iStorage Datashur Pro2 Review – 128GB FIPS 140-2 Level 3 hardware-encrypted USB drive

I was previously impressed with the iStorage diskashur 2 secure portable 2.5” drive. If you need an affordable solution to secure your data, it is one of the best options on the market in my opinion. The previous drive was useful for storing large amounts of data as possible, but was perhaps not very pocket-friendly, … Read more

Know Your Network and Keep it Safe

Whether you run a large corporate office, a local small business, or have a house full of people, managing all the devices in your local area network can be a challenge. Your growing network may seem like a great thing in your company until the finance department comes around and is asking for a complete … Read more

PureVPN Goes No-Log Certified At Last

Audit seems to be the new black in the virtual private network industry. VPN providers that are confident over their claims of keeping zero-logs of their users’ data or VPN activities are taking the bold step of having their systems audited by third-party auditors. PureVPN is making waves in the industry for joining the ranks … Read more

Tackling Cybercrime: Are You Prepared?

Businesses of all sizes and sectors need to put cybercrime and cyber protection at the forefront of their agenda. This means more than simply being aware of the need for stronger cybersecurity. It means having a system in place that ensures your cyber defenses are as secure as possible. It will also require a strategic … Read more

Yubico Launches Lightning-Compatible Hardware 2FA Security Key, the YubiKey 5Ci

If you take your online security seriously, and you should, I would strongly advise investing in a hardware-based security key for 2-factor authentication. Phone-based authentication is not always perfect and for many, if someone gains access to your Google account, the results can be disastrous. Today, Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, … Read more

How To Stay Secure When Using An Android Smartphone Or Tablet

Today’s phones and tablets store and transmit a tremendous amount of sensitive information. Along with any information that is stored locally, devices like these also have access to data that is stored in the cloud and the installed apps. Security precautions are essential when it comes to these types of handheld devices. Your personal information … Read more

How VPN Services Protect Your Data On The Internet

Wherever you are, a virtual private network is still one of the most excellent ways to secure your data on the internet. However, what is the best VPN for you? How effective would it be? What are the drawbacks? The intent of VPNs is to give privacy and security to people as they browse the … Read more

iStorage diskashur 2 Review – 2TB secure portable storage

Most people remain blissfully ignorant about their data security, until something bad happens and you are a victim to some form of data loss, identity theft or ransomware. We are in an era of cybercrime, I am not sure a day goes by without a news announcement about a data breach, software vulnerability or ransomware. … Read more

Yubico YubiKey 5 NFC & 5C Review – Hardware based 2FA for the most secure method of logins

YubiKey has been around for a few years now, and they are perhaps the leaders in tap to authenticate hardware-based 2-factor authentication. 2-factor authentication has boomed in recent years as both companies and consumers finally realised it was time to take cybersecurity seriously. The trend has been leaning towards phone based 2FA with companies like … Read more

Hackers Are Easily Cracking Passwords, and We’re Helping Them Do It

The “death of the password” has been announced for years now, but they’re still around. But why? Passwords are convenient and make sense to people. With the growing use of the Internet for storing and processing sensitive information, data security has become increasingly important, and passwords are a simple way to help achieve it. Alternatives … Read more

VPNs Can Protect You against the Threats That Lurk in the Digital Space

Did you know that the cybercrime economy enjoys a hefty profit of 1.5 trillion US dollars every year? This tells us that the state of cybersecurity is in a dire situation. In fact, it has also been reported that security breaches have increased by 11% over the last few years. What these statistics further signify … Read more

What are the Benefits of Having a Dedicated IP Address vs Shared IP?

Deciding for anything takes time and can be confusing for many, especially when we’re talking about hosting a website that can turn out to be a revenue generating stream. Before you begin your journey, considering the right options for your hosting needs, there are multiple factors you’ll have to study. While, at times, making complete … Read more

A Guide to Internet Security and Privacy Basics

The internet, computers and mobile phones have been some of the greatest technological achievements of mankind. With all the advantages these pieces of tech bring us, numerous problems have arisen. In the past few years, there appears to have been exponential growth in hacking and privacy concerns. Typing privacy into BBC news shows that this … Read more

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