-C power delivery, many companies have embraced USB-C for a wider range of devices. Ironically, Apple uses it for their laptops, and many other laptop brands also use it.

Most ultrabooks and lightweight laptops now use USB-C, with 65W power delivery being the standard input.

Even gaming laptops have adopted power delivery. High-end gaming laptops, such as the Razer Blade 18, still require a DC port power adaptor as their power supply is rated at 330W, but they can accept 100W power delivery which should be more than enough for non-gaming tasks.

I have recently reviewed a couple of excellent portable projectors that use USB-C power delivery for charging. Then you have portable game consoles, the Steam Deck has 45W PD. The Switch Lite is a bit more awkward, it technically needs 15V/2.6A, but it will accept any power delivery input, but it may discharge faster than charging.

For most tech I get nowadays, I rarely use the included charger. I have plenty of power delivery chargers that can do 65W or even 100W power delivery. These often have multiple ports allowing me to charge multiple devices at once, and I am not worrying about losing the original charger.

This also means there are a growing number of power banks that can support high-powered devices. Power banks are no longer just for your phone, you can keep your laptop or portable projector running for several hours without the need for a mains socket.

Power banks with a high PD rating are less common than chargers, but the list is growing.

Best 60W+ Power Delivery Power Banks

In this list, I have looked for power banks that can do 60W to below 100W power delivery. You can get 100W or higher options, which are more expensive, and I will cover that in a separate post.

PD power banks are also in high demand for people with Steam Decks. It looks like the Steam Deck only needs 45W PD, so all of these options will work well for it. You can get 45W PD power banks, such as the Anker 537 Power Bank, but I prefer 60W or higher as this will work with laptops and other high-powered devices.

Anker PowerCore III Elite 19200 – 60W – 19200mAh

Anker PowerCore III Elite

The Anker PowerCore III Elite 19200 is a high-capacity power bank that can deliver up to 60W of power output. It has a single USB-C port that can do 60W, then two USB-A ports with 12W each. This power bank is currently sold with a 65W PD plug socket. One reviewer has stated that this can do 2+ full charges for the Steam Deck, which is more than the INIU I list further down, and this goes to show how questionable some of the capacity ratings can be.

Charmast Power Bank – 65W – 23800mAh

I am listing this highly because of how cheap it is. I’d say suspiciously so, but it has good reviews, and users say it will charge a Macbook. It can accept 45W PD input, but on the first USB-C output, it goes up to 65W PD. The second USB-C is limited to 45W, and it can only 65W total output. The USB-A port can do 18W max.

One reviewer suggests this is closer to 12000mAh capacity, but this is factoring inefficiencies, and another review claims that while this is inneficient, it is still great value for money and provides 3 extra hours of runtime on the Steam Deck.

INIU Portable Charger – 65W – 25000mAh

I have previously reviewed an INIU power bank, and I was happy with it. This model has a large 25000mAh capacity and can do 65W from one of the USB-C ports, 30W on the other and 65W max output. The USB-A supports 22.5W.

The main appeal of this one is the attractive price point. One reviewer has confirmed that this power bank would fully charge my Steam deck 1.5 times from empty

Baseus Power Bank – 65W – 20000mAh

This is not a brand I am familiar with, but it is well-reviewed on Amazon, and the price is attractive for the spec you get. This has two USB-C ports capable of 65W max in total. The USB-A supports up to 22.5W quick charge. Oddly, they even have a legacy microUSB input.

Some of the reviews have questioned if this really has a 20000mAh capacity, and this is one of the concerns you will have to factor in when choosing a random brand.

Omni Mobile Power Bank – 60W – 12800mah

This Omni Mobile Power Bank is quite unique, being the smallest capacity 60W PD power bank on the list. While a small capacity may not sound that appealing, the benefit is that it is much smaller to carry around. This will be handy when travelling/working away, allowing you to keep your laptop running a bit longer without adding much bulk.

The downside is that I think it is a bit overpriced for the capacity.

Alternatively, there is a 25600mah capacity model and this also has wireless charging support built in.


I have come away a bit disappointed at how limited the options were for powerbanks that can do 60W+ power delivery. You have more choices with 100W PD power banks, but these all come with a premium price.

Anker is obviously the brand with the best reputation on this list, and the PowerCore III Elite comes with a PD plug, but the overall price is steep compared to the others.

It is hard to ignore the incredible price of the Charmast compared to the other options on the list. I can imagine I will end up buying it. Reviews suggest the capacity is vastly overrated, but it is still great value for money.  

I can vouch for INIU as I have used them before, and the Baseus seems to be the best-reviewed option on Amazon, but again, it would seem the capacities are a bit misleading.

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