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We live in a time where it’s not hard to find cheap but great products. And that most certainly goes for DJ headphones as well.

But knowing that there’s an abundance of different headphones on the market, it sometimes might get a little tricky to find just what you need. For those who don’t know, DJ headphones are specialized headsets for DJ performers.

Compared to regular headphones, these are mostly made in over-the-ear formation and feature way higher level of noise isolation. Even if they’re like in-ear monitors, there’ll be some additional noise isolation involved.

The sound quality is usually better compared to regular headphones and they feature bigger and better drivers.

Additionally, DJ headphones have additional features that give them more adjustability and flexibility.

Quite often, they’ll have cups that can swivel around. You’ll often see DJs holding the headphones in one hand with only one cup over their ear.

What’s more, some DJ headphones also have controls for queuing different tracks. They can also sometimes play the current track in one ear, while the next one that you’re preparing is monitored in the other ear.

This means that they’re designed to work with standard DJ equipment. Compared to regular headphones, they feature more functionality, flexibility, noise isolation, and usually have better sound quality.

Best DJ Headphones Under 100 Review Guide

In the following section, we will focus on the specific products and present you with the best DJ headphones under 100 dollars you can find in today’s market.

1) Audio-Technica ATH-M40x: Check Price On Amazon

Best DJ Headphones Under 100

Audio Technica M40x

Among all the brands out there, Audio-Technica comes as one of the best and most reliable ones. And even if we’re talking about cheaper categories, just like we’re looking at here, Audio-Technica still has some nice stuff to look into.

So here, we’ll include their ATH-M40x professional monitor headphones, which are also quite useful for DJs.

First off, they offer very accurate monitoring and amazing sound quality. Every part of the audible spectrum is covered pretty well, without any muffled or too bright parts.

The overall frequency response is pretty flat, which gives a good representation of what’s going on. This particular feature makes it a great choice if you’re also into producing or recording music in the studio or at home.

The construction is pretty durable but it’s still designed with some great ergonomic features in mind. So we could easily say that they’re as comfortable as they’re great-sounding.

Along with these features also come the 90-degree swivel cups, which is incredibly useful for one-ear monitoring purposes. You’ll have no problem turning them around for

Audio-Technica’s ATH-M40x headphones come with 40-millimeter drivers that feature amazing rare-earth magnets as well as voice coils with copper-clad aluminum wires.

In addition to these great drivers, we also have pretty great sound isolation with circumaural design contours just around the ears. This is all especially useful in loud environments.

Of course, these are far from fully professional headphones for DJs. However, what you need to know is that you can’t go any better than these qualities at this price level.

If you want to get as close to a professional headset at this price, you’ll want to look into ATH-M40x. They sound great, they’re well isolated, they feel great, and are very reliable.


  • Great sound quality
  • Fairly comfortable
  • Durable and reliable
  • Great sound isolation


  • Nothing for this price level

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2) Pioneer HDJ-X5-K: Check Price On Amazon

Pioneer HDJ X5 K

In this particular topic, Pioneer is another manufacturer that comes to mind. And this is no surprise in any way since they’ve been building their reputation for quite some time, both with hi-fi and studio equipment.

So up next, we have their HDJ-X5-K headphones that come with many great features that make them an amazing choice below the $100 mark.

With Pioneer, the main focus is always on the sound quality. And you’ll get a pretty decent sound with Pioneer’s HDJ-X5-K.

According to the company, they’ve analyzed the performance of many different headsets and have looked into the feedback of many of their users to perfect the sound performance, all while keeping the price at a very reasonable level.

The resulting headphones, the HDJ-X5-K, most definitely testifies to their practices. For instance, we have an amazingly wide frequency range that goes even past the audible spectrum and the overall sound output is 102 decibels.

To look more into their specifications, these are closed dynamic headphones that come with quality 40 mm dome type drivers.

What’s rather interesting is that they come with a 1.2-meter coiled cable that can reach up to 1.8 meters of full length when extended.

The features are accompanied by 90-degree swivel cups that can come really in handy for those one-ear monitoring purposes.

The construction of Pioneer’s HDJ-X5-K is amazing, making them fairly reliable.

However, we would argue that this comes at a little practical cost – they’re not as comfortable as we’ve expected, especially if we’re talking about longer sessions. It’s not a deal-breaker, they’re still worth it. However, they could be a bit better for their price.


  • Great sound quality
  • Reliability due to the overall sturdiness
  • Quality cable


  • They could be a bit more comfortable for their price

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3) Sony MDR-7506: Check Price On Amazon

Sony MDR 7506 2

Another budget-friendly headphone set that we really thought was worth mentioning comes from Sony’s factory and has been out on the market for quite some time.

Well, if a product is out since the early 1990s almost unchanged, then there’s have to be something good about it, right?

Looking at Sony’s MDR-7506, we have to say that this is true. And the best part is that these headphones are pretty cheap, at least for the quality that we get with them.

So let’s start with the build quality. Looking at these headphones, it’s clear that they’re not fully professional ones. We could say that there’s a “love and hate relationship” with how they’re built.

However, you can’t ever expect top-notch qualities with headphones that are below the $100 mark. And especially when they come with some other amazing qualities. The sound of these headphones is pretty amazing.

Although not flat, we still can hear every part of the spectrum well. They’re a little heavier on the mids and are slightly weaker with the bottom-end. The high-end is also very present, but – in what we can hear – not as much as the mids.

They’re pretty much worth the price. However, we don’t get as many features compared to some other standard headphones for DJs. Although pretty well-made, they don’t have the swivel feature, which might be an issue for many DJs.

Yes, they’re isolated pretty well and they have some great qualities that make them a viable choice for DJs operating on a budget. But it’s still a big letdown for those who rely on some of these DJ-friendly features.


  • Good sound quality with an accent on the mids
  • Great deal for the price
  • Reliable


  • Lacks some features that DJs would need, like the swivel cups

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4) Sennheiser HD 206: Check Price On Amazon

Sennheiser HD 206

The very mention of Sennheiser brings nothing short of admiration from our side. In their vast collection of hi-fi and studio equipment, we can also find some pretty great DJ headphones, even those that are at the lower price point.

For this purpose, we’re looking into their HD 206 headset, which is yet another one of the best examples that we can find on the market that’s below $100.

These are the standard closed-back headphones with classic over-ear construction. But what makes them strongly stand out is the surprisingly low price, going right below the $70 mark.

And it’s quite shocking how they managed to keep them so well-built and with such a great sound. But even despite these advantages, you’ll need to keep in mind that these are – just like other headphones that we mentioned here, not exactly the professional ones.

At the same time, you won’t go wrong with them if you’re operating on a budget or if you need a spare headset for some settings.

Noise suppression is also pretty decent and they’ll be able to keep things under control, even on louder stages. But despite some of these qualities, Sennheiser’s HD 206 doesn’t come with swivel earcups.

Yes, they are flexible and even pretty comfortable, at least in our opinion. But you won’t be able to do all the things that standard professional DJ headphones have. Nonetheless, we can’t be so nitpicky and complain about anything here.

After all, they’re cheap and sound good, so it’s a very viable option for a beginner or intermediate DJs or home-recording enthusiasts.


  • Fairly cheap
  • The build quality is pretty good
  • They’re comfortable, even for longer performances or studio sessions


  • They lack the swiveling cups feature

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5) AKG Pro Audio K92: Check Price On Amazon

AKG pro

Lastly, we would like to look into one great but cheap AKG headset, Pro Audio K92 headphones.

The main idea here was to have a cheaper product that’s still reflecting on some features, qualities, and design traits that are done in collaboration with one of the best DJs of all time, the almighty Tiesto.

These signature headphones come with a very stylish design, which is more than surprising for their price level.

But these great aesthetical features are also accompanied by great comfort and flexibility. Even if you plan on performing or working in a studio for hours in one take, it’ll feel as if there’s nothing on your head.

At the same time, the drivers also follow with their qualities.

They might not be that flat in the overall frequency response, but they still manage to reproduce all the necessary details that a DJ will need for a performance or a studio session. And along with some of the noise isolation traits, you’ll be able to use them even on louder stages.

Of course, as their price might suggest, these are focused mostly on beginner and intermediate levels. Nonetheless, they’re as reliable as it gets for this price level.

While some have complained about the headband and its durability, AKG’s Pro Audio K67 still feels pretty decent in this regard. But it’s not like we could complain about such headphones since they’re so cheap that you can buy a spear set just in case.


  • Very cheap
  • Outperforms its price range
  • Decent noise isolation
  • Great design


  • They might not be as durable as some other headphones on this list

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No matter what people might think about cheaper headphones, there are still some great examples below the $100 price mark. And, to be fair, every one of these headsets can come in handy if you’re operating on a budget.

But although you can’t go wrong with any of them, we would single out Audio-Technica’s ATH-M40x as the best choice. With great sound quality, reliability, swiveling cups, and even a great design, they would satisfy the needs of even the pickiest DJs out there.

If you want to get as near as possible to professional quality levels, then these are the headphones to look into.

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