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Companies, especially SaaS, although talk about customer-centricity but rarely do they ever take it seriously. But, one leading VPN provider proved the world why customer-centricity is important and how it has eventually led to the company’s success.

PureVPN ranks amongst the top services in the virtual private network industry. Each year, the CEO of the company sends an email to the users, asking about their honest and constructive feedback.

The continuous tradition of the back and forth feedback with the customers has allowed the company to not only bring excellence to its services but also win hearts.

Users’ Reaction to the CEO Letter

We live in an era where everyone is involved in a cutthroat competition, especially in the business sector.

Since they are overly obsessed with removing their competitors out of their way, they forget about their customers. What do their customers want? What do they expect?

But when a business steps back and think about it customer, it intrigues the customers. It was the exact reaction of PureVPN’s users when the CEO of PureVPN shot an email to them regarding the feedback.

  • 21% of the recipients were astounded that a CEO actually asked their feedback
  • 32% joyously stated that the service couldn’t be any better
  • 15% requested the CEO for improved streaming services
  • 3% showed concerns against disconnection issues

What Happened Next?

Customers’ feedback and the subsequent improvements to the product allowed the service to become “bigger,” “better,” and “faster.”

Summary of Achievements

Here’s a quick look at what the VPN service provider achieved in 2019.


  • The VPN service gives credit to its customer-centric approach that enabled the service to grow its user-base by 18.5% last year.
  • The service made necessary modifications to its Android and iOS applications’ user interface and user experience, which resulted in over 1 million downloads in a year.
  • The VPN provider published over 300 guides and tutorials on its support platform that allow users to set up the application or troubleshoot problems without any hassle.
  • The service said that last year it focused on only meaningful and useful content on its website, which ultimately resulted in 200% increase in web traffic.
  • PureVPN was able to grow its affiliate network to over 4000 partners across the globe.
  • Over 70 individuals reportedly joined the service as they believed in the company’s mission.


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  • PureVPN reported that its customer satisfaction rate on Live Chat hit 98%, with the average response time of 59 seconds.
  • The VPN service was audited twice by leading independent auditors and received a No-Log certification.
  • It listened to the customers’ feedback and added over 80 new streaming services to its list.
  • The service modified the Port Forwarding add-on and made it more efficient.
  • Similarly, they also improved and enhanced the most popular Split Tunneling feature.
  • The service added a new payment gateway, CoinGate, to its list.
  • PureVPN also introduced an FTTP model which allowed users to take the trial first and pay when satisfied.
  • The service was able to amass over 7,800 excellent reviews.
  • With the introduction of a cross-functional team, they were able to reduce the time to identify and fix bugs by 50%.
  • The introduction of the B1G12 (Buy 1 Gift 12) campaign won many hearts as users were able to gift 12 free monthly accounts to their loved ones on every premium subscription.


  • PureVPN modified and improved its servers for better and faster speeds and performance.
  • The service upgraded its network to 10Gpbs link from 1Gpbs link which allowed it to enhance server connections by 10x.
  • Similar modifications were made to the applications across the devices and platforms and resulted in improved response time.

Final Word

Since continuous improvement requires continuous feedback, PureVPN CEO has issued a feedback email to its users this year as well. You can learn more about the 2020 CEO letter of PureVPN here.

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