Zagg Wireless Charging Desk Mat Review

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The Zagg Wireless Charging Desk Mat is a useful accessory that combines a premium desk mat with built-in wireless charging capabilities.

This sleek and functional product aims to declutter your workspace while providing a convenient way to charge your compatible devices wirelessly.

Zagg also sells a wireless mouse and keyboard, which would complement this mouse mat perfectly.

Specification / Features

  • 10W of fast charging wireless power: With 10W wireless charging capability, you can charge all your wireless charged devices, including ZAGG Pro Keyboards, Pro Mouse, Pro Stylus 2, your phone, etc
  • Integrated USB-C cable: Keep your workspace clean and tidy with an integrated USB-C cable to charge all your wireless charging devices.
  • Premium felt-like surface: The top of the mat is made with a smooth, wipeable surface with a non-slip base. The surface also has grooves for or stylus pen.
  • Non-Slip Bottom Layer: Designed to lay flat and stay put on your desktop with its non-slip base.


Zagg Wireless Charging Desk Mat Design

The Zagg Wireless Charging Desk Mat boasts a sleek, minimalist design that seamlessly blends into any workspace. The mat has a clean, modern look, with a subtle Zagg logo embossed on the surface.

One of the key design elements is the integrated wireless charging area, which is discreetly located on the mat’s surface. Unlike some other wireless charging desk mats that have a separate plastic section for the Qi charging coil, the Zagg mat incorporates the charging area seamlessly into the felt-like material. This creates a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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The mat’s dimensions provide ample space for your keyboard, mouse, and other desk essentials while still maintaining a compact footprint. The integrated USB-C cable is a thoughtful design choice, as it eliminates the need for an external charging cable and keeps your workspace tidy.

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The grooves on the mat’s surface are a nice touch, providing a dedicated spot to rest your stylus pen when not in use. This small but practical feature adds to the overall functionality of the desk mat.


Zagg Wireless Charging Desk Mat QI Charging Phone

To charge your device, simply place it on the designated wireless charging area on the mat’s surface. The mat will automatically detect your device and begin charging it. The 10W fast charging ensures that your devices are topped up quickly and efficiently.

The QI charging pad is a similar size as most other QI charging pads, so you are not going to be charging your mouse as you use the pad. You will need to remember to place the mouse on the pad when you are not using.

I don’t have a Zagg wireless keyboard, so I can’t confirm if the keyboard fits over the pad seamlessly, which would avoid the need to remember to charge up the keyboard. I would assume it works perfectly fine.

The felt-like surface of the mat provides a comfortable and smooth working area for your mouse and keyboard. The material strikes a good balance between being soft to the touch and offering the necessary resistance for precise mouse movements.

During testing, the wireless charging functionality worked flawlessly with various devices, including smartphones and wireless earbuds. The charging speed was consistent and in line with the advertised 10W output.

The non-slip base of the mat proved effective in keeping it securely in place on the desk, even during extended use. This stability is particularly important when you have devices charging on the mat, as it prevents any accidental disruptions to the charging process.

Price and Alternative Options

The Zagg Wireless Charging Desk Mat has an RRP of £50 and is available directly from Zagg.

It is also available from Amazon US.

Amazon has many alternative options, but most of these appear to have the QI charging located on the left of the matt on a plastic section, so the design is not quite as seamless. Options include:

  • GIM Wireless Charging RGB Gaming Mouse Pad with 15W charging for £25
  • Officity 15W Wireless Charging Mouse Pad for £26
  • Linmanx Wireless Charging Mouse Pad which has the QI coil under cloth in the upper right corner. This is priced at £44

Journey has the ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat, which has a detachable magnetic QI charging panel which can charge a phone and AirPods for £99.


The Zagg Wireless Charging Desk Mat is a well-designed and functional accessory that successfully combines a premium desk mat with wireless charging capabilities. Its seamless integration of the Qi charging area, coupled with the 10W fast charging output, makes it a convenient and efficient solution for keeping your devices powered up while maintaining a clutter-free workspace.

The mat’s felt-like surface provides a comfortable working area, and the non-slip base ensures stability during use. The integrated USB-C cable is a thoughtful design choice that eliminates the need for additional charging cables, further enhancing the mat’s tidiness.

While the Zagg Wireless Charging Desk Mat may be priced higher than some basic desk mats, its wireless charging functionality and seamless design justify the investment for those seeking a premium and convenient charging solution.

Zagg Wireless Charging Desk Mat Review


The Zagg Wireless Charging Desk Mat is a solid choice for anyone looking to streamline their workspace and enjoy the benefits of wireless charging. Its combination of functionality, design, and build quality make it a worthwhile addition to any desk setup.

  • Overall - 75%

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