Solar Powered Generators

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Sun energy is the most valuable resource if harnessed correctly. It’s truly unsurpassed in power supply, which is why solar-powered devices, like calculators, watches, and lamps, are so common. 

But solar electricity is not the primary energy source for many devices, and when the power goes out, you may find yourself sitting in the dark with no way to power your favourite gadgets. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of why solar power gadgets just make sense. 

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels contain photovoltaic cells that produce sun energy. The solar panel’s light absorbs the cells’ photonic energy. The cells contain semiconductors, including silicon. The two types of silicon are crystalline and amorphous, the latter of which is longer, more flexible, and more efficient. The photons absorbed will transform into electrons. Chemical reactions occur when batteries transfer electrons onto our electronic devices or backup batteries

What Is a Solar-Powered Generator?

EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel Review 4
EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel

A solar powered generator converts sunlight (light) into electrical energy to generate electricity and either uses it right away or store it for future use. The advantage of a solar-powered generator is that it’s not dependent on traditional fossil fuel sources, making it a true survival tool around the house.

Solar-powered generators come with many different wattages. Depending on how many batteries you connect to them, they can store a different amount of energy, which of course, has a huge impact on the amount of energy they can output. Generally speaking, you can get a solar generator that is small and handy to charge your laptop or phone, all the way to a huge setup to power your entire home.

Should I Buy a Solar Generator or a Dual-Fuel Generator?

Solar generators save on fuel costs once you have purchased the device, but the downside is that you may be at the mercy of the sun and the “charge speed.” And while the tech has come a long way, making solar-only generators a solid choice for most casual users, there are other considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, what will you be powering with the generator, and how much electricity will that require?

Having figured all of this out, you may find that you simply need more power than you can get with a solar-only generator, in which case your second-best choice is a dual-fuel generator. These bad boys will run on both solar power AND traditional fuels. So if it’s the middle of the night and you HAVE to find out what the next episode of The Bachelor will reveal, you’re in luck. 

Of course, for anyone wanting to avoid fossil fuels altogether, then a traditional solar generator may be all you want or need, especially if you live in a sunny area. 


So, in conclusion, we know one thing for sure; you never want to be sitting in the dark. Figure out what kind of power requirements you have, and get yourself a solar-powered generator to power all your gadgets. You won’t be sorry!

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