How to Stop Spam Originating from Your VPS

Virtual Private Servers are useful for anyone that runs a website. They offer capable isolated systems with appropriate RAM, storage, and bandwidth. The outstanding performance capabilities and ensured continuous accessibility are a bonus as it doesn’t limit page growth. When one uses VPS, they usually have a server for email purposes. While this is useful … Read more

You Should Never Use the DNS of Your Internet Service Provider. Here’s Why

DNS or Domain Name System is an essential part of the web that makes internet communications possible. Most internet users aren’t even aware of the existence of a so-called domain name system or DNS. But without this system, they wouldn’t be able to access websites or do basic browsing activities. Besides enabling internet communications, DNS … Read more

Avast Antivirus will harvest & sell everything you do on the Web including the specific porn videos you watched.

A new report by Vice/Motherboard has revealed how much data Avast will collect on you if you opt-in on their data collection services. This is a perfect example of the privacy concerns we face in the modern era, and why freeware can be so bad. Avast is used by hundreds of millions of people around … Read more

Top 5 Free Anti-Malware Software

Viruses are not the only threat these days, but other serious malware threats like ransomware, adware, scareware, scamware, personal data theft are on higher side.  Antimalware software helps to protect from all these threats. And if you have already infected then these tools are useful to get rid of malware infection. Best Anti-Malware Software for … Read more

VPN and Antivirus Software Programs: Why We Need Both

Much ink has been spilled about VPNs and antiviruses. Yet people still continue asking questions about the usefulness of these software programs, unsure whether they need to install them on their electronic devices. And not only do they still doubt the helpfulness of VPNs and antiviruses but they also feel confused between them. People still … Read more

Get the best VPN performance with a local UK server to protect your data and bypass restrictions

Whenever you read about VPNs, they always go on about how many endpoints they have so that you can route your traffic through almost any country, from Albania to Vietnam. These services can be very useful, it can affect the prices of services, or the ability to view certain content. However, for day to day … Read more

3 Things You Need to Know About Ransomware

In this age of the technology and computing revolution, individuals and businesses should be aware of the threat of ransomware. Each year, thousands of attacks occur, costing billions of pounds in ransom payments and lost or damaged commerce and services. Government agencies are not exempt, with some of the largest attacks occurring on such entities … Read more

iStorage Datashur Pro2 Review – 128GB FIPS 140-2 Level 3 hardware-encrypted USB drive

I was previously impressed with the iStorage diskashur 2 secure portable 2.5” drive. If you need an affordable solution to secure your data, it is one of the best options on the market in my opinion. The previous drive was useful for storing large amounts of data as possible, but was perhaps not very pocket-friendly, … Read more

Know Your Network and Keep it Safe

Whether you run a large corporate office, a local small business, or have a house full of people, managing all the devices in your local area network can be a challenge. Your growing network may seem like a great thing in your company until the finance department comes around and is asking for a complete … Read more

PureVPN Goes No-Log Certified At Last

Audit seems to be the new black in the virtual private network industry. VPN providers that are confident over their claims of keeping zero-logs of their users’ data or VPN activities are taking the bold step of having their systems audited by third-party auditors. PureVPN is making waves in the industry for joining the ranks … Read more

Tackling Cybercrime: Are You Prepared?

Businesses of all sizes and sectors need to put cybercrime and cyber protection at the forefront of their agenda. This means more than simply being aware of the need for stronger cybersecurity. It means having a system in place that ensures your cyber defenses are as secure as possible. It will also require a strategic … Read more

Yubico Launches Lightning-Compatible Hardware 2FA Security Key, the YubiKey 5Ci

If you take your online security seriously, and you should, I would strongly advise investing in a hardware-based security key for 2-factor authentication. Phone-based authentication is not always perfect and for many, if someone gains access to your Google account, the results can be disastrous. Today, Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, … Read more

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