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EcoFlow has officially launched three new exciting products. The EcoFlow Glacier battery-powered portable fridge, the Wave 2 battery-powered portable AC unit and the EcoFlow Blade. The Blade is the world’s first robotic lawn-sweeping mower with virtual boundary navigation and obstacle avoidance.

The two main differences between this and existing robotic lawnmowers are that this features LiDAR and an onboard camera. It then also has X-Vision real-time kinematic (RTK) navigation, which is used to correct common errors in current satellite navigation (GNSS) systems.

BLADE Safety1

This allows the robot to use virtual boundaries, similar to the LiDAR robot vacuums that have become increasingly popular. Most robot vacuums require physical boundary markers.

BLADE Over Barriers1
Ecoflow Blade Leaf Sweeper

Then you can use this with the optional Lawn Sweeper Kit. With this, the Blade uses the advanced LiDAR sensor and an onboard camera to locate and sweep up lawn debris, such as twigs and leaves.

With the LiDAR and camera, the Blade can also avoid any potential obstacles it encounters within its boundaries. Blade’s large omnidirectional wheels also enable it to overcome obstacles up to 40mm in height.

BLADE With Smart Extra Battery Solar

Blade features a 4G and eSIM, so users can always keep track of its precise location and comes with a “3+1” year warranty and lifetime free accessory replacement.

Similar to the Wave 2 and Glacier, EcoFlow has gone all out with this product and is positioning it at the high end of the market.  

The EcoFlow Blade will be available for purchase from April 26. It will retail for £2,699 and will be available with a Lawn Sweeper Kit, which will retail separately for £699. Both products together will retail for £3,199.

Prior to writing this, I thought the most expensive options out there were around £600 from the likes of Bosch and Flymo. However, Husqvarna have models going up to over £5k.

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