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I have never heard of the brand Jimmy (JIMMY as they write it) before, but they are a sub-brand of KingClean who have been around since 1994. The Jimmy sub-brand seems relatively new, their main website jimmyglobal.com was registered in 2019.

With KingClean appearing to have no presence in the western market, I assume the Jimmy brand is the expansion into this lucrative market.

The Jimmy H9 Pro is the flagship cordless vacuum which has an RRP of €425.99 when you buy it from jimmy.eu. However, you can buy it from GeekBuying for under £270, depending on what discount they have applied at the time. This can be shipped from a UK warehouse and has free shipping.

Discount Code

GeekBuying have supplied me with a discount code making this a great deal.

  • Coupon code: NNNJIMYH9PUK
  • Coupon price: £187

Features / Specification

  • 200AW Strong Suction Power: Driven by JIMMY 55% high efficiency, 600W 110000rpm brushless digital motor, H9 Pro reaches 200AW suction power.
  • 80min Long Working Time: 8PCS big capacity lithium battery, equipped with JIMMY 55% high-efficiency motor, maximum machine working time reaches 80 minutes.
  • Two Different Charging Options: Charger base no need to hang the vacuum on the wall; Separate charger for battery pack.
  • Patented Horizontal Cyclone: H9 Pro applied JIMMY’S latest patented horizontal cyclone design, reduces curves in dust cup path, which causes suction loss and big debris blockage.
  • Patented Dual Cyclone: JIMMY’s patented dual cyclone technology efficiently separates dust from air and reduces suction loss. Compared to multi-cyclones, JIMMY’s dual cyclone causes less air resistance and makes the vacuum more powerful.
  • Auto Adjust Cleaning Power on Different Floor Type: JIMMY floorhead loads sensing technology and can recognize different floor type and adjust machine working power for more smart and efficient cleaning.
  • 4 Different Modes for Different Cleaning Tasks: Eco mode hardfloor cleaning/Turbo mode carpet cleaning/Max mode
  • Upper Handle Design: Light to carry and move over arm, vacuum cleaner tube and floorhead are in the same line during cleaning, saves more effort during cleaning.
  • Flexible Metal Tube: The flexible metal tube moves in different angles automatically when cleaning different areas, able to clean under furniture with less effort. It enables the floorhead to enter every kind of low area freely.
  • Extra Brushroll for Deep Carpet Cleaning: Equipped with a carpet brush roll with nylon hair and rubber strip for deep cleaning of the carpet.
  • Cleans Hair without Winding Around Brushroll: JIMMY has developed a combing structure on floorhead, which can prevent pet or human hair from winding around brushroll during cleaning. Great for homes with pets.
  • 0.6L Big Dust Cup Capacity: 0.6L big capacity dust cup reduces times of cleaning.


jimmy h9pro accessories

One thing I have noticed with a lot of these Chinese companies is that it can be difficult to get replacement parts at reasonable prices. Thankfully, Jimmy has an EU store with a good selection of spares and GeekBuying also appear to stock a lot of the spares.


Jimmy H9 Pro Cordless Vacuum Review

This has a lot of bits in the packaging, and it is a little intimidating at first. As well as all the different cleaning heads, you also have the charging stand, which consists of four separate parts.

I did have to glance at the instructions for the charging stand to understand what was going on. The image of it makes it clear, you have the base and pole, then the middle bit, which you can attach accessories to, and then the second pole with the built in charging dock. You can then screw them all in place.

The floor head has a hard floor roller installed by default. This is basically an all-foam roller which is designed to avoid getting tangled with hair. As I have a mixture of hard floor and carpet I had to swap the head. This was a little tricky, there is a small unlock button which detaches a piece of plastic, allowing you to remove the roller. However, I struggled to get the rolelr out, I had to use a knife to pry it out.

Jimmy H9 Pro Cordless Vacuum Review1

Cleaning Modes

This comes with a lot of accessories allowing you to achieve any task you might want. For the vast majority of the cleaning, I used it with the long bendable tube and the floor head with the carpet brush roll. I also found the 2-in-1 crevice tool useful for cleaning up the dust that was at the side of the carpets and kickboards.

The mattress head was also handy for going over our sofas.

Air Watts vs Power

Some brands can be vague about the performance of the vacuum, or quote whatever number makes them look best.  A good example is Gtech which provides no information on power or air watts as they believe air watts are not really representative of how well vacuum cleaners can perform and can be pretty misleading.

Quite frequently, the number quoted will be the power of the motor itself, but this does not necessarily equate to the vacuum performance.

Air watts are supposed to be more accurate. Air watts are a European test standard (IEC60312) for vacuums. An upright vacuum cleaner should be around 100 air watts, and a cylinder vacuum cleaner needs to be about 220 air watts. 

This vacuum has a 600W motor and claims to achieve 200 Air watts. I have no way to independently verify this specification.

Cleaning Performance

This vacuum arrived at a good time. I have just had a reroof done and now need to clear all the rubble and dust out of the loft. This has inevitably meant a significant amount of dust and rubble has landed on my carpet floors.

After removing the rubble, a lot of dust was ingrained into the carpets (thankfully, we are replacing them as soon as the other work is done). This level of dirt is far beyond what most battery-powered vacuums are capable of cleaning up.

I have four different vacuums to test, and I have ordered all the vacuums in order of performance, from best to worst.

  1. Vorwerk Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum
  2. Jimmy H9 Pro Cordless Vacuum
  3. Halo Capsule Cordless Vacuum
  4. Ecovacs Deebot N8 Robot Vacuum
  5. MooSoo K17U stick cordless vacuum

The incredibly expensive plug-in upright Vorwerk Kobold VK200 can suck up any level of dirt at its highest setting. It is listed as having a nominal output of 700 watts and a maximum suction power of 280 watts (which I assume is air watts). It is claimed that upright right vacuums like this should have at least 220 air watts of power, so the Vorwerk is 27% more powerful.

The Jimmy H9 Pro Cordless Vacuum comes in at an easy second place. The performance isn’t anywhere near the Vorwerk, which was to be expected, but it is easily better than the others. Using the turbo function and spending a bit more time on the carpet, it was able to remove the vast majority of visible dirt.

The Halo Capsule does a decent job, just not as good as the Jimmy H9 Pro. My review stated this has 120 air watts, but other test data has shown that this can peak at 185 AW. Subjectively, I’d say this is accurate, coming in a little below the 200 AW that the Jimmy H9 Pro claims to achieve.

The robot vacuum predictably didn’t do very well. Deep cleaning is not their strong suit, they are better at regular cleaning and keeping on top of things.

The MooSoo K17U has a motor power of just 250W vs 600W on the Jimmy. The results are, therefore, predictable. It can’t cope with deeply ingrained dirt and is only useful for keeping on top of light dirt.

Beyond that extreme test, I used the Jimmy H9 Pro for regular cleaning and found it to be excellent. The range of accessories means you should be able to handle any test. The product spec states it weighs 7.1KG, but I am sure that must be with all the accessories, I found it quite light, and it was easy to clean my stairs.


The battery is removable, and it can be charged in two ways, either using the stand that has the charging contact points or with the dedicated charger. You can buy replacement batteries for €60, and this would allow you to keep a spare charged all the time.

With me placing the vacuum back on its charge stand after each use, I never drained the battery fully. I found the battery indicator very useful, giving you an obvious indication of how long you have left.

Using it in turbo mode when trying to clean up the loft mess, it would drop from 100% down to 80% in a bit under 10 minutes. I’d say you should easily get over an hour of use for regular cleaning and quite possibly the claimed 80 min maximum run time.

Price and Alternative Options

The Jimmy H9 Pro is available on GeekBuying. The RRP is £537.35, but at the time of writing, they have a flash deal on taking it down to under £270.

GeekBuying has supplied me with a discount code making this a great deal.

  • Coupon code: NNNJIMYH9PUK
  • Coupon price: £187

The official Jimmy EU site has this listed as an RRP of €425.99, which works out as around £370. This seems to be sensible pricing compared to big brand names.

The cordless vacuum market is very competitive. Well-known competing options that I found on John Lewis include:

  • Dyson V8 for £380
    • 40 min run time, 5-hour charge time
    • 0.54L capacity
    • 425W power
    • Dyson says this can do 115 Air Watts
  • Dyson V10 for £430
    • 60 min run time, 4.5 hour charge time
    • 0.77L capacity
    • 525W power
    • 150 Air Watts
  • Dyson V15 detect for £619
    • 60 min run time, 4.5 hour charge time
    • 0.77L capacity
    • 660W power
    • 230 Air Watts
    • Independent tests indicate this can do 280AW
  • Shark IZ300UKT for £299 (£430 RRP)
    • 60 min run time, 4-hour charge time
    • 0.7L capacity
    • 2350W power
    • Independent tests indicate this can do 200AW
  • Shark IZ320UK for £349
    • 120 min run time, 4 hour charge time
    • 0.7L capacity
    • 2350W power
    • Independent tests indicate this can do 200AW
  • Vax ONEPWR for £169
    • 45 min run time, 3 hour charge time
    • 0.6L capacity
    • 72W power (I assume this is supposed to be AirWatts)
    • Independent tests indicate this can do 135AW


I have been impressed with the Jimmy H9 Pro, it does everything I want from a cordless stick vacuum without any of the common negatives these vacuums have, such as poor suction and terrible battery life.

Cleaning performance is the best I have used on a cordless stick vacuum.

The official RRP undercuts Dyson, and the RRP of Shark. Based on the specification, it seems like performance should be similar to the £430 Dyson V10, or the £299 (£430 RRP) Shark IZ300UKT. When buying from GeekBuying, you should be able to get it for well under £300, which makes it an appealing option compared to the Shark IZ300UKT.

Jimmy H9 Pro Cordless Vacuum Review Rating


The Jimmy H9 Pro does everything I want from a cordless stick vacuum without any of the common negatives these vacuums have, such as poor suction and terrible battery life. Cleaning performance is the best I have used on a cordless stick vacuum. Pricing is OK, the RRP is a bit close to big brand names, but you should be able to get it with a decent discount via GeekBuying.

  • Overall - 85%


  • Superb cleaning performance
  • Lots of accessories
  • Charging stand is useful and makes sure I always put it back on charge


  • RRP quite close to big brand names with similar performance

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