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Earlier this year, at CES, EcoFlow announced the new EcoFlow Glacier battery-powered portable fridge and the Wave 2 portable AC and heater.

Today, they have announced the full specification of both products, including pricing and availability.

Unlike the portable air con units I have covered frequently on this site, the EcoFlow Wave 2 is positioned towards off-grid living. For example, RVs/vans/trucks, boats, and camping. Of course, it can still be used within a normal room and is suggested for off-grid houses with compact spaces.

EcoFlow Wave 2 Key Features

  • 6100 BTU heating and 5100 BTU cooling performance for vans, RV, tents, off-grid rooms, or outdoor spaces.
  • Anywhere, anytime use: Weighs only 14.5kg without an add-on battery, making it more portable and compact.
  • Anywhere, anytime recharge: can be recharged by AC/solar panel/car/power station.
  • Up to 9.6h runtime while on Eco mode powered by an add-on battery of Wave 2.
  • The real installation-free and multiple accessory solutions

EcoFlow Wave 2 vs EcoFlow Wave vs Zero Breeze Mark 2 vs Eenour QN750

Portable Air Con ComparisonEcoFlow Wave 2EcoFlow WaveZero Breeze Mark 2Eenour QN750
Cooling Capacity5100 BTU4000 BTU2300 BTU2900 BTU
Heating Capacity6100 BTUN/AN/AN/A
Add On BatteryYesNoYesNo
Weight without battery14.5 Kg17.5Kg7.5 Kg10 Kg
Noise LevelEco mode: 48dB
Sleeping mode: 52dB
fast mode: 58dB
55 dB52 dB58 dB
Price£1,049/$1,299 no battery
£1799 with battery
$1,499£1558.80/$1,499 with battery

EcoFlow Wave 2 Features

EcoFlow Wave 2

I have to admit, I wasn’t aware that there was a market for air conditioning units geared towards camping. They seem to be more of a US-orientated product, and I can certainly see the appeal for things like RVs or truckers.

This is the second generation EcoFlow Wave, and it has been significantly upgraded from the previous version.

Somehow, EcoFlow has managed to increase the cooling capacity from 4000 BTU to 5100 BTU, which is a 27.5% increase. EcoFlow states this is good for cooling an effective area of 107.6 sq ft (10 sq m).

WAVE 2 Outdoor

They have also added the ability to work as a heater, then reduced the weight from 17.5kg to 14.5kg and given the option to run eco or sleeping modes for reduced noise and power usage.

The Wave 2 has an IPX4 rating, which will be important when the unit is located outdoors.

Add-On Battery / Charging

The EcoFlow Wave 2 can run from a normal wall socket, but the big selling point is the optional add-on battery that allows you to run the air con unit for up to 9.6 hours in eco mode.

The battery has a capacity of 1159Wh capacity. Similar to the battery on the Glacier, this can be used as a massive portable power bank. It has 2x USB-A and 1xUSB-C. They don’t state the power delivery output, but I assume it will be 100W, just like the Glacier.

This battery uses the NCM chemistry and is rated for 800 cycles before it hits 80%+ capacity. The battery is IPX5 rated. The battery will add an additional 7.5 Kg to the weight of the unit.

You can then run and/or charge the power station with:

  • Wall Socket – up to 800W
  • Portable Power Station – up to 800W
  • Car Outlet via XT60 – up to 200W
  • Solar Panel via  XT60 – up to 400W

Cooling Modes / Run Time / Power Usage

WAVE 2 App Control

This then has three modes which will affect the power usage and noise. In theory, during the day, with good sun exposure, you should easily be able to run this without discharging using solar. The cooling capacity will be heavily reduced, but it should stop a room from warming up too much on a sunny day.

  • Fast mode – 500W Approx 2.3H
  • Sleeping mode – 200W Approx 5.8H
  • Eco mode – 120W Approx 9.6H

This also has an XT150 port that allows you to integrate it with other EcoFlow portable power stations. With the sleeping mode, this would extend the performance by 5, 10, or 18 hours if you use either the DELTA 2, DELTA Max or DELTA Pro, respectively.

Cooling Capacity in Home & Dual Air Ducts

WAVE 2 Sleeping Mode

I don’t have an RV, and I rarely go camping, but portable air con units are very popular in the UK for home use. UK homes are generally now built with, or even designed for, split vent air conditioning units that are popular in the US.

We don’t even have the right window style for the window units that you see in the US. In the UK, we have to faff around with venting using the air ducts and using various DIY methods to seal up our windows.

In general, for in-home portable air conditioning, the BTU rating starts at about 5000 BTU, and this is for small rooms. The Inventor Magic I reviewed in 2021 had a 12000 BTU capacity.

The EcoFlow Wave 2 should work in a home, but it will obviously have a limited cooling capacity for larger homes. EcoFlow states this is designed to cool an area of 107.6 sq ft (10 sq m). Which is definitely on the small side, but it should take the edge off during the handful of days that are hot in the summer.

One unique feature that you won’t find on other UK-centric portable air conditioning units is the dual hose design. I assume the Wave 2 works in the same way as a normal dual-hose portable air conditioner.

This gives the air con an intake and outtake vent. With this method, the air is drawn into the unit, where it is cooled and then sent back into the living area. The machine heats up through the process, and an intake hose pulls air from outside the home to cool the air conditioner down.

A second hose sends all of the warmed air outside of the home. This stops the unit from drawing air into the air con from the room itself, which would cause negative air pressure and cause warm air to be drawn into the room.

With this efficient exchange of air, the dual hose system doesn’t have to work nearly as hard as the single hose option.

EcoFlow Wave 2 Price and Availability

EcoFlow Wave 2 will be available for purchase from May 15. It will retail for £1,049 and will be available with a 1159Wh add-on battery, which will retail separately for £799. Both products can be bought together for £1799.

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