Ultenic U10 Pro Cordless Vacuum Review

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The Ultenic U10 Pro is an affordable cordless vacuum that I have found to be better than other cheap Chinese brands that you see on Amazon.

It is not going to compete with a Dyson or Shark, but this is good for less demanding cleaning environments and smaller properties.

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Specification / Features

  • Five-layer Filtration System
  • 400W Powerful Suction – 30,000pa of suction power (12kpa in standard mode)
  • 110000 rpm Ultra-high Speed Motor
  • Intelligent LED Lighting
  • 35min Ultra-long Battery Life (2200mAh)
  • 15 min battery on turbo
  • Removable Battery Pack Design
  • Contactless Garbage Dumping with 600ml capacity
  • 3.67kg net weight

Assembly and Accessories

The Ultenic U10 Pro is easy to assemble. You just need to attach the main tube, brush head and battery.

You switch it on via the push button on the handle, and the turbo is enabled using the touch-sensitive area on the front of the vacuum.

This has a wall-mounted bracket, so you will need to screw it into something or just proper it up.

Accessories are minimal, but you get the main things you need. There is a crevice and versatile brush which can be inserted directly into the main unit or on the end of the tube.

Cleaning performance

The vacuum has two cleaning modes, standard and turbo. The turbo mode is activated by touching the cylinder at the front of the vacuum.

In its standard mode, I found the suction to be underwhelming. Using it in my kitchen on a hard floor, I found that it struggled to clear up debris as efficiently as I would like.

Switching to turbo, the performance is quite good, and it easily cleaned up my kitchen. With this mode, the performance was also adequate for cleaning my carpets. I am not sure I would rely on it for any heavy-duty carpet cleaning, though.

The main head is quite small but probably not much smaller than a lot of cordless vacuums. There is a good range of movement with it, making it easy to navigate around corners and objects.

This is a lightweight vacuum, and I found it works well with both the versatile brush and crevice brush for vacuuming all the awkward spots, such as down the sideboards of my kitchen.

Dust is filtered via a HEPA filter, and the dustbin is of average size at 600ml. The dustbin pops open with a button, and all the contents should fall out without the need to touch any dirt. I imagine over time, you’d have to occasionally retrieve stubborn dirt (hair) that is stuck in there.

Maintaining the vacuum is quite easy. There is an easy-to-remove filter on the rear.

Battery Life

With the standard mode not providing a great deal of suction, it is unlikely you will get the quoted 35 minutes battery life.

The 15 minute quoted life for the turbo mode is relatively accurate. While this is not an amazing time, it is quite common for this style of vacuum. I find it is good for a couple of big rooms, but there is no chance it would do my full house.

Price and Alternative Options

The Ultenic U10 Pro is available on Amazon UK £140 with a £10 off voucher available. It is also available on AliExpress for £120.

Looking on Amazon, there are not really any known brands offering vacuums at this price point.

The Vax Blade 4 is £165, and the cheapest Shark I can find is £240.

The MooSoo K17U was the same price when I reviewed it, and I would say that is poor in comparison to this.


I think the Ultenic U10 Pro is good for the price you pay.

All the recent cordless vacuums I have reviewed have been significantly better at cleaning, but you are paying at least double for all of these (£268 for the Jimmy H9 Pro).

If you have a relatively small home with hard flooring, then the Ultenic U10 Pro should do an adequate job. These affordable cordless vacuums are also convenient for all the smaller jobs, such as spillages or when you need to get into nooks and crannies.

Ultenic U10 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review


The Ultenic U10 Pro is a good affordable cordless vacuum cleaner that is suitable for smaller properties with hard flooring. The crevice and versatile brush heads also make it a good option for cleaning awkward to reach spots that a robot or corded vacuum would miss.

  • Overall - 70%


  • Good performance for the price


  • Poor suction in the standard mode

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