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When the EcoFlow Glacier was announced at CES 2023, it quickly became one of my most eagerly anticipated products for the year. I don’t really know why, just something a gadget to keep my beer cold excites me. I loved the Alpicool K25 when I reviewed it last summer.

EcoFlow Glacier Highlights

Ecoflow GLACIER Vehicle Charge
  • The world’s first fridge freezer with an integrated ice-maker that produces 18 ice cubes in approximately 12 minutes
  • 298Wh battery capacity runs for up to 40 hours of refrigeration or 19 hours of below-freezing temperatures on a single charge.
  • High-speed cooling with efficient energy-saving
  • Directly charge using solar panels
  • Robust and made from green materials
  • Full app control

The EcoFlow Glacier takes the car fridge concept but ups the performance with a 120W compressor allowing them to have a dedicated ice-making compartment that can produce 18 ice cubes in 12 minutes. The compression can provide a temperature range from 10 °C/ +50°F to -25 °C /-13 °F.

EcoFlow Glacier

They then add a compartment for a 298Wh battery which can keep the fridge running for 24 hours. Then, like all the EcoFlow portable power stations, they add the ability to charge the battery via solar. This accepts up to 240W, which can fully charge the battery in 2 hours 5 minutes. Alternatively, using the wall charger, it will accept 180W and fully charge in 2h15m.

As for the battery, this is removable and has a USB-C port that can provide 100W power delivery, which can be used to charge devices such as laptops.

Ecoflow GLACIER Outdoor Party

Finally, my Alpicool K25 had just a 25-litre capacity, which was plenty for my needs. The EcoFlow Glacier has a monstrous 38-litre capacity, which is good for 60 cans of 355ml soft drinks (or beer). It includes a “chopping board” divider which allows you to run the fridge with two different compartments with, one being a fridge and the other a freezer. This is split into a 23L and 15L zone, with the option to run either one as the freezer. The divider is removable, allowing you to run the who capacity as a fridge or freezer.

Due to the large capacity, this also comes with detachable wheels and a telescopic handle to you can roll it around like luggage.

Ecoflow GLACIER Portable

Similar to other EcoFlow products and the Alpicool fridge, this has WiFi and Bluetooth, allowing it to be paired with an app giving you a user-friendly way to control all its features.

Price and Availability

As you might expect, this is a premium product and is priced accordingly. The fridge itself is £1049. You then need to buy the battery separately, which is £299. You can get both the fridge and battery together for £1249.

EcoFlow Glacier will be available for purchase from April 26.

Alternative Options – Acopower & Anker EverFrost

Ecoflow Glacier vs Competition

EcoFlow has made a comparison with some popular alternative products, with the exception of one product, they are all at a similar price point. Most of the options lack any battery power, and non of them have an ice maker.

The best alternative they have listed is the $759 Acopower 40L, which is a single-zone fridge with no ice maker. The compressor is quite low-powered at 45W. It isn’t that much smaller, cools slower and lacks the durablily of the EcoFlow and doesn’t have an app.

One product they don’t mention is the recently announced Anker EverFrost which has three capacity options, 33L, 43L and 53L. All of them have the same 299Wh battery, and this also accepts solar input. This lacks the ice maker, but the starting price is $799, and if you buy it during the early bird pre-order phase, you can get it for $519 with shipping from July 2023.

EcoFlow Glacier Review

EcoFlow has kindly sent me a review same of the Glacier, and I expect to have the review live when it becomes available to buy on the 26th of April 2023.

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