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Our friends over at AUKEY have been kind enough to send some more gadgets to review. Something a little different for them this time is a Full HD Dash Cam which retails for retails for £69.99 but you can currently get £25 off via voucher redemption on Amazon making it just £44.99.

The full specification of the camera includes:

  • Full HD 1080P at 30fps: Advanced Sony Exmor Sensor and 6-layer glass lens capture everything in super-sharp resolution with an expanded 170° field of view
  • Wide Dynamic Range: The camera gives perfect performance in low light conditions. The WDR technology can automatically adjust the exposure of the camera and balance the brightness in videos and images
  • Loop & Emergency Recording: It can record videos one by one for up to 10 minutes onto the microSD card and delete files from oldest to the latest. The G-Sensor activated by sharp turns or sudden stopping, automatically captures unexpected driving incidents and prevents loss of data
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance (-30°C – 75°C): With EDLC Super Condenser this Dash cam can perfectly work in extreme conditions. Do not worry about the explosion of the Li-polymer
  • 24-Month Warranty: We have full confidence in our products and support them with a 24-month replacement guarantee

The camera is very small, smaller than my previous reviews of the Next Base and Philips. It comes with a very long USB cable which you can comfortable route around your windscreen and down to the included USB car charger. There is no hardwire option that I am aware of so it will only work when your car is on.

Due to the price, it is probably no surprise that this is quite a basic camera in terms of features. The screen on the camera is quite low quality, but it gets the job done. There are 4 push buttons that allow you to navigate the various features.

You will need to provide your own MicroSD and this just slots in at the side. Once that’s inserted and everything plugged in, it is pretty much a set it and leave it situation. It will automatically start recording when it detects motion. It has an LED that comes on when the power is on and that it is recording. You can have continuous or loop recording.

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It will record HD at 30FPS and the 170-degree angle camera gives your good coverage. The quality of recordings is decent but the night time performance suffers from a bit of graininess.

There is no GPS built into the unit, but you can buy a GPS attachment for just £9.99

You can view recordings on the screen, but I personally found it easier just to remove the card and mount it on my PC then access them that way.

Overall, while this is a very basic camera it does just what you want. It is very small too so it is nice and discrete compared to more expensive and advanced models.

At this price, I would say it is a no brain investment for any driver. Less than £50 could save you thousands if there is an accident and it is not your fault.

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