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Today, COROS has launched their latest GPS sports watch, the PACE 3. Serving as the natural evolution of its predecessor, the PACE 2, this new release takes performance tracking to the next level.

Firstly, let’s talk about the GPS capabilities. The PACE 3 features a next-gen All Systems satellite chipset, complemented by an optional Dual Frequency setting. What does this mean for you? Unerring GPS accuracy, even when you’re weaving through skyscraper canyons or venturing deep into woodland areas.

But a wearable’s worth is often measured by its battery longevity, and here the PACE 3 shines. It offers an impressive 38 hours of continuous GPS tracking and can run for up to 24 days with everyday use. This drastically cuts down your charging time, letting you focus more on your training or exploration.


Speaking of exploration, the PACE 3 doesn’t just track your stats; it assists your adventures. With its robust suite of navigational tools like Breadcrumb Navigation and Turn-By-Turn Alerts, you can confidently break the monotony of your regular routes.

The visual aspect hasn’t been ignored either. The device flaunts a Transflective Always On Touchscreen Display, designed for optimal visibility in glaring sunlight, while its Night Mode ensures clarity in low-light situations.

PACE 3 White Nylon Montage

You’ll be pleased to know that you can download and playback MP3 music directly from the watch itself, perfect for syncing with your Bluetooth headphones or speakers during workouts or leisure activities.

The PACE 3 also advances in biometric tracking, thanks to its next-gen optical heart rate sensor. It captures precise heart rate data, sleep patterns, blood oxygen levels (SpO2), and even detects when it’s being worn.

Diversity in training is the spice of life, and the COROS PACE 3 accommodates this with new activity modes like hiking, trail running, and various winter sports. This makes the wearable not just a piece of tech but a versatile training companion.

Weighing in at a featherlight 30g, and showcasing a sleek, distraction-free design, the PACE 3 promises 24/7 comfort for the wearer.

Lewis Wu, the CEO and Co-Founder of COROS, put it succinctly: “Our ambition has always been to push athletic boundaries. The PACE 2 set the bar, and now, the PACE 3 aims to elevate it, offering even more features to help athletes optimise their performance.”

As for availability, the PACE 3 is set to launch in five variants, with a suggested retail price of £219. Orders will start shipping the week of 5th September, and can be placed through, authorised distributors, retailers, and even Amazon.

Beyond the watch itself, COROS is offering a rich ecosystem of training solutions. From EvoLab’s revolutionary fitness metrics to real-time coaching through the COROS Training Hub, users will have a suite of tools designed to augment their athletic journey.

Lastly, don’t think the PACE 2 is being left in the dust. COROS has confirmed that a firmware update later this year will introduce new activity modes and features, giving existing users a bit more to look forward to.

So, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone just stepping onto the fitness path, the COROS PACE 3 offers a comprehensive, performance-oriented wearable that seems set to impress.

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