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Today, Wahoo has announced a refresh of their flagship direct drive KICKR turbo trainer and the second generation of the KICKR BIKE.

There is not a great deal to announce here, both devices are identical to the previous generation, but they now have WiFi.

The KICKR V5, which was launched two years ago, introduced the new compressing AXIS feet system, which provides some motion transfer, zero-calibration, and improved accuracy of +/- 1% (from +/- 2%). This turbo trainer also introduced the KICKR Direct Connect wired option.
The KICKR Direct Connect accessory then costs £80, and it wasn’t until March this year that Zwift rolled out functionality for it.

I much prefer Ethernet over WiFi, but WiFi is much more convenient, and you don’t have to fork out £80 on an accessory.

Wahoo KICKR V6 turbo trainer

While this upgrade is incremental at best, it is something that could swing me to buy either the KICKR v6 or KICKR BIKE v2 if I were on the lookout to buy a new trainer.

In the past, I always had issues with Bluetooth connectivity and instead used Ant+, but in recent months, I have found that Ant+ connectivity with my Tacx NEO Bike drops out for a fraction of a second intermittently. Bluetooth has been working better.

With a direct WiFi connection, this problem could be eliminated and is also beneficial for anyone using things like the Apple TV, which has limited Bluetooth connections.

Wahoo is also claiming that these will deliver you on-screen stats over 65% faster than before, making workouts more seamless and eRacing more precise. I can’t say I have ever thought I would like my stats to be delivered fractionally of seconds faster.

They also advertise real-time troubleshooting over WiFi. My Tacx NEO Bike has stopped reporting cadence and shows an error; Garmin requires me to send the whole thing back for replacement, so having improved troubleshooting is something that would be very appealing to me.

Price and Availability vs KICKR v5 and KICKR BIKE

Both trainers should be available immediately from www.wahoofitness.com

  • The KICKR v6 has an RRP of £1,099.99
  • The KICKR BIKE v2 has an RRP of £3,499.99

Current pricing is:

  • The KICKR v6 has an RRP of  £999.99 but is available on Wiggle for £899.99 (and you’d need to add £80 for the Ethernet connectivity if you want a similar direct connection).
  • The KICKR BIKE has an RRP of £3,299.99 and is currently available for £3000 on Wiggle or £2,879.99 direct from Wahoo – this will only have Bluetooth/Ant

Full Press Release

Today, the launch of both its latest KICKR Smart Trainer and KICKR BIKE. Both devices are designed with enhanced features, including Wi-Fi connectivity, that will enable a more seamless and connected user experience across the Wahoo ecosystem.
Through a comprehensive connected indoor and outdoor ecosystem, Wahoo aims to be the global leader in smart fitness training across its physical and digital products. Wahoo provides athletes tools and resources to achieve their goals, however and wherever they choose to train.
The addition of Wi-Fi connectivity across the new KICKR Smart Trainer and KICKR BIKE gives riders a better connected and significantly more advanced ride experience – increasing the ability to connect across phones, tablets and other electronic devices. Without the reliance on various hardware layers, such as Bluetooth and ANT+ chips, Wi-Fi also solves the issues of drop-outs. Now riders can ensure they always remain connected throughout the duration of their workout. Wi-Fi provides significant increases in data transfer speed vs Bluetooth and ANT+. This delivers your on-screen stats over 65% faster than before, making workouts more seamless and eRacing more precise. The introduction of Wi-FI also comes with the added bonus of being able to provide real-time troubleshooting courtesy of Wahoo’s industry renowned customer support team, as well as automatic firmware updates.
Mike Saturnia, CEO at Wahoo, said: “Our team is constantly working to add new capabilities and features to our state-of-the-art KICKR products.  We are excited that Wahoo continues to lead innovation in the category by being the first major brand to introduce Wi-Fi on their smart trainers and bikes.” 
He added: “We are creating the most innovative connected fitness ecosystem on the market, and these new Wi-Fi enabled products play a key role.”
This is an important milestone in Wahoo’s journey and marks the tenth anniversary of the original KICKR Smart Trainer, which launched in 2012. KICKR began as a simple idea: a new way to ride indoors, which ignited an indoor training revolution. 
That revolution steps up a gear today in the form of the world’s most complete indoor training ecosystem, ten years on from that original game changing launch. Wahoo’s continual development of their KICKR suite of products highlights their continued drive for improvement. 
These two launches follow the launch of Wahoo’s first streaming service, Wahoo X, on the heels of the RGT Cycling acquisition in April 2022, creating a more connected ecosystem across indoor and outdoor training, giving athletes the tools they need to be successful in tracking toward their goals.
Chris Fischer, Chief Commercial Officer of Subscription Services at Wahoo, said: “We remain committed to enhancing the training experience for professional and recreational cyclists, alike, through Wahoo X. Within this service, Wahoo RGT allows you to train with other riders, while SYSTM provides sports science based workouts and training plans.  The addition of these new KICKR devices with Wi-Fi creates a more unified, connected fitness experience so our athletes can spend more time riding and less time connecting.”
Both the KICKR v6 and KICKR BIKE v2 are available for £1,099.99 and £3,499.99 respectively. For more information on both products visit: www.wahoofitness.com 

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