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I have previously reviewed the OBSBOT Tiny PTZ and the Tiny 4K and was impressed with the performance of both of these AI powered PTZ cameras.

OBSBOT recently announced the Tiny 2, which is a big upgrade thanks to the new 1/1.5” camera sensor, which should significantly improve video quality and handle poor lighting much better.

OBSBOT also have the Tail camera, which was launched back in 2019, which has the same AI tracking PTZ camera concept from the Tiny webcams but is designed for vlogging. This is perfect for anyone that does any sort of video with a lot of motion where you want to track someone. It avoids the need for a dedicated camera person.

OBSBOT has now refreshed this camera with the new Tail Air and demoed the camera at the NAB Show 2023. They have been a bit coy about the exact specification but I would expect a similar sort of upgrade to the Tiny 2 received.

The old OBSBOT Tail had a 1/2.3” CMOS SENSOR with an effective resolution of 12MP capable of 4K video up to 60fps. So I hope the camera sensor has had a big upgrade.

OBSBOT have confirmed to me some of the upgrades of the Tail Air vs Tail:

  1. Supports more interfaces such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet, etc., and also supports more protocols, including NDI, VISCA, etc. which makes Tail Air more easily accessible and compatible with other live streaming products such as the Blackmagic Atem mini
  2. Has a standalone live streaming software to make it easier and more convenient for users
  3. Has more possibilities as there will be sets of accessories for single-camera or multi-camera live streaming so that users can expand more scenarios and improve the quality of live streaming through these accessories
  4. Has more AI features
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OBSBOT’s brand new livestream camera will debut at NAB Show 2023, ready to help you break the fourth wall

OBSBOT, a technology company dedicated to innovation in smart imaging and camera applications, will show off its latest lineup in Las Vegas at the NAB Show 2023 on April. 16th. The company will introduce their technological breakthroughs in the AI-powered streaming camera industry to the American market, which would be their first livestream camera device since their successful venture in webcams. The latest flagship product, Tiny 2, will also be showcased at the event. It’s got all of Tiny 4K’s signature functions and more, guaranteed to provide users with an unforgettable user experience and performance.

Intelligent assistant, make your livestream easier than ever

Tail Air, the first AI algorithm-based smart camera for streaming in the market, is able to work seamlessly with a large amount of mainstream livestream devices due to its incredible compatibility and support function, making it easier than ever for the user to achieve multi-cam livestreams. In addition, OBSBOT’s self-developed deep neural learning network algorithm enables Tail Air to perform AI auto-tracking, director views, gesture control, and other smart control functions even while doing a multi-camera live stream. Whether it’s a large meeting, sporting event, fancy performance, or online class, Tail Air can easily help users to break the boundary of live-streaming and bring multi-cam livestreams to numerous fields and industries.

Tail Air is able to achieve such outstanding compatibility because it perfectly adapts to the mainstream video interfaces and streaming protocols that are in use today. Furthermore, even when used as the sole livestream camera, Tail Air can easily meet the user’s needs for live video effects, intelligent control, the ability to adapt to different lighting in a variety of environments, etc.

It is also worth mentioning that Tiny 2, which will be showcased at NAB alongside the aforementioned Tail Air, has also received tremendous user participation during pre-sale event in the past. Equipped with the incredible CMOS size of 1/1.5″ and the ever-expanding pool of signature functions from the Tiny series, Tiny 2 is certainly leading the way in the webcam industry with its affordability and unique AI-powered user experience, and perhaps more consumers will flock to its powerful features while the competitors struggle to catch up.

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