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1MORE are a completely new brand to me, but apparently, they are making some waves win the audio world with their affordable triple driver E1001 in-ear headphones.

Priced at £99.99 they are still expensive compared to your standard cheap brand you might buy off Amazon, for example, the excellent but poorly built SoundMagic E10.

Unlike other cheaper brands, 1MORE uses the different technology that is used more often in ultra-high-end monitors from brands such as Shure and Audiofly. These headphones incorporate 2 balanced armature drivers that are tuned to sound good in a specific frequency range as well as a dynamic driver

This, as you would expect, adds a lot more complexity to the manufacture of the headphones, which in turn increases the cost.

1MORE haven’t skimped anywhere else to keep the cost down compared to Shure or the like. The packaging and build quality of the earphones has to be the best I have seen for any I have ever been sent, including the £260 Bose Soundsport Pulse. They come in some beautiful cardboard packaging which includes illustrations of how they are made. You also get a wide range of accessories, including 8 pairs of ear tips which include plastic or foam options. There is also a nice faux leather carrier for them. Overall, the whole package is impeccable.

The earphones have a nice Kevlar cable which feels like it will help avoid failures on one side like seems to happen with all earphones I get sooner or later. Obviously, time will tell in regards to this.

The ear pieces themselves are a nice metallic design in a rose gold, which is attractive but not gaudy. The overall design is a bit subtle than the likes of Beats but avoid being boring.

There is also an inline remote/microphone, which is compatible with both Android and iOS-based smartphones and tablets. Personally, I loathe inline remotes as they are a massive point of failure if you go to the gym a lot thanks to sweat. This is a personal preference though so I won’t hold it against them.

Thanks to the wide range of ear tips I found the comfort level of them to be excellent and I have had no issues with them falling out of my ears during the gym or running.

The most important thing is the sound quality, and in general, you won’t be disappointed. These are definitely has a more balanced natural sound profile rather than the trendy base dominant profile you will see in many (most) earphones today. I did find they needed a little while to burn in, and the ear tips make a huge difference in the bass levels. I went through 4 different sizes before I started to get a level of bass that I was happy with. Overall the sound is very clean and well balanced, with plenty of details. While the bass isn’t massive, the mids and highs are superb, there is no tinniness in any vocals or other high notes. I found they did favour vocal music a bit more and I enjoyed listening to blues and rock on them.

Overall, these are great earphones, that offer amazing performance for a low price compared to other multiple driver earphones. That being said, they are somewhat of a niche earphone, being that the dominant trend is bass heavy nowadays, and while these are very well balanced, they are not going to satisfy bass heads. However, if your tastes in music don’t primarily involve dance music or hip hop I am sure you will be thrilled by these excellent earphones.

You can pick up the 1MORE E1001 headphones today for £99.99 direct from 1MORE

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